12 Jun 2007

"Finished with my woman
'cause she couldn't help me with my mind,
people think I'm insane
because I am frowning all the time.
All day long I think of things
but nothing seems to satisfy,
Think I'll lose my mind
if I don't find something to pacify"

Last night for some reason I dreamt that I gave my landlord £5,050 in back rent. Then I was sweeping up some dust off a tiled surface and my previous (drunken) landlady was there. The tiles were red, green yellow awful things. Then I was choosing a buffet from the foodstuffs lying around. Mostly it seemed to be dips, crackers and chocolate bars of varying degrees of sweetness. Then I sat down and was discussing things with people around the table. For some reason Nelly Furtado was there complaining about her job, to which I replied "yeah it must be hard sat on your arse earning another Grammy" She mentioned that she'd heard some tracks from Tom Waits' new album then I mentioned about I had a new book out (which seemed to be a biography, quite dull take it from me). I got up to get some more eats and as I returned to the table my mate Jimmy and his better half turned up. I say hello and notice that her hair is slightly green.
In an earlier dream I was in my room when I heard someone I know say something about me which I didn't like. So I went to go and knock on his door to smack him in the gob, he didn't answer the door. We seemed to be in rooms opposite each other which is odd. Anyway, when I returned to my room I found that a second person I know was sleeping on my couch and had stolen the blanket off the top of my bed (you bastard McGiraffe).
Now if anyone has any idea what that was all about then please let me know. Also the one where I was walking through a forest along an orangey brown clay path with my parents, who I don't like and my sister and our old dogs, who I do. To the left was a pine forest and to the right was a field of green grass and yellow flowers. The dogs ran into this and found some bacon and began to eat. To which I complained whether this "was this my dream or the dog's?"
Maybe I'm just puggled? All I want to do is dream of me Kate Humble, Jaime Pressly and a tub of whipped cream, but noooo I get all those cryptic wierd dreams.

Anyway here's the stuff you really came for. We have the rare film Bronco Bullfrog. http://uk.imdb.com/title/tt0064111/ and rare Bad Manners album Mental Notes. Have fun.

http://rapidshare.com/files/38498348/BB.part01.rar Bronco Bullfrog














http://rapidshare.com/files/38699590/BM-MNrar.rar Bad manners


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike. You've piqued my interest with this one, but alas the file links are dead.....

Mike said...

A new posting may well have this on it.