8 Apr 2008

"There`s been a brainwave at the radio station
Old idea from the woodstock generation
Calling all the kids from across the nation
In some it brings out love in others termination"
My current gaming cv consists of my having completed every Medal of Honor in the series apart from Airborne and that only being because I haven't got a 360 yet. I've just blown many a pixelated nazi away in Vanguard including the last level which was so hectic I don't honestly believe I wasn't breathing for at least three minutes. I'm currently engaged in battle upon my psp at work which mainly results in swearing and cheese toasty fingerprints all over the controls, but what the hell? It's what stealing the alcohol swabs from work is all about. Mind you when we come to want to remove the security tags from the products the swabs seem to inadvertantly disappeared.
When not shooting sprite based nazis I'm to be found in a lego galaxy far, far away... I have now finished Lego Star Wars 2 on PSP (Surely the greatest thing to hold in your hands since the invention of breasts?)... , PS2 and PC... because I'm sad. I did try to get it on my mobile phone but it's so old that it would probably result in it breaking like and elderly man having a stroke on a hot day. Anyway I forget why I started this particular post as I sit here resplendent in my Lego Star Wars "I Am The Master" t shirt & supping PG Tea from my clone trooper mug. I found myself all 'a tingle' in a sad fan boy stylee for the new star wars clone wars CGI series coming up. Basically it's going to be Episode 2.5. It's looking good if the trailer on Star Wars.com is anything to go by... I wonder if this is the reason my equally star wars fanatical fan boy nephew, Ryan, froze his mother's computer recently? Anyway I'm hoping that it'll show why Anakin decided to go over to the darkside more than he just had a bad dream and a tizzy with Obi Wan? I mean it's a wonder, if that's the reason, why I never went over to the darkside after Wilkinsons'? Or did I? I do dress in black a lot and wish I had the ability to crush people's throats with a gesture of my hand... I'm hoping that there will be a gory scene of the massacre of Jar Jar Binks' people (The Gungans) hinted at in the Clone Wars comics, we can only hope. (See? Dark Side!!!)
It's my birthday on the 17th so I'm hoping that life begins at thirty nine and not forty like the expression says as I'm getting bored with waiting. God... 39 now that's depressing. Right I'm off before I get into a fugg I can't get out of.

Here's the music Big Audio Dynamite albums, This Is B.A.D, No. 10 Upping St. and Megatop Phoenix. There'll be some more vinyl by my next post for the fans of that kind of thing.

Upping 1
Upping 2
This Is


Anonymous said...

Hooray! Good to have you back! Judge Fred & all that is good but you were the original Blogger Guvnor!

Mike said...

I'm blushing

SERENITY said...

Happy Birthday Dude!,Don't waste time waiting for 40, 367 & a bit days time it'll happen, just means you got 25 yrs of work left, Life begins TODAY, right now, so start saving for the 360, complete the set, & have a drink on me!.

Mike said...

Thanks and it's not a question of saving for the Xbox 360 as I'm awaiting the arrival of my PS3 and next month may go for the Xbox 360.

mac said...

Much like my children then, who's god-given mission, it would seem, is to collect every games platform known to man.
Those 360's have come way down in price, I'm tempted myself, there's no denying it, especially as the PC seems to be dieing as a games platform.

Mike Tajobase said...

Hey men!

Happy Birthday!

And sure...life start´s at...39?, hell yeah!

Also Thanx 4 sharing your stufff...

Greetings from Mexico!