5 Apr 2007

"There was a time, the laughing time
I took my heart to every party
They'd point my way "How are you today?"
"Will you make us laugh? Chase our blues away?"
Their funny man won't let them down
No, he'd dance and prance and be their clown
That time, the laughing time
When even a fool learns to love"

(pic) My bank manager meets his friends for lunch.

Firstly I'd like to state that if there are any of my readers out there that are in the throes of education then please heed this advice. Don't fuck it up do all your exams, stop hanging around the park after dark, put down the Alchopops and study. That way you won't be like me stuck in boring dead end jobs under people are less intelligent than yourself but seem to float around the place on a cloud of smugness when quite frankly they are fuckwits with expensive aftershave on. Some of the managers at my new job are just totally sanctimonious wankers who seem to thrive on there own self belief just because they can talk pople into extortionate credit deals to buy a bigger telly/fridge/cooker etc than they actually need. Maybe I'm too honest but I always say buy the best you can afford, it's the only advice that I can remember listening to and sticking too and it works. I mean do you really need an extention lead that would cost £159.00 just make the tv that little bit clearer?
Anyway I've got a new job (which I fucking hate hence all the 'unusual' sweariness) working for Comet " We live electrical". Yeah? you fucking live it mate I'm the fucker who has to tote that barge lift that American style (huge) fridge freezer. Plus they won't allow a union, fascist mo' fo's, I'm staying in the union and they can sack me for all I care. It's the right of every man, woman, dog and child over the age of 16 to be in a union if they wish, by law. So in defiance/sheer bloody mindedness I found my old GMB union pin badge and stuck it on my coat for all to see. (Neb if you are reading this I want one the size of a dinner plate please... or a t-shirt). I'm in the mood to pull out my old Billy Bragg stuff again. Still at least no one's spent six months setting me up for a childish practical joke yet like the other place... Yet. Oh and customers if you want to buy a 50" plasma tv then please come with a car that's not able to fit a 42" it's so much fun having to lug those fuckers around I can tell you, I can't get enough of it please do more stupid shit like that.
Still I may fuck of to the Bahamas or Brownsea Island depending on how much I get refunded from the banks in illegally charged fees. Apparently if you were charge £20 six years ago they could claim it back for £120. Also you are only eligible if you were charged £1,000 in six years hmmmm let me think... try "The Abbey Nazi-onal muthas took a thousand and more off me in ONE year." I should have been debt free two years ago but thanks to charges placed... Mind you I need to think if I'd want to come back to 'Dear Old Blighty' if I left? Quite frankly I could sit somewhere on a beach and just wake up when it's time for some beautiful foriegn woman to fuck me brains out. I think I need a rest, a soul recharge or just a bullet in the brain?

Anyway here's the music David Bowie singles collection. Haircut One Hundred - Pelican West and an audiobook of Len Deighton's - The Ipcress File. Also I thought I'd upload The Cult's 'Electric Cult' video from waaay back in the day which I've just recombobulated to avi from VHS. Plus as a bonus for being so long in the making this time I've added The Mock Turtles - Turtle Soup too. BTW If usually you recieve an update email from me and didn't this time it's because I've culled my address book of those who don't reply to emails. I can take a hint. Enjoy the music.

http://www.sendspace.com/file/bvshmh Bowie


http://www.sendspace.com/file/tz7l5l Haircut 100

http://www.sendspace.com/file/vr2tfr The Ipcress File


http://www.sendspace.com/file/xx4amt The Cult





http://www.sendspace.com/file/e9sinv The Mock Turtles


Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the mock turtles again! i love these guys! got anymore?

TheUpsetter1969 said...

I will have a look through My big red book and let you know. Keep watching this space.

Ghost_of_Telstar_Ted said...

Congrats on the Job codge!

Welcome back to the rank of the walking dead that is - the employed

Also thanks for the tunez and updates during your work hiatus!


TheUpsetter1969 said...

Thanks and stay tuned for more news.

eris23 said...

Any chance you could repost The Mock Turtles?

Mike said...

I'll look them out and do them in the near future.