15 Apr 2007

"Barclays iron eagle, "33 injection" Sold to advertiser,
computer execution line They give then take away,
repossess and crucify
The more you own the more you are,
lonelier with cheap desire"

Now I've not met whoever is my bank manager but I'm pretty certain that by his/her behaviour recently that they are twelve years old. Or just retarded to the point where they think that stamping their feet and taking their toys home constitutes being helpful. Recently I had the bright idea of contacting a company that had an advert in an article on AOL re hideously large bank charges. You may remember me moaning about them on several occassions? Well no sooner had I done that and the company contacted my bank for the six years worth of statements they needed from my bank then the wonderful Abbey Nazi-onal decided that ooooh "they wanted their overdraft back and you can't all play with it so there and I'm telling my mum you swore" etc etc. So now I have to find several hundred pounds by magically sticking my hand up my arse and producing it like a magician's rabbit. "Why would this be a problem?" I hear you ask "after all you are gainfully employed" you continued .... "weeeeel about that" I reply sheepishly.I got fed up of living electrical due to the fact that I went for a job interview and was under the impression that I would be customer facing and not lifting heavy old crap. But was I wrong? I turn up for work and I'm shoved in the warehouse lifting heavy crap. Which does my old back injury no good whatsoever at all. I was promised at the interview that I wouldn't be doing sundays and there they are down in the rota ...several sundays. I was told that I would do two early finishes and two lates but all I did were late finishes and this meant getting home two hours after finishing work, having run the gaunlet of the homeless accosting me for money which I don't have. Too late to eat so I wasgetting one meal a day and I lost a stone in a week and a bit. On top of which the bloody tannoy only played 6 songs all day interspersed with Comet ads, now I like Edith Bowman's voice and she is quite attractive I just don't want to hear it 8 hours a day. I don't think they were too impressed by my having several days off ill in my first fortnight but there you go. Ironically the only person I got on with there was the security guard. Still I'm optimistic that employment that I like is just around the corner. I'm going to do it my way again as I don't relish spending the next three months doing it the Job centre's way and finding nothing. Besides which I've finished both Lego Star Wars games so I'll have to find something. Birthday on tuesday which is the day I find out if they'll give me income suport or throw me in the Dickensian poorhouse.
Anyway as a way of an apology for the Madness tribute cassette I posted the other day here's the genuine article themselves. It's an American compilation so it has he US version of It Must Be Love which I prefer less than the UK version because of the missing sax solo. But there you go. Also I've reupped some of my previous posts to RS.com as per the request. They are Lucky 7 - Skatalites, Don Drummond '67 - '72 and Various Trojan 'And This Is A Ska Explosion'. I'm currently trying to convert some old tapes to mp3 so whatch out for some old gems in the near future including a rare Ian Dury tape which I have never seen on cd.

http://rs109cg2.rapidshare.com/files/26221135/V_A_-_ATIASE.rar And This Is A Ska Explosion


http://rs117gc.rapidshare.com/files/26272477/TS_-_LS.part1.rar Skatlites Lucky Seven


http://www.sendspace.com/file/yz1t3z Madness - Ultimate Collection


lazy said...

You Want a tea?? Nice Blog this & a nice rant to.Thanks Lazy.


King AdBeck said...

Happy Birthday! Who needs a job, anyway? Skip the career and go straight to enjoying your retirement.

Be well,

TheUpsetter1969 said...

I'm okay with that we just have to convince the welfare state. Mind you I can retire ... so long as I can survive on £400 a year :)

ghost_of_telstar_ted said...

Err..Did I say congrats earlier???

oh dear!! sorry about that..

Nevermind .. must be happy with the daily grind - first and foremost I say...

hey Codge! at the very least you appear to have invented a surefire diet plan!! Get Marketing...

Alan Sugar?

upsetter more like



TheUpsetter1969 said...

I don't think I could be Alan Sugar, apart from not being able to sell cheap plasticky Amstrad crap I don't look like a gonad. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Upsetter, you generation terrorist you ! Haven't been in touch since your 3-titted dream (Tasha...Yah !) but I thought I check in. Great blog, makes me laugh (and not just when I'm supposed to methinks - schadenfruede I guess - apologies for spelling if incorrect). It seems to me you're wasted in that type of work anyway, more up your street ? ...a Lego games tester... lifestyle guru...bank manager! Or, seriously now, some kind of creative writing ? You have a way with words, maybe that's a direction to pursue ? Gareth

TheUpsetter1969 said...

Funny you should mention that as I'm having a go at creative writing at the moment. Also I would love to be a Lego games tester as I'm excited at the prospect of Lego Star Wars 3 that the bloke at the company hinted at when I emailed him. woo hoo.