24 Apr 2007

"Is it wrong to be alone,
An adventure of my own,
A celebration of myself and me,
Discovering what i can be,
The half a couple fantasy."

Me today in the weeds

Today I'm covered in scratches and my arms and legs really ache. I've been trimming the garden with extreme prejudice. The plants it had to be said were putting up a fight and kept biting me. Considering the garden hasn't been touched since Tony Blair was popular I'm pretty chuffed with the results so far. Well it made a change from sitting in front of the computer and playing Blitzkrieg or Star Wars:Empire At War , er .. I mean job hunting. It was so overgrown out there I kept expecting a man in a pith helmet to come out of the undergrowth saying "Dr .Livingstone I presume?" Or maybe the Fukawi tribe of pygmies (they are the ones who keep jumping up in the tall grass saying "where the fuck are we?" Mind you the new neighbour is quite attractive and the cats are all very willing to be scritched on the head by me (Lord of the puddytats). Mind you she wouldn't be interested in me as she has a pulse. Anyway I'm off to Bournemouth tomorrow and possibly Poole on friday in the search for more vinyl delights. I like the hot weather as it is 'peanut smuggling season' again my favourite season. Although one day I'll be involved in the harvest too.

Now I'm no king of cool by any stretch of the imagination (although my sisters children think I'm cool, but this may be to do with the constant stream of presents winging their way up to Norfolk). But trying to look cool by blasting out the music whilst stuck in traffic and sitting in a Renault Espace just doesn't work no matter how hard you try. Someone should have told those two kids the other day. It reminded me of the time my mate Simon bought a boom box for the asthmatic white Ford Fiesta 1.1L he was driving. It was only just small enough to go in the boot, anyone who was sat in the back would have had their innards liquified at full volume. I used to have the bridge of my nose pinched between my thumb and forefinger as I tried to send out "I'm not really with him" psychic messages to any girls that Simon tried to impress at road junctions and traffic lights. Not only would that not work for the reason that I've always thought that Simon resembled Gene Wilder if he ever wore a donkey jacket but also for the fact that enormously enhanced bass beats don't quite have the same effect when they are from Marillion rather than rave music.

Anyway enough inanities (for the time being). Tonight's music is Madness 7 as per the request. Personally I think It's one of the 20 greatest Madness albums of all time. Also we've got The Beatles - 1 as I'm going through a Beatles period at the moment. Sound of the suburbs from some of the finest New wave bands of the late seventies/early eighties although I've no idea what Martha & The Muffins is doing on there. Anyway I'll say goodnight because I'm tired and have chlorophyll in my ears.

http://rs108tl.rapidshare.com/files/29159137/M7.rar Madness 7

http://rs83cg2.rapidshare.com/files/29164316/B1.part1.rar Beatles 1


http://rs80gc.rapidshare.com/files/29169729/TSotS.rar Sound of the suburbs


bob said...

many thanks for the uploads
it was great to re-listen to that old madness gem

TheUpsetter1969 said...

No problem, glad to help.