18 May 2007

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"There never was a better time, For trying to set the words to rhyme. Of when a golden love turns blue And dreams of dreams that won't come true."

I must have a suspicious nature or something for there I was minding my own business when I spot this trio of kids hanging about near a neighbour's van then they went up the road acting suspiciously still. Once they noted that the coast was clear (or so they thought) they came back and took a briefcase or laptop out and legged it up the road. They must have realised that they'd been seen as there was a certain six foot ex army ex skinnyhead leaning out the window shouting choice words at them. With such crimefighting phrases at them like "OI!!! YOU FUCKERS!!!!!" etc etc. I rang the woodentops and it must have not been meal time because they were there in a matter of moments and had caught and arrested three lads who matched my description within an hour and a half. I even got to ride around in Police car, but I resisted the urge to hang out the open window going "NER NER NER NER!" and "SHUT IT!!!" but the temptation was very great. It was the first time the neighbours have spoke to me. Then a few days later I had to go to the nick down town and give a further statement to an incredibly gorgeous police officer lady. Apparently they caught the slaaaaaaaaaaags the same night thanks to my very good descriptions (lovely police lady's words not mine) and they got some of the evidence from the scene too. I'm not too certain that a life of crime fighting is in the offing but you have to do what you can, besides I'd look silly jumping across the roofs of the semi detached houses dressed as a giant bat.

Here's tonight's music we have some UB40 12" rips from my newly rebought collection and some Bad Manners tape conversions and a request of More Specials. Hope you enjoy them. There'll be some more Bad Manners cds posted next time. Oh and in honour of my crime fighting hobby here's the soundtrack to the Sweeney called SHUT IT! There's a list of twelve inches ripped in the comments.

http://rs117tg.rapidshare.com/files/33890996/TS-MS.rar More Specials

http://rs53l32.rapidshare.com/files/33880132/12ir.part1.rar 12" rips


http://rs136cg2.rapidshare.com/files/33896757/Slaaaaaag.rar Sweeney OST

http://rs120gc.rapidshare.com/files/33899364/bmlt80.rar Loonee

http://rs14l3.rapidshare.com/files/33902794/bmsnb.rar Ska N B

http://rs94tl.rapidshare.com/files/33907533/bmgi.rar gosh it's

16 May 2007

"You could wait for a lifetime, To spend your days in the sunshine. You might as well do the white line, 'Cause when it comes on topYou've gotta make it happen." I've just been for a job interview out in thur cun'ree at a garden centre...exciting. I wasn't sure where exactly I was supposed to go, so I asked the bus driver. He took me to a garden centre... unfortunately he took me to the wrong garden centre. Luckily the lady in the seat behind me knew the way. "You just want to walk down Ham lane" she said. "Lane" I thought and pictured in my mind a slight walk. Several miles later I understood that the person who had named the 'lane' had either never been there or had a sense of humour. It's around about 5 miles long. Luckily it was straight with a slight bend around about halfway because I was wearing the wrong shoes for taking corners at speed and would have ended up wrapped around a tree. That would have ruined my suit. As it was I didn't want the job anyway bloody gardening, I hated the gardening department at my last place... mind you I hated all the departments I was on. Anyway there I was striding out in my black suit and tie and nicely polished shoes covered in mud (at least I hope it was mud) and my suit arm covered in bits of bush and insects. It was like being back in the army except I didn't have a gun (mores the pity). Interview went well despite my trying out my telepathy. Only when the post man arrives next week with the letter will I find out whether my Jedi Mind tricks worked. Mind you then the letter would say "sorry I won't give you the job but I have decided to fuck your brains out". She was quite cute although I don't want to work for them. God, gardening supplies.

