25 Dec 2007

A Merry Christmas to all my readers:

What I got:
Freaky Flyers (PS2)
R-Type Final (PS2)
Band Of Brothers box set
Hyperdrive Box set
Alien Quadrilogy Box set
Hot Fuzz dvd
Alexei Sayle's Stuff dvds
Long way round dvd
Lot's of chocolate, biscuits and crisps
Socks and some nice jumpers and fleeces.

So not a bad little haul I say. Even my Christmas gifts from my Maplin store weren't bad.
r/c Helicopter that you can't buy for love nor money,
Maplin playing cards that you wouldn't
want for love nor money,
A Seagate note pad,
An AMD teeshirt,
A tin of biscuits,
A packet of Roses, (Chocolates for those of you who aren't aware),
A large bottle of Beck's Bier (given away as I'm teetotal and boring),
A Tom Tom mobile phone lanyard. I did get the feeling that it was mostly lifted out of the promo packs from stock but hey, last year at Wankinson's I only got a 99p Milky Way selection pack from stock. Also they were buy one get one free and I only got one. I was so impressed that i gave it away immediately. Still water under the bridge, where, if I had my way, the former manager would be hanging. I say former because he was promoted but then we all know that shit floats.

Right I'm off to digest my enormous meal wot I cooked and kill lots of things on Blitzkrieg. I'm feeling a bit like Mr Creosote at the moment.

Happy Christmas

Dance Craze 1

Dance Craze 2

Dance Craze 3

Dance Craze 4

Dance Craze 5

Dance Craze 6

Dance Craze 7

Dance Craze 8


OneTwo3 said...

Thank you (in advance) very, very much for Dance Craze. I saw this in a theatre in 1981, and haven't seen it since.

King AdBeck said...

Ah, Beck's Bier . . . now there's a brand after me own name, and occassionally my heart as well. Does this mean you didn't get the Doc Marten's or the US road trip? There's always one's birthday, I suppose.

Merry Christmas,

Mike said...

No but I did get the socks as predicted. As for the road trip I'm planning to stop spending copious amount of money in my own shop and start saving for this year I will have a foreign holiday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Dance Craze. So great. Wish you the best for the new year 2008.

andy :-)

Mark said...

Nice job on the dance craze - last time I saw it was at Lynn's Majestic ;-)

All the best for 2008


b said...

Merry Christmas and happy new year! Thanks for a great year of music and writing, here's to the next one :)

I got a lot of chocolate too. I did not get socks so I went and bought some the next day.

Anonymous said...

cool site


OdubruS said...

Cheers for Dance Craze man one of my favourite albums as a kid, and never seen the video ver, All the best to you


OdubruS said...

Mike, super friggin show but you do realise this is all out of sync man? If you need a wee hand sortin email me at peteatnexuslive.com obviously change the @ as needed


Mike said...

It works fine on my system, anyone else having problems?

OdubruS said...

apologies mike, seems the rars got corrupted somehow, re downloaded and works fine now