25 May 2008

"He started out walking
Never looked back
It was too much pain
Between Glasgow and London
One hot summer he forgot his name."
Well after some long swear words and a lot of fist waving at the PC in an inert rage at an inanimate object as is my wont I've now managed to go wireless. Thanks to the bearded toothless one (My Landlord) who was like a dog with a bone until he got it right. I'd pretty much gotten to the stage of "I'm telling AOL to go fuck themselves and their mothers are all whores etc etc" until I decided to take it out on the Germans in Medal Of Honor:Airborne on the PS3. Still as I was offline for a week it meant I got to do three more levels. It is the greatest game ever and will no doubt mean I will be uncommunicative to anyone in the same room as me whilst playing. (This was in fact proved to be the case when my landlord came in to ask if I want a new cuppa having not noticed that he'd put one down besides my armchair two and a half hours previous.) It's a pity I can't take it to work then I'd have an excuse for not talking to the cunstomers. The main worry I had when I went back online was I'd lost the torrents of the Doctor Who episodes I've been doing for weeks now (200 plus gb) but luckily I'd manged to save them elsewhere. So far I did a reinstall of a validated copy of windows XP (the first genuine copy I've had since the first six months after I bought the PC), added a new extra hard drive and an extra external one (the pleasures of staff discount at Maplin). For the first time in my life, (and possibly last), I'm about to buy 2 gb of ram from a friend at work for the princely sum of a burger king meal, albeit a triple whopper with extra chips but a bargain nonetheless. My god I'm a nerd, eep!!! I need a job that will end my nerd-dom, ...tooo ... many ... gadgets ... in ... stock ... not enough ... money!!!!! Must ... resist... temptation...Arggh! Actually, we were all discussing Star Trek at work the other morning so we are nerds!!!!!! Still, as I sit here with My , PC, PSP and PS3 all online wirelessly and with the new improved and repaired phoneline installed I'm quite happy... I could do with getting laid 'tis true but then who couldn't? I'm not quite so worried about all that though so long as I can shoot thing on a games console it stops me thinking about it... for a while... also saves on tissues. I can also wander around the house listening to Radio Nigel if you like the kind of stuff I post on here then you'll like the playlist on there.

Any hoo. Here's the music I've posted three recent requested reups. Firstly The Housemartins' London 0 Hull 4 and The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death and then The Specials BBC Sessions. Next time there'll be a shed load of vinyl that I've converted. It would have been this time but between playing MoH:Airborne and downloading every single Doctor Who ever I kind of got distracted. Also I'll try to post more frequent than i have been doing, sorry Upsetter fans.