25 Jul 2007

"I get up when I'm down
I can't swim but my soul won't drown
I do believe, i've got flare
I've got speed and I walk on air."

WOO HOO! 151,000 hits. Thanks for your feedback. Ok you've convinced me to keep going with the blog. I've recieved many emails in addition to the feedback below, thanks. I will struggle on with this blog ...that was odd. There I was scribbling away at the keyboard and I look up to see that I'd accidentally written it in Hindi. So that's what the new button is at the top of my compose page! Anyway I see we've lost 2.5 cultural icons this last week, the 2 being Michaelangelo Antonioni and Ingmar Bergman and the .5 being Mike Reid. I can honestly say that I thought that all three were dead ages ago but there you are. Mike Reid I remember from Runaround and telling "My mother in law was so fat..." etc jokes in the seventies and the other two I remember from their great films. I remember watching Seventh Seal whilst still drunk one night coming home from the pub(s), possibly not the best frame of mind to watch a movie like that but there you go. Michaelangelo Antonioni I've only watched Blow Up and Zabriskie point to be honest but I was sober for those. Hopefully now we'll have a couple of retrospectives of their films. I've been into watching a lot of films lately as well, thanks to Film Four showing a load of 'New Hollywood' stuff like I heart huckabees, Eternal sunshine, Garden State and Napoleon Dynamite. It unfortunately distracted me from writing my book (which will probably never get published and will be crap anyway) I did come up with germs of a few ideas for movies but no way to get them into the camera. Damn I wish I had some money. Ingmar Bergman didn't start making movies until he was 40 according to Channel Four news the other night so I still have time. Woo hoo two job interviews in a week and my carbon footprint is 5 times less than the UK average...only 1 tonne. See burning baby seals for fuel and insulating your roof with polar bear fur is environmetally better. The trouble I had convincing the council to give me a grant to improve the house though. Anyway without further ado here's the downloads. I've uploaded a film called 'Those Glory Glory Days' http://uk.imdb.com/title/tt0086433/ I hope that you enjoy it as it took ages to upload. I remember it from years ago... and according to the anoraky friend of mine it was the second film film ever shown on Channel Four and I tend not to argue as he's a bit like rain man ;) Also I've uploaded Half Man Half Biscuit's 2000 album 'Trouble over Bridgwater', Paul Weller Live in Hollywood USA of A, and the album by Mrs Suggs herself Bette Bright 1981'a Rhythm Breaks The Ice. Enjoy as I'm off now to scrape off the old puffin wallpaper and replace it with eco friendly chipped badger and fox fur stuff then I've got to make a Osprey egg omlette. TTFN.http://rapidshare.com/files/46705518/HMHB-ToB.rar Half Man Half Biscuit - Trouble Over Bridgwater

http://rapidshare.com/files/46711535/BB-RBTI.rar Bette Bright - Rhythm Breaks The Ice

http://rapidshare.com/files/46716485/PW-LiH.rar Paul Weller - Live In Hollywood

http://rapidshare.com/files/45532235/TGGD.part01.rar Those Glorry Glory Days















16 Jul 2007

"We can go for a walk where it's quiet and dry
And talk about precious things
But the rain that flattens my hair ...
Oh, these are the things that kill me."
This is me as a character in The Simpsons, I made it via the Simpsons movie website (http://www.simpsonsmovie.com/main.html?cid=en) I especially liked playing the games. Although I am not as sad the people on the leader board some of them have hundred's of thousands of points. Anyway I'm looking forward to the movie and may go down to the cinema to see it... providing I can go to a screening without kids in it. I made that mistake back in the '80's when me and a few mates from the Artillery barracks went to see Ghostbusters 2 on a Saturday morning. It was just like those scenes in the movies when the kids are just running riot, jumping up, shouting and throwing stuff. Never again, which is a shame as I love all those Pixar things and not just those Kevin Smith movies where people say "Fuck". Which is no bad thing either. I do enjoy my movies it has to be said, I even got around to watching 'Garden State' which was recommended by a bloke I used to work with last year, but wasn't in the mood to watch. I must say that he was right, I did enjoy it. Beautifully shot, excellently acted and a good story...(all of which was no excuse to keep my dvds though Mr Hambridge). Bloody students, anyway I may have to get hold of a larger external hard drive as these two are full of old films, tv and some more modern stuff too like Life on Mars and My Name Is Earl. Still it's kept me awake and off of the daytime tv. The trouble is I keep finding all this great sci fi stuff I used to watch (currently trying to watch 6 Million Dollar man). Mind you unlike when I originally watched them I won't be jumping around in the part or running in slo mo going din-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ner. Neither will I ride a bike with a playing card pegged into the spokes to make it sound like a motorbike, those things along with white dog shit have disappeared into the past. So have decent Dr Who episodes it seems. It comes to something when I'd rather watch the Sylvester McCoy and Bonnie Langford episodes than endure the latest seasons... and yet I still watch through a season. I really hated the one with Michelle Collins as she had all the acting ability of a sponge. Less depth than a piece of lino and failed to portray all the gravitas needed to convince me that she was supposedly a starship captain. All the way through the episode I kept expecting her to say "Ian, Phil and Grunt Mitchell have broken the engine again." But then the season finale took the biscuit with the over the top acting by the usually good John Simm. What with the stolen ideas from Return Of The Jedi, Flash Gordon, A helicarrier lifted from Nick Fury agent of S.H.I.E.L.D (Hi Marvel fans) and how the hell did the Doctor get transformed into Gollum? Besides which I always thought The Master was sinister not half insane and half OTT. Still there were good points in the series like the one where the Doctor was stuck in 1969 and communicated via dvd 'easter eggs' and the two where he had become human at the school in 1914. I'm just glad I don't buy a tv licence is all I'm saying. It's not all bad though as we have the return of Hyperspace to keep me going. I did enjoy A Scanner Darkly in the week too with a lovely cartoon Winona Ryder et al. Richard Linklater does make a good movie even if Homer finds them boring.

Here's the music which is what you've all been waiting for rarther than me blathering on an on. Reposts of the Man Or Astroman stuff, repost of the Best of the Beat album. My dvd convertion of the original Blade Runner cut. Then I've uploaded for your pleasure The Oasis album Definitely Maybe (plus the singles from it too) and then I've uploaded Evening Session priority tunes to keep the Britpop vibe going. Enjoy.

One more thing comment on whether you think I should keep this blog going or not. I'm in two minds.

http://rapidshare.com/files/43577258/blade.part01.rar Blade Runner


















http://rapidshare.com/files/44795753/MoAM_-_DAA.rar Man Or Astro-Man?http://rapidshare.com/files/44799748/MoAM_-_E.rar Man Or Astro-Man?http://rapidshare.com/files/44803376/MoAM_-_EZ.rar Man Or Astro-Man?http://rapidshare.com/files/44807051/MOAM_-_ITC.rar Man Or Astro-Man?http://rapidshare.com/files/44910721/O_-_DM.rar Oasis

http://rapidshare.com/files/44917935/VA_-_ESPT.part1.rar Evening Session


http://rapidshare.com/files/44926073/B.P.M._-_TVBoTB.rar The Beat

14 Jul 2007

" Well, you can say what you want
But it won't change my mind
I'll feel the same about you
And you can tell me your reasons
But it won't change my feelings
I'll feel the same about you "

This is going to be the title of my biography, I think it's apt. Anyway I've spent the week watching the two seasons of Life On Mars. It was a well written and well acted piece of entertainment the only thing I found wrong with it (apart from the modern windows and the incredible growing strawberry milk) was the ending (Stop reading now if you haven't seen the end yet). I mean all the two seasons I was willing him to get back to the 21st century and to the gorgeous Archie Panjabi. Then finally when he did he didn't like it. The final two shows were spent with you thinking that the other characters in the show were a visualisation that he came up with in his coma to represent a tumour in his head after the rest of the shows where you weren't sure if he was in a coma in 2006/7 or had actually gone back in time to 1973. So the operation was a success and he ended up back in the real world but decided he didn't like it so he ends up chucking himself off the roof of a building so that he goes back to 1973. A point of contention with me is the fact that he ended up going back to the exact time he left and as anyone knows whose dreamt of 'doing naughties' with someone they like, you never fall asleep back into the same dream. Besides which if the others were a figment of his imagination wouldn't they be missing? Also as soon as he died in the real world his 1973 world would end as well so how the hell they are getting a spin off series to follow god knows. I mean having lived in 1973 I couldn't imagine a worse place to be. Conservative government, three day week, power cuts, lightning strikes, IRA bombs, things cooked in lard, racism, poverty, E numbers in food, no mobile phones, three tv channels (that stopped at 10 pm) no internet or PC's and I was four years old plus you didn't even get the sweeney till 1975. I had my parents 'unique' version of raising me, school, ten years in a backwoods Norfolk village and Mrs Thatcher to look forward to. 1973? Nien Danke.

Anyway here's the post for this week. I've put up a Harry Enfield show called Smashy And Nicey: End of an era. Which along with the Norman Ormal show he did was one of the funniest things he's done (funnier than the last BBC series he did anyway). Basically it's a pastiche of the way BBC Radio 1 DJ dinosaurs were culled/resigned in the early nineties. Watch it you'll laugh. Also I've upped the UK number ones from 1978, 1979 and 1980 that I found in my travels accross the interweb. Although I know a certain analy retentive ex manager freind of mine who'll probably find one that was only a number two.... I can say what I like he's away in the med getting me a Sicillian contract killer's phone number. Shh no body tell him what I said when he comes back.

http://rapidshare.com/files/43017418/S_N-EoAE.part01.rar Harry Enfield









http://rapidshare.com/files/43288032/78.rar Number 1's




6 Jul 2007

"I'd work very hard but I'm lazy
I can't take the pressure and it's starting to show
In my heart you know that it pains me
A life of leisure is no life you know"

Bored! So far this week I've watched two Pirates of the Caribbean movies, almost a whole series of Life on Mars, several Star Trek mirror universe episodes, some awful films, several war documentaries and the movie version of The HitchHikers Guide To The Galaxy, not to mention several hundred bloody financial adverts that start "if you are a homeowner", or "Where can I go for a loan?" Normally I'd have gone out for a walk or to the shops or something,but those of you who follow these things will realise that its been pissing down here for at least three weeks. There seems to be a lull at the moment I just wish that I could afford to bugger off to the sunnier climes in this planet of ours. Instead I'm stuck here contemplating my navel...and let me tell you that's a lot of contemplating. Still no word on whether I'm going to be refunded my bank charges from the Abby Nazi-onal I'll probably not get anything knowing my luck. But hey that's life I suppose? It would have been nice to have the black Porsche boxster, house etc but I guess I'll just have to make do with the cold comfort farm and the bus?

Right here's the posts for this week. I've ripped and upped the live dvd of Madness from Hamburg in 1981 (track listing in comments) also two 'man? or astroman? ' albums and they are 'Experiment Zero' and 'Intravenous Television Continuum' also I've ripped and upped Bad Manners' 'Rare & Fatty' so there should be stuff there for most people to enjoy.

http://rapidshare.com/files/40986087/BM-RAF.rar Bad Manners

http://rapidshare.com/files/40989074/MOA-M_-_EZ.rar Experiment

http://rapidshare.com/files/40994868/MOA-M-ITC.rar Intravenous

http://rapidshare.com/files/41023230/M_-_LIH81.part01.rar Madness




















1 Jul 2007

"Oh there ain't no love no,no
Montague's or Capulets
Just banging tunes in DJ sets and
Dirty dancefloors
and dreams of naughtiness!"

I've just finished watching the Office christmas specials (well it made a change from hours and hours of Star Trek). I'd had never seen them before and I found them pretty funny the only thing that I took umbrage with was the fact that there was a happy ending, not only does Davi Brent get a beautiful woman that thinks he's nice etc, but also Tim gets Dawn in the end (sorry if you haven't seen it btw), but come on. Just like Eastenders being interesting or Big Brother not having a load of mental people in the house shit like that never happens in real life. Let's face it if it did I would have not spent the last year or so being followed everywhere by the black dog. Maybe I'm just biased? Let's face it like Dante & Randall discuss in Clerks 'Life is a series of down moments'. This may be viewed as 'slightly' pessimistic of me but there you go.In many ways I'm lucky I suppose? I'm a free man with fewer and fewer debts, I can go wherever I please without anyone's permission. I can spend my money on whatever I want (hence all the junk I buy from ebay). I have no kids to give me headaches or kid germs they picked up at school. I can watch whatever I want on my dvd player whenever I want and not have to sit through 3 hours a night of soaps or dramas. I can please myself when and what I eat. If I don't want to decorate, dig the garden or shave then I don't have to. But to tell the truth I'd have given it all up in a flash had my dreams come true. I mean apart from the fact that I have an knack of watching a whole season of programmes in one evening, a talent for flatulence and a tendency to eat too many mint humbugs, I am what you would call a very nice man. I clean the bath and toilet out, put down the toilet seat, cut the grass, run errands hold the door open for people, do the washing up, cook, clean. I'm good with kids always willing to do things for people. I used to be good at cunnilingus (out of practice lately) and I have never two timed on anyone. But when all is said and done I don't have the one thing women want ...MONEY.

Anyway enough mindless ranting here's tonight's post. I've uploaded the live in Nottingham dvd rip of the mega popstar band Madness. Track list in comments

http://rapidshare.com/files/40573478/M-LIN80.part01.rar Madness







http://rapidshare.com/files/40647093/M-LIN80.part08.rar No Password