8 Aug 2007

"Organ tinkling organ,
Marriage planning children,
Spinning, round and round.
rusty swings and roundabouts,
Disco's full of layabouts,
Nowhere to be found."
I seem to get a lot of emails lately from African business men wanting to give me lots of money which was left to me by someone made up or containing grammar which would make a 5 year old laugh out loud. Either this or I've won the 'lottOry' which makes me suspicious as I'm sure that the National lottery would be able to spell their own product and I'd be the first to notice the sudden lotto windfall as I'd have read my numbers online and bleeding well ran all the way to the headquarters in London shouting "gimme gimme gimme" all the way there. Pausing only for breath, stop lights and a McDonald's sausage and egg McMuffin (tm) at Fleet motorway services... and maybe a coffee. Anyway I'm pretty certain that none of my relatives dead or alive worked in the African oil industry let alone have over £6 million in a post office savings account. Still I could be wrong I suppose?Readers of my other blog on MySpace will know of my new found gardening bent. Well I now have my army surplus hat and am about to do the other side of the over grown jungle, although it isn't a Col. Kilgore hat but it'll do. It's been a while since I wore anything camouflaged and it's a pity I don't still have my rifle but there you go. They have this silly rule that you have to give back your tools when you leave the job. I suppose it's quite a good idea after all what would I do with a L118/9 105mm field gun? It would get those students on the corner to stop having parties late at night though.I'm looking forward to the new footy season I'm always filled with dread after the amount of players we shed each year. I'm always worried about whether we will be relegated and kicked out of the F.A cup by some minnows. Unfortunately being a Norwich City fan this feeling stays with me for 38 weeks. Maybe this is why I'm such a pessimist in life? 31 years of watching Norwich City hardens you to positive thinking I've found. Still it could be worse we could be a succesful club (stop laughing at the back there) with all the cups and wot not of Manchester Utd and then every week the A11 would be choked with fans heading back to the home counties like their fans do. Still I've always got my (ahem) 'support' of Arsenal ladies, I don't know what the Norwich women's football team looks like or indeed if they have one but I tell you if they look anything like half the Norfolk women that I used to know ....well you wouldn't is all I'm saying. (I will stop insulting Norfolk when my sister gets online... or they get electricity one or the other). Mind you it turns out that 4 Norwich Players have been taken ill after a barbeque at the training ground... Bloody Delia.
Anyway enough old bollocks here's the posts. Firstly we have World Cup Goals Galore. This was a program on BBC3 last year showing every world cup goal that was worth while. It's very funny too as Sean Locke's narration is hilarious. Then we have some more Half Man Half Biscuit for you. Back In The DHSS, The Trumpton Riots EP, Back Again In The DHSS & Voyage To The End Of The Road. Enjoy.


April said...

that's my favorite madness songs of all time.

Jim said...

As I mentioned elsewhere, Sean Locke is much less hillarious if you are a Scotsman :P

TheUpsetter1969 said...

As opposed to Sasha Baron Cohen who is not funny no matter what nationality you are. :)