Anyway then there was a loooong walk back into town and semi civilisation, although I did find a Ye olde worlde sweete shoppe whereupon I happened to purchase some sugary comestibles. "A quarter of Kola Kubes my good sir" says I slapping my gloves on the counter and prodding a street urchin with a sharpened stick for good measure. "You have to ask for a hundred grammes now sir" he sayeth unto me. "EU regulations" he continuethetheth. (I'm sorry, I have a mouth ulcer). At any moment I expected there to be a squad of EU officials come bursting through the shopfront SAS stylee and slap me with a fine for daring to not convert my tongue to metric under article 3462, paragraph epsilon 4, subsection 597a. Pockets bulging with a QUARTER of Kola Kubes ...and a pound of mint numbugs I awayed to the bus stop. I discovered that I had three new pockets in my jacket that I'd not discovered before. I wouldn't mind but I've only had it three years. After about an hour and a half of chastising swearing children and sharing sweets with old ladies and waiting for the bus I managed to finally get home to scrape the bugs and leaves off my jacket.

It was like a foriegn country in a way as I stood out like a sore thumb in my suit and it seemed that I spoke in a strange tongue. I asked one lady (who one of those sexy 'horsey' types or was it just I liked her legs in those jodphurs?) anyway I disgress. I asked one lady if "this was Ham lane?" "Is this an aeroplane"? She asked puzzled. Sigh, "no I said is this Ham lane." "Oh yurrrr" she replied. How could someone so attractive and faintly smelling of horse manure be so deaf? I thought.

Anyway here's the music and I'm sorry if this was a little disjointed tonight I've been playing air drums along to the Who whilst typing. We have Tighten Up vol 1 as requested. This is the one I posted last year with the extra tracks. Also I've reposted the best of Desmond Dekker who sadly died a while back.
"Just close your eyes and count to ten, see if you still remember when. Your life seemed easy, you had friends. But that was different, than that was then."
Well here we are again, yet another post. Usually I have no idea of what I'm going to say until I say it... and this time is no exception. Apart from I'm currently playtesting my vinyl rips from the shop I was going to frequent but I've learnt since that he's closing down at the end of May. Well that'll curtail the vinyl ripping somewhat. I'm hoping that when I get, sorry, if I get my bank charges refunded from the Abbey Nazi-onal I may have to take a trip up to Camden in the mighty metropolis that is LAAAHDAAHN TAAAHN. I used to frequent that particular part of the nation's capital with more regularity than a resident. Nearly every fortnight at one point to coincide with the record fairs which, more than likely are no longer held in the Electric Ballroom, which itself was under the axe the last time I went up so it has also probably gone., as I've stated recently that my past seems to be disappearing with a startling rapidity. I'm only really interested in going back up to spend money. The real reason was the fact that due to channel hopping as there is nothing on again during the day and I spotted a show called 'The Market' on Channel 4. This involves a camera team following some members of the public around the Camden Lock Market as far as I can tell. I'd love to know how much money I spent in that particular place buying lots of old crap I no longer have. In fact the last time I went up it was one of the only decent markets left there. The others were halfed in size to what they were and gave the impression they were in the final stretch of closing down. Now where am I going to get a novelty ash tray and my Chinese noodle breakfast when I go up? My first memory of Camden, and one that I'm always reminded of everytime I go, is the seemingly force five gale that blows down the escalator at the tube station into your face bringing welcome relief from the shared body odours on the tube. Also, like any true Madness fan, I've visited nearly all the sites from videos and album covers apart from Primrose Hill for some reason I never get there. Perhaps because there is no vinyl shop at the top? It's ironic really as it's one of my favourite tracks. I even have a photo of the Chalk farm tube entrance (how sad is that?) Better not mention the one of the 'Singing wall' as featured in the links on the video compilations. Actually that was a very good vinyl emporium there I think, if memory serves, was called 'The vinyl Solution' but I'm probably wrong and the Spread Eagle pub next door which I was alarmed to find sold carpets the last time I went up. I hate change as it always seems to be my favourite places that do it. I wonder if those old rastas still hang around on the banks opposite the old TVAM studios? I used to enjoy sitting there with them, I expect we looked a strange site me a skinnyhead and them ...puffing away. Of course I abstained but I wish I had some now, it wouldn't improve life in anyway but it might just blur the edges enough.
Anyway here's today's posts for you (and sorry it's been nearly two weeks) we have the Beat 12"s I was going to post a month ago but someone pointed out they were sped up. this was due to the transfer from vinyl to tape and then finding out the tape player was naff. So I cut out the tape and transfered straight from vinyl to mp3. I'll add the others that I've finding as soon as I get enough to make a decent post, also there's two Beat 12"s missing at the moment as I don't have them yet. Then I've found a great old Madness bootleg that I think is one of the best going as it's got a very good recording of Mike Barson's fairground/hammond style keyboards all the way through. It comes from the Paradise ballroom Boston, Mass 04-02-80. Some bootleg sites name it as 'Mistakes' there are covers available if you want that sort of thing. I've put up some more reggae dub singles for you as they seemed to be popular and Bjork's latest album. Some people describe her as 'as mad as a bag of cats' I think this is unfair and I prefer to think of her as Kate Bush but without the medication.
http://rs90tg.rapidshare.com/files/31629388/B12.part1.rar Beat 12"s
http://rs31l32.rapidshare.com/files/31633556/B-V.rar Bjork Volta
http://rs106cg.rapidshare.com/files/31639770/f.part1.rar Dub Singles
http://rs79l34.rapidshare.com/files/31669084/M-LB80.rar Madness Live (track listing in the comments)

