20 Mar 2007

"Did you think that I'd return
emotions all I need to learn
now you're gonna feel the same
vice-a-versa love and pain
vice-a-versa love and pain."

You know even though I spend several hours a day looking for a decent job online I still get the feeling they don't believe me down the old rock and roll office. It's only a matter of time before they start shining the light in my face whilst saying "Ve do not beliff you. Tell us vy you still haf nicht job." Bloody hell I've got a 13 week interview in a back office in a couple of days time. I can see them filling a piece of rubber hose with pennies as we speak. It's not as if I haven't tried you know. I've grown accustomed to the glue on the envelopes I've licked that many.

I was put in a rather good mood lately by some news that although in itself isn't particularly funny or good in any real sense. It is however heart warming and reassuring that Karma is working and what my bearded toothlesss old hag of a landlord says is true, (which in itself is frightening), what goes around comes around. I won't say what the good news was as that would make me seem like a bitter old fuck, which although true, is not the image I wish to portray on this blog. I haven't enjoyed someone else's misfortune as much since the hilarious day when Frau Adolf Thatcher got booted out of office by her loyal and trusted
colleagues. Bwahahahaha!!!! I just wish that I had some cctv of the incident. People who know me will know what I'm on about and this is the reason for the comment and video at the top of the page. So now you know or rather don't. I mean I thought I was humiliated by a woman but.......
The more astute of you amongst my three readers will have noticed the brightly coloured links to the right hand side of the page. (It took me ages with crayons) These are most of my MySpace 'friends' minus the 'permanently on pmt drug addled shoplifter of some repute' who just was 'off' all the time. Still there's a nice selection there, I can recommend the ska bands.
Onto tonight's music, firstly we have The Mock Turtles 87-90 which seems to be some rarities and then we have The Exploited - The Massacre. I've recorded and upped the latest clip to the current Madness single 'Sorry' and to be honest I was a little disapointed there is little or no funny stuff. Also notable by thier absence are Chris and Lee. In an interview for my old old old fanzine back in the days when 'cut and paste' meant getting covered in glue and newsprint, Chris said that he and Lee used to come up with the funny stuff anyway. So maybe that is the reason? Finally I've spent ages transferring this video to avi and then uploading it, we have The Wedding Present *Punk. Full Track Listing in the comments.

http://www.sendspace.com/file/ncyrnq The Exploited - The Massacre
http://www.sendspace.com/file/j5y5cg The Mock Turtles - 87 - 90

http://www.sendspace.com/file/7j0dqd Madness Sorry video clip

http://www.sendspace.com/file/bbtx7w The Wedding Present

13 Mar 2007

"I've saved a little bit of money from Christmas gone, What with my Birthday nearly due, I'm dressing up as Guy in the shopping arcade, Have you a penny for a boy named blue ?"Well here I am still unemployed and still getting deeper and deeper into boredom. So far this week I've connected my PC up to the tv in an attempt to watch my video downloads on the big screen without burning them to disk. Only it didn't work as well as I had hoped, it shows all the applications on the screen just not the file itself. Shame. Then I added one too many Mods to my Blitzkrieg game and then it wouldn't work so I lost the game saves in the re install, if you need to picture this imagine Basil Fawlty when the car breaks down and add ex army sweary words and you'll be there. Still life ain't all bad, I just need it to pick up the pace alittle bit if that's okay with the dole gods? I've read three novels and begun to watch an interesting series on UKTV History about the post war period in Germany and how the allies dealt with the situation, poorly by all accounts, very interesting though I love all that Cold War stuff. I had a dream the other night where I was in the war and a V2 exploded in the night sky above my head then as I walked down a hill the steps were all colourful and shiny marble very vivid and then I was carrying a baby which I assume was either me or my son (yet to happen). Later in the dream I was in a room with three beds and my sis was in the left hand side bed and someone was trying to strangle me in the dark so I got the third person there to turn on the light the strangler turned out to be a child who turned into a doll. Then once I went back to sleep in real life I dreamt that I was in a Star Trek Next Generation episode Data had a bad Beatle wig on and the rest of the crew were stood in a row with the object of my desires and bitter disappointment (from real life) was there and Beverly Crusher had her shirt up asking everyone why she (Beverly) had three breasts? I awoke before I could assertain the reason. It's not as if I fancied Beverly Crusher, I don't like gingers, I was always a Tasha Yar man meself. If anyone's into dream interpretation then answers on a postcard....

After all that old bollocks here's the reposted Big Audio Dynamite Files 1 - 7 which have been requested a few times by people. Enjoy

4 Mar 2007

"Hey ho, let's go Hey ho, let