17 Oct 2007


In it's Infinite 'wisdom' the BBC has decided not to renewify the show 'Hyperdrive' . Which is a shame in my book as it was getting better and better as it developed over it's two seasons. But needs must etc and the BBC has decided that not enough people were watching it as apposed to the millions of brain dead morons who sit and watch Eastenders and those awful shows on a Saturday evening. So anyway to cut a short story long would any of you go and sign a petition at the link above to try and get some other channel to pick up the series?

New post soon and you will marvel and everyone will see you marvel.


Anonymous said...

I agree - give it a few years, when it has gained "cult status" and EVERYBODY that is slagging it off now will say how much they liked it...


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Real shame that it's come to an end, would have liked to have at least seen a 3rd series get made !!