1 Jul 2007

"Oh there ain't no love no,no
Montague's or Capulets
Just banging tunes in DJ sets and
Dirty dancefloors
and dreams of naughtiness!"

I've just finished watching the Office christmas specials (well it made a change from hours and hours of Star Trek). I'd had never seen them before and I found them pretty funny the only thing that I took umbrage with was the fact that there was a happy ending, not only does Davi Brent get a beautiful woman that thinks he's nice etc, but also Tim gets Dawn in the end (sorry if you haven't seen it btw), but come on. Just like Eastenders being interesting or Big Brother not having a load of mental people in the house shit like that never happens in real life. Let's face it if it did I would have not spent the last year or so being followed everywhere by the black dog. Maybe I'm just biased? Let's face it like Dante & Randall discuss in Clerks 'Life is a series of down moments'. This may be viewed as 'slightly' pessimistic of me but there you go.In many ways I'm lucky I suppose? I'm a free man with fewer and fewer debts, I can go wherever I please without anyone's permission. I can spend my money on whatever I want (hence all the junk I buy from ebay). I have no kids to give me headaches or kid germs they picked up at school. I can watch whatever I want on my dvd player whenever I want and not have to sit through 3 hours a night of soaps or dramas. I can please myself when and what I eat. If I don't want to decorate, dig the garden or shave then I don't have to. But to tell the truth I'd have given it all up in a flash had my dreams come true. I mean apart from the fact that I have an knack of watching a whole season of programmes in one evening, a talent for flatulence and a tendency to eat too many mint humbugs, I am what you would call a very nice man. I clean the bath and toilet out, put down the toilet seat, cut the grass, run errands hold the door open for people, do the washing up, cook, clean. I'm good with kids always willing to do things for people. I used to be good at cunnilingus (out of practice lately) and I have never two timed on anyone. But when all is said and done I don't have the one thing women want ...MONEY.

Anyway enough mindless ranting here's tonight's post. I've uploaded the live in Nottingham dvd rip of the mega popstar band Madness. Track list in comments

http://rapidshare.com/files/40573478/M-LIN80.part01.rar Madness







http://rapidshare.com/files/40647093/M-LIN80.part08.rar No Password

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TheUpsetter1969 said...

Madness Nottingham 1980

Night Boat To Cairo
Close Escape
Crying Shame
Razor Blade Alley
Baggy Trousers
My Girl
Land Of Hope And Glory
On The Pete
The Prince
One Step Beyond