14 Dec 2007

"Simple though love is, still it confused me. Why I'm not loved the way I should be, now I've lived with heartaches and I've roomed with fear. I've dealt with despair and I've wrestled with tears."

This is my christmas list
Okay, so this time last yearI was as miserable as sin, you may have noticed as such. This was due to many reasons which would make an excellent soap opera storyline. But all in all I'm glad that I didn't chuck myselff of the cliffs on the Eastcliff overdrive or under a yellow bus. I'm alive (barely) I'm better off (once relative's and the baby jesus' birthdays are out of the way) & I've got some nice new bright shiny objects which I've bought myself (I deserve them for putting up with me), I'm down to my last few friends, this being due to them dropping off like a leper's fingernails (You know who you are). So I'm not going out with the woman of my dreams (whom I considered the most beautiful woman in the world... despite the accent), and yes I've lost the urge to bomb Blackburn. True it was mainly because I couldn't afford a B-52, I mean you try to hire a long range bomber and loading it with HE laser guided bombs they tend to frown upon such behavior. Mind you with my budget being tight around christmas I'd be lucky to get an hang glider and a bucket of rocks. Anyway, onwards and upwards it's soon going to be a new year and I'm optimistic about it being better than ever. Yes yes I know I said that before and look what happened it went tits up and not in the good way that would have left me bandy legged and smiling for a week either. No this time I'm reaaaaaallllly optimistic for the coming year ....fingers crossed. Yes every woman I see that vaguely resembles, has a hair-do or wears a similar coat to the woman who broke my heart makes me think of how it could have been all oh so different. Still water under the bridge, time heals all wounds and plenty more fish etc etc. I'm getting better and I look at it this way I could have been married to Heather 'Hopalong' Mills I suppose?

Here's the music we have A bumper Christmas bonanza this week. Firstly there's The Big Stiff boxset, also The Beat - Wha'ppen? for you. And I just found a couple of Madness live shows on a torrent site in wmv format so as it's Christmas....

Stiff 1
Stiff 2
Stiff 3
Stiff 4
Stiff 5

Madness Wrexham
Madness - KROQ

Merry Christmas. Next post will have Dance Craze in avi format.


Jim said...

Dunno if you saw it on skafunkrastapunk or not, but I posted Madness's gig at the O2 Arena from last week on there, should Sir want it.

Mike said...

Thanks I'd forgot they were doing a tour as they're not even doing this part of the world this year. Thanks I'll go and grab that asap.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read about the thining out of the gang, I've also noticed my Christmas card list getting shorter as the years roll by.
If you ever manage to save up enough for even a stunt kite & a bag of pebbles, on your way up to do minor damage to "Blackburn", i would see it as a personal favour if you could also carpet bomb Rapidshare. Many thanks for the Wha'appen re-post, but the buggers still won't let me get at the file.
Also, never rule anything out, not even "Fat & Ginger", they might have a better looking sister!.
Be Lucky.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Mike, your excellent blog keeps this old fart from Norwich a happy man keep up the good work.
regards, Chris.

The San Francisco Treat said...

Merry Christmas!

Mike Oxlong said...

looking at your Xmas list after the event, did you manage to did you get the sense of 'well that's it for another year'? If not, you can have mine

By the way, being a bus driver ofr some years now, I can only profer the excuse that the reason the bus before didn't turn up is because it didn't run due to the driver having been sat on his fat arse in the canteen ...

Here's hoping that 2008 is a better year for you (and for everyone else) and that you manage to get your gun!

Mike said...

Aha! And there's me thinking it was due to traffic conditions and such. I see I had a misplaced sense of trust.

Also I didn't get my sense of "well that's that" nor did I get my gun but then that was probably a good thing.

Onwards and upwards for 2008 for all I say!!!!!

jack said...

Outstanding post. Thanks so much!