5 Dec 2007

"Mis-shapes, mistakes, misfits. Raised on a diet of broken biscuits, oh we don't look the same as you, we don't do the things you do, but we live around here too, Oh really".Wednesday and the rest of the week is all downhill from here. That is to say only two more days of working with pillocks who wouldn't know good customer service if I jumped up and smacked them in the face (which is increasingly likely). So far this week I've had old ladies ask me for 'electric lighbulbs', (as opposed to all other types of lightbulbs I suppose?) and the obligatory person who asks "Does this buy one get one free ticket mean if I buy one I get one free?" These are the 'tards I thought I'd left over the other side of the town, but obviously they are everywhere....RUN FOR THE HILLS.
Anyway I've got a long weekend coming up which means Tuesday is going to be hard to go back to work. The weekend I'm going to check out a poster I see from my bus advertising a position nearer to home. This would save the aggrovation of dealing with nutters in the town centre. Like tonight the following happened whilst waiting for the buse(s) to turn up or not if they feel like it. A bloke gets off the 13 bus carrying a beer can (nothing unusual in that nowadays I'm afraid) but I notice that he has a slight one and a half inch gash on his head with semi dried blood on it. He shows the bus driver before he gets off then the person in front of me the gash, he seems proud of it. Then it's my turn.
Him:" 'ere mate check this out" (slurred words) "Tha's not right is it?"
Me: "you ought to get that checked out mate" feigning concern but really I'm trying to avoid getting blood on my coat or good trousers.
Him: "Naw it's fine" Whilst pouring with blood. "Check it out, that's not right is it?"
For a moment I thought I was trapped in a temporal time loop but then as he wandered off as far as the person in the queue behind me I realised that maybe it was the head injury and/or drink that was making him the one trapped in the temporal time loop. The person behind him got the same conversation... and the next ... and the next until all twenty had been shown his gash. The bus pulled away leaving him talking at two young kids who suddenly wished that they'd come to do Christmas shopping another day.
It's not what you need after a hard days putting up with immaturity, I just put my earphones back in and carried on listening to classic motown in the rain, still on the bright side I got home to find my new copy of Get Carter by Ted Lewis had arrived from ebay along with a £50 gift voucher from Lovefilm.com, so it's the rough with the smooth I think.

Right, here's the music we've got acompilation close to my heart called Bollocks to Christmas wot I found about the place and Madness live from the Bournemouth Stateside rooms (wherever they were) 16th Dec 1979 which I found for you. When I used to do the old glue and newsprint in the thumb Upsetter fanzine I used to get a review copy of 'Bollocks to christmas' every year from Dojo records. Enjoy.


Oh and before I go I have just bought (yet another) xmas present for myself of the Big Stiff box set (here) which I will share next time (providing I remember).


Telstar_Ted said...

Mike nay 'Old Codge!'

One year on and its so great to
see your site as strong as ever

A true unique blogger

I've been visiting your site for nay 18 months now and whats the reason I come?

Its the ramblings/prose/words/stories

Its you Mike! Not the music..

Do you ever realise this talent you have? I hate to be serious but I
really get the impression you may
be aware but never sure..

So you 'try the water' - but forget
most peeps here are likely here for music (unfortunately)

But you need to realise you have a way with words - especially if the
story in the last post was really written by you (??)

If its what you think you would like as a career..fuck me!..go for it!

You will regret if you don't...

Friend as always..and BIG FAN!
Hope this may sway ya (???)


(ps - come visit the 2nd Xmas LSBEE!)

Mike said...

Hi Ted I was just thinking the other day "Hmmmm, I wonder if Ted'll post this christmas?" And here you are. Yes it was wot was writted by me and I have started to write but I get so far and think is this as good as I thunk it were or is it just pants? I was spurred into action again by reading a truly awful book called Parkway by Hayley Sercombe (find it on mysppace) and I thought I could do better than that. So I will. I will trundle over to your Xmas site asap.

Pinto said...

Hi Mike
I haven't made a comment for a while but reading the good Telstar Ted's comment made me suddenly aware that i too view this blog purely for the little vignettes of your life that always entertain with a great sense of humour and a caustic splash of the insanity of reality.
I may have said as much before but I think somehow you need to get into a career that compliments
your communication abilities.
The only trouble is if you do you may lose your source material(it's a catch 22 situation i guess)
Well done on 2 years and have a very happy jaundiced xmas.

Mike said...

Thanks to you both fprthe kind words, if this keeps up I shall have fan club badges and tee shirts made up. ;)