19 Apr 2007

"Don't ask us to attend,
'cos we're not all there,
oh don't pretend 'cos i don't care
I don't belive illusions 'cos too much is real
so stop you'r cheap comment
'cos we know what we feel."

Only a couple of months until the Simpsons movie. I can't wait, I might even go down the cinema to see it instead of downloading a screener where the audience members walk across the picture or like that copy of Clerks 2 where the bloke was eating his popcorn loudly. Speaking of the Simpsons my new game de jour is 'The Simpsons Hit & Run' on the Gamecube. I find it highly amusing and sometimes very annoying especially when it's against the clock as I get lost and the clock runs out although, I did do a handbrake turn and sideswipe Chief Wiggum which isn't bad for and eight year old girl really (Lisa was driving the stolen sports car). Mind you all this will come to and end when I find a job. So I'll enjoy myself while I can. I'm enjoying the sunshine a great deal at the moment and it seems to be helping my mood too after a really shitty winter for varied reasons. I had a great birthday and lots of presents (unlike christmas where everyone ignored my present lists, why ask for them if you are going to ignore them?) I got quite a bit to keep me busy and my sister's parcel finally arrived from deepest darkest Norfolk on Thursday (two days after my birthday) and it contained my easter egg too (so that's breakfast sorted). I got another of my favourite movies, 'Funeral in Berlin' (hence the scrolling dialogue at the top of the page), A Stiff records rarities compilation and 12"/80's/Pop both of which I 'll share with you of course. I'm nice like that. Sadly I can't upload an easter egg though. I was disappointed to yet again not have my friend(s) get me a cake with a lady jumping out of it with her thru'penny bits out, but there you go. Mind you after the incident the other year with the topless woman in the cake... I told them to bake it first then put the woman in but no....

Oooh I also got some Sergeant Bilko dvds which I was chuffed with so it hasn't been a bad couple of days. No sign of the black dog (although there is a new cat in the garden). I bought a fanzine (I know, how old hat?) by an old friend the other day god I hope I'm not that boring and one dimensional with this blog? I think it's a shame when people don't grow and develop as they age I like to think I have otherwise what's the point? I think I wouldn't like to meet myself from an earlier era either (that was a lot easier to type than it was to say). I'd probably think I was a complete twat... mind you I think that about modern me too so what's the difference?

Anyway here's the music for you. The two cd's I got for my birthday mentioned above and an old cassette from Ian Dury & The Music Students which I've never seen on cd anywhere, but I've converted it from tape by sticking it on a piece of wood and banging a few nails in.

http://www.sendspace.com/file/52wscn Ian Dury & The Music Students 4,000 Weeks Holiday

New Links Imminent 12"/80's/Pop

http://sharebee.com/29ffaf81 Stiff Rarities Vol 1 (new links 26 04 07)



Koen said...

Many thanx for The Stiff Rarities Vol. 1! Do you have Vol. 2 as well?

TheUpsetter1969 said...

No not yet but it's on my shopping list for next week and it'll be posted soon after.

Anonymous said...

I think that the links are deleted .. damm .. any chance of re-up?

TheUpsetter1969 said...

Yeah, as soon as I can. The Ian Dury one is active though.

Anonymous said...

would it be possible to re-up the "seven" madness LP

thanks for all


TheUpsetter1969 said...

I don't see why not. It wont be the next post as that's already spoken for but maybe the one after that? I might put up all the albums.