31 Aug 2007

"The lanes were silent
There was nothing, no one,

nothing around for miles
I doused our friendly venture
With a hard-faced
Three-word gesture."

Some things are sent to try us I suppose. All yesterday I kept getting messages from vodafone saying "you have a message on voicemail". I was worried that it was a company responding to one of my many job applications. I borrowed a fiver of my mate and ran up... well walked fast... up to the top of the road to get credit on my phone early the very next morning only to find that all along it had been some old fucker ringing me. All I got were messages one after the other saying "Ello? Robert? It's Ted. Can you give me a ring back on ..." They've stopped now as I guess Ted has rung the right number and got Robert and told him about ringing 'his' mobile. Much puzzlement ensued as one thinks that the mobile phone hasn't worked and the other thinks his friend is trying to ignore him. All the while I'm a fiver down and highly disappointed in the fact that I haven't heard back from my job applications as I thought. I believe old people should have technology taken away from them. Like oil and water or two cats in a sack they just don't interract well. I remember trying to explain how a cd worked to my grandmother when I lived with her only to be met with blank stares and an "oh that's nice dear" which is old person speak for "shut up I'm bored" then she'd bimble off to do whatever it is old ladies do around the house. Even with the generation that came after them, ie our parents, you would still get technofear and or technoignorance. The amount of people that I'd have to set video clocks for because they couldn't or it just annoyed the fuck out of me to have 00:00 constantly flashing . This was usually greeted by phrases of thanks or wonderment at the sheer scale of my achievement and the fact that they could now (under instruction and supervision) program it to record Corrie or Eastenders. They usually had a moistend glint in there eye as they realised that they were now free to go wandering and didn't have to be there to see the usual unbelievable bollocks Den & Angie were up to that week. No longer would they have to stay up to the late late hour of half past ten only to fall asleep whilst waiting to see some programme they'd waited all week to see.
So far I've not reached the point in my life where my ability to absorb knowledge dries up. I've just about managed to keep up with techology so far, even finally mastering my mobile phone, although I do spell out the words fully. None of this 'U R Gr8' etc. Which my friend(s) that actually bother to text me (ahem I'm looking at you, yes you. You know who you are) find highly annoying as it takes me longer to reply. Although it's usually some inane bollocks from my sister anyway but there you go. Another thing old people should be kept away from is the kind of electric death trap scooter in the picture above. These were usually driven at great speeds around the former store where I used to work, quite often dragging bits of shelving and or stock behind them. People would often have to jump out of the way for fear of being impaled. Some people would often be seen running at great speed in an effort to try and save life and limb. Honestly it was quite like the film 'Rollerball' at times. Maybe we should adopt the ethics from another SciFi classic and kill everyone over thirty? Er hang on I'm over thirty I think I got that a bit wrong there, so let's work this out... I'm 38 so I'd go for hmmmm 37. Wipe out last year that'd be ok. Mind you with my luck I'll get knocked down & killed the day before my bank charges get reimbursed.

There's a woman just walked past my window wearing a white jacket with leopard skin blouse and a spiky blonde haircut and a big nose... I thought for a minute that Rod Stewart had grown some knockers.

Oh well here's the music for you. We've got Some Jam bootlegs from Utrecht, Nijmegen and Amsterdam, a load of Man? Or Astroman and some Madness great lost tracks what I found ages ago.

http://rapidshare.com/files/52340073/MoA-M_-_ASoFS.rar Spectrum of a finite scale
http://rapidshare.com/files/52343552/MoA-M_-_ASoIS.rar Spectrum of an infinate scale
http://rapidshare.com/files/52424084/MoA-M_-_BTBH.rar Beyond the black hole
http://rapidshare.com/files/52427828/MoA-M_-_DAA.rar Destroy all astro-men
http://rapidshare.com/files/52430746/MoA-M_-_EZ.rar Experiment zero
http://rapidshare.com/files/52434629/MoA-M_-_ITC.rar Intravenous television continuum
http://rapidshare.com/files/52438381/MoA-M_-_PIrar.rar Project infinity

http://rapidshare.com/files/52332434/TJ-808182.part1.rar 3 Jam Bootlegs

http://rapidshare.com/files/52549514/M-TL.part1.rar Madness (track listing in comments)http://rapidshare.com/files/52554523/M-TL.part2.rar

Enjoy and please sign the petition below before sept 9th if you're a UK citizen.


TheUpsetter1969 said...

Madness tracks

Sign Of The Times demo
Airplane Instrumental
Beat The Bride Demo
Bed & Breakfast Man Demo
Bed And Breakfast Man (Demo from 1979)
Benny The Bullfrog Demo
A Day On The Town Alternate
Don't Quote Me On The Alternate
From Another World
Goodbye Mr Chips
Green Eyes Alternate
If You Think There's Something Demo
Into The Blue
Madness Is All In The Mind Demo Suggs Vocal
Mad Not Mad Instrumental
Michael Caine Studio Demo
Missing You Instrumental
Moondance Studio Rehearsal Demo
Mrs Hutchinson Demo
My Mums Roses Full
My Mums Roses Instrumental
One Seconds Thoughtlessness Early Demo
Perfect Place
Please Don't Go Alternate
Please Release Me
Prospects Demo
Smash Waltz
The Rise And Fall Demo
The Young and The Old Alternate
Turning Blue Demo
Un Paso Adelante
Walking With Mr Wheeze Vocal
What's That? Demo
When Dawn Arrives Instrumental
Wings Of A Dove Studio Demo
It Must Be Love - Mega Mix
Our House Spinbitch Spy Remix

Anonymous said...

Will you please be kind enough to stop using blue print? This colour is very difficult to read especially with the black background. After reading the first line or two I have to give up as it puts a strain on my eyes and makes them water.

Yellow print is very easy reading and it stands out with the black background.

Thanking you very much

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the jam. Great as usual.
Who cares about blue print ! I can read it ok. Besides they turn a nice shade of purple when you've clicked them. Chill out.

Anonymous said...

Well, as long as YOU can read the blue print OK...that's alright then. It would be nice if you were a bit tolerant of people with bad eye sight!
Thanks for the tip anyway, I didn't realise that they change colour when you click them.
May you be blessed with good eye sight when you get older!

TheUpsetter1969 said...

Now would everyone stop fighting about the bloody blue print. I'll change the default colour of the links next time, OK. If there's still a problem then try changing the font size in your browser. As for being tolerant with people with bad eyesight I don't know why the fella should be it's my blog not his.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Upsetter,
Great post's as usual, especially the Jam Bootlegs!

Do you have The Jam Extras CD? this would be brilliant too.

Cheers Uli

TheUpsetter1969 said...

Thanks for the comments and yes I do have that. The trouble is someone f*cked up my computer so I'm having trouble getting online until he fixes it. This is someone else's pc at the moment, but rest assured that I will either post it as soon as I get back online via my pc or go on a killing spree of one. ;)

The San Francisco Treat said...

Thanks a ton for the MoA-M!!

To the person with the strained eyes: next time you have contrast troubles, try using your cursor to highlight the bit you want to read (as if you were going to copy & paste the text). Usually works for me.

Tension said...

Stay away from Sheffield ,its the Mobility Scooter capitol of Europe.I long for the day when I spot my first pimped up mobility scooter.

herminio said...

hi upsetter, do have "is it man or astroman?", the first album?...

Mike said...

I will try to find it in my cd index for you and post it in the near future. :)

junior said...

thanks, will be great!!

Astro-Lyric Site:

Anonymous said...

I know it's been ages since you posted this, but I've been filling in some gaps in my MoAM? collection with your help, so I wanted to thank you. They're a great live band and a lot of fun.