28 Aug 2007

Sign this now to prevent the destruction of one of the only things still worth going to London for.
(only open to UK cits, sorry)

Camden Council have given the go ahead for the wrecking balls to go in and destroy Stables Market in Camden. This means the end of The Proud Galleries (served notice closing in a couple of weeks), the funky, vintage stores, Cyberdog, etc - you get the gist - one of the best things in all of London is about to be taken away from us. What are they putting in its place? Boots, H&M and Topshop. I'm sorry to those who like these stores, but that is just not the place for them.

PLEASE help us stop them from doing this by signing the petition:



Anonymous said...

Can't sign it, as I don't live in the UK. I do remember the original little culture of shops there, though. So, yeah, let's turn that part of London into yet another faceless European corporate desert. How immaculate their decrees, what fantastic progress. I might as well stay home.

My two pence: IT'S BLOODY SICK.

Backmasking said...

That's fucking ridiculous! Besides, isn't said market a serious draw for both tourists and locals? I thought we (we being the U.S.) had cornered the market, as it were, on soulless tributes to capitalism and stripmallesque temples of gentrified mediocrity.

Seriously though London is one of my most favorite places and I'm pissed but I also feel sorry for those people (i.e. politicians), etc.) involved in decision making processes...so inherently misguided ; never missing what they don't understand.