2 May 2007

"Found smog at the end of my rainbow
I found my thoughts shift slowly into phase
Declared the constitution of the walkway
I realise it's time to plan the day
I'm a Market Square hero gathering the storms to troop
Cause I'm a Market Square hero speeding the beat of the street pulse
Are you following me, are you following me?
Well suffer my pretty warriors and follow me."

Well another week nearly over and another week of lazy unemployment under the belt. I wish that all employers and unemployed could get together and save ink and paper. If I could tell which ones wouldn't reply to my application forms I wouldn't bother wasting my ink and paper and the same for when they send out letters with a whole page of text just to say "sod off we've employed a 16 year old for less money and we've decided to put up with his bad attitude and bad attendance rather than pay someone decent etc etc." They could just send out cards with the word "Unfortunately" on it, there are shorter words I know but that would be just plain rude.

Anyway I'm just chuffed to be able to have the time to play the PS2 to death. Burnout being a favourite and The Simpsons Hit & Run which I now have on the PS2 as I was fed up with borrowing the landlord's Gamecube. Today just for nostalgia I played Medal of Honour:Frontline just because it was a shitty day weather wise and I'm feeling a little erm... "Bleurgh" is the best way to describe it I think. Kind of the way people wake up feeling everyday on the North Norfolk coast. You know "Oh fuck I'm living in Cromer" that sort of feeling.... only without the smell of crabs. I hated that smell, in fact I nearly had a job in a crab factory (funny that's the name most people call my mother) but luckily I came to my senses and left Norfolk. I mean could you imagine boiling the crab, cracking it open scraping out the meat and washing the shell and putting the meat back in? What was the point? Leave the bloody disgusting thing in the sea happy in it's underwater eating shit and shellfish life.

My sister says that she would buy me a holiday home in Norfolk if she wins the lotto, I asked for one somewhere nice instead. I'd like to win just a little bit of dosh, enough to sign off the dole just a for a few years or so. So that I could try to do some writing.... and also take a hit out on a couple of people I used to work with...oh did I say that out loud? Just ignore that bit, also ignore the fact that a friend of mine is going to Sicily in the summer. I've seen the godfather I know all about it. I could do a 'Norman Stanley Fletcher' and tell the police that the bodies are buried in the garden and let them come and dig it up, that bloody bush doesn't want to leave the ground. I don't like this hard work malarky it's just too much like hard work.

Anyway here is the music we've got some dub singles from Bob Marley, a special edition of Gorillaz Demon Days and Jane Aire and the Belvederes Yankee Wheels.

http://rs56cg2.rapidshare.com/files/30514606/YW.rar Yankee Wheels

http://rs105cg2.rapidshare.com/files/30521599/BM-DSFD.part1.rar Bob Marley Dub


http://rs23gc.rapidshare.com/files/30531242/G-DDSE.part1.rar Demon Days Special Edition