24 Aug 2008

"People call me villain oh its such a shame
Maybe its my clothes must be to blame
I don't even care if I look a mess
Don't wanna be a sucker like all the rest"

You know as I hurtle towards the second half of my life I'm becoming more reflective and I don't mean that I am slightly shinier than I was either. I've begun to think that I'm great which is true but also a complete turnaround from some years ago or even pretty recent history. Here I am possibly about to be fired for reasons that are beyond my control and none of my doing (both the manager and area managers are arseholes) and are just sucking the joy out of the job, but anyway I digress. I'm beginning to wonder what the hell I'm going to be doing with the rest of my life? I really can't see myself putting up with this Muppet at work without killing him. He really is harder to get rid of than dog shit off a Doctor Marten sole. I mean if any of the rest of us were 'lending ourselves' money from the tills we would be gotten shot of right away with possibly a ride home in a white car with a blue light on it. Then there's the fact that he's been trained twice in his probationary period and is still unable to do his job properly. I suppose the most annoying thing is the fact that they are making us take two half hour breaks at work rather than the full hour we recently used to do. I refuse to take them as I really am not going to get indigestion for anyone. Still, it's a good excuse to pop into the Chinese take away on the way home. I recently enjoyed about thirty five and a half minutes of the Bournemouth air show which lasted four days one of which was sunny. That was the one I went to after spending the first two days being annoyed at only seeing glimpses of the Red Arrows and/or the Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight. I got photos of some vapour trails from the back yard of the shop (see photo below).
I did however get disappointed with my camera as I needed to get a longer lense and may spend my money on one ... if I don't spend it on several other things first. One of which being the VCR to USB from Ion so that I can get some better quality vhs rips. Which of course will be posted for you. Anyway here's the music for this post, firstly we have Bad Manners Fat Sounds, Bad Manners Skinhead and The Small Faces Best of.


HJ said...

Thanks for the tunes, I do love the order. I am listening to a small fat skinhead.

Anonymous said...

where da small f.f.f.faces?

Mike said...

Sorry the link should be fixed now

Anonymous said...


Like many people I'm sure, I visit your blog regularly, but rarely leave a comment. Today's different.

I'd like to say thanks for maintaining the blog, and all the hard work that entails. Thanks too for keeping us all entertained.

And if you ever discover any Fall, Psychic TV, or Throbbing Gristle bootlegs/LPs (I'm not much of a Bad Manners fan ...) I'll gladly download.

Morbid Mildred from Motherwell (aged 19)

Anonymous said...

Don't let the buggers grind you down man!, and don't leave it so long between posts.
SERENITY2167 aged 41 & not a Jock!.

Mike said...

Okay, the next post is imminent. Also there should be a lot of posts soon as due to an error at work I now have three weeks of October off. :D

Anonymous said...

Just like to echo the sentiments of SERENITY2167. Too bad he(?)'s so old, and not a Jock.

Mildred's Mum from Northampton(aged 33)