21 Sep 2007

"In echoed steps I walked across an empty dream,
I looked across this world, there was no one to be seen.
This empty feeling turned and quietly walked away,
I saw no warmth in life - no love was in my eyes.
I stared a century thinking this will never change,
As I hesitated, time rushed onwards without me.

Too scared to break the spell, too small to take a fall.

But the Absolute luck is - love is in our hearts!"
Ah, the strains of "dinner dinner dinner Batman" echo around the house as I relish in watching old Batman reruns. How sad Am I? Very, I know. Mind you knowing full well that I'd forget they were on and I'd never know how the boy wonder escaped the evil clutches of the Riddler et al. So now I'm downloading them on torrents and sticking them on my external hardrive so I can watch them at my leisure. Mind you I've still got 3 seasons of Battlestar Galactica to watch yet. Not to mention all the series like Get Smart, Auf wedersehen pet, and god knows how many other things I stuffed on thier with the full intention of watching but never got around to doing, mainly because I was busy trying to find work. Which I have now done WOO HOO! Just as I was thinking of commiting the ultimate sin, yes I was considering a move back to Norfolk. Thankfully fate intervened before I could do that.... I could never live without electricity or modern medicine.
I'm still ploughing my way through the I.T course that I'm on and thankfully I wasn't hit around the head because the tutor was different. I'm still the smartest one in the room even though the class was different too. In the end I did the tasks quicker than everybody else and needed very little help that I did the work and sat and wrote some ideas down for my sitcom in my notebook instead. I don't know why some people have trouble with using stuff on the PC it's not that hard. I want to do a C++ course or HTML or something more challenging in the near future. But I may be crap at that. It'll be my turn to be the dumbass. HTML is a bit easier than C++ but then only because I've never used it. Maybe it's because I've recently read the last book by Douglas Coupland - JPod and the characters always seem to have interesting jobs and the mild cases of Autism they always seem to have in these books strikes me as similar to my behavioural aspects. Yes, I am Rain Man. I've never been diagnosed with any of these traits but they seem to explain my ever changing interests, my sometimes obsessional behaviour over some things. Also I can either sit and watch 8 hours of Batman cartoons or read five books stopping and starting and immediately knowing what was going on even if I'd not read it for months. Sometimes I hate silly little noises that happen several rooms away, like when I here the nail clippers going it really grates with me, I have to turn the music up or shut the door or something. Maybe if they'd have discovered autism some years earlier I along with thousands of others wouldn't have been designated trouble makers and unteachable? Oh well as the wise old grubby landlord downstairs says "You can't fight your battles in the past."
I can't stop being offered work at the moment. I have no idea what's going on and why this didn't keep happening during the last few months? But there you go, maybe it was fate? It was my destiny to go on a course and find out what the '¬' key is for on the keyboard.
Anyway here's the stuff you really came here for (thanks for all the fan email btw, I like it it gives me an ego). Firstly we have International velvet by Catatonia, then the other volume to the Stiff rarities:Raiding the vaults. then as I've been on an indie kick of late here's some Wedding Present stuff for you. The Hit Parade (The 52 singles they released in one year) and Take fountain. Enjoy them all. I'll try not to leave it too long before the next update.
Take Fountain
Hit Parade 1
Hit Parade 2
Hit Parade 3
Rare Stiff

11 Sep 2007

"The distant echo - of faraway voices boarding faraway trains To take them home to the ones that they love and who love them forever The glazed, dirty steps - repeat my own and reflect my thoughts Cold and uninviting, partially naked Except for toffee wrapers and this morning's papers Mr. Jones got run down."

I went to Poole for what seemed like the four hundreth time in three weeks. What with my ECDL course and job interviews as well as my trips to Paradox and the boiler room. I was early for this particular job interview so I hung around on the quayside which I haven't been to for ages. It's all nice around there now with big waterfront flats and coffee shops etc. Not like the Pub/amusement arcade craphole it used to be. For all you women out there (if there are actually any that read this) there is a huge posh shoe store there. I tried to win the lotto but I only needed to get 4 more numbers so I'll not be buying a flat there this time. Maybe next week? Anyway the interview went well (I think) only the postman will tell. I've had two 'Unfortunately' letters this week alone. I have come to the conclusion that God (if he/she/it exists) is a cat and I'm his/her/it's ball of string. There I am trying to be as happy as I used to be. When whilst out in the town doing my doings I'm almost run down by a car with a number plate that resembles the name of the unrequited love from last year. Then I went on my course to learn how to use PowerPoint properly when it turns out the woman running it is a friend of hers. "Oh you must know ...." she says when I talk to her about where I'd seen her before (in my previous employ) "mmmm" I said suddenly not as enthusiastic for conversation as I was a minute beforehand. I expect a text may have been sent saying "I had Mike on my course who used to work with you." and a tirade of abuse being sent back. Next week I shall attend the other parts of the course. The tutor will say "I have a message from ...." at which point she will smack me around the head with a piece of wood like a WWF wrestler." Tsk, women! On a brighter note I found it gratifying to find out I was the brigthest one in the room on this course. When I arrived I got talking to this other woman who was doing the course too and she stated that she was "scared stiff of computers and was completely stupid and couldn't learn anything about them". I said "Oh no I expect you know more than you realise."..... Later in the day I excercised my right to change my opinion on the matter. Still, she did buy me a coffee as some idiot left his money behind on my computer table. Then I went and sat in the park and enjoyed the peace, quite and squirrels. If anyone is in the area and they either need a restaurant and/or a haircut then Parkstone is the place for you. The entire perimiter was surrounded by shops 80% of which where either restaurants or some sort of haircutting place. Still the squirrels seemed happy until the criminal moron element turned up from the probabtion centre down the road and made loud noises. Mind you the toddler and her mum that sat besides me didn't seem phased so I suppose the chavvy scum will escape my gas chambers when I take power (the yobs not the mum and child, they were nice). The child even seemed to want me to share her sausage roll, but as it was covered in baby saliva I declined thanfully. Still at least you get out and see the world and it's inhabitants I suppose? Like the old man (pictured above) who had his shorts pulled right up under his chin almost so that the shape of his 'man marbles' were clearly visible to all. Fortunately we all were able to avoid eye contact but the same could not be said for the poor girls sat at the bus stop as the old man tried to read the timetable. Eye level is all I'm saying. It was either an education or a traumatising ordeal, only they could say. It may have been as disgusting to them as following the garishly dressed fat woman was for me. I wasn't sure whether she was wearing lycra but it certainly hugged her in all the wrong places. In anycase the her bum was eating her shorts as if it were a Tortoise eating a lettuce leaf.

Nevermind, here's the uploads for you. We have a requested Jam bootleg repost called It's A mod mod mod world. Then we have Annie Nightingale presents Y4K some dance music and stuff, I only bought it for the Orb featuring Alan Parker - Grey Clouds which is a comedy cover of Little Fluffy Clouds. Then you asked for it and I finally went and bought it Raiding The Vaults vol 2:Stiff rarities and oddities.

Annie Nightingale
The Jam
The Housemartins
Stiff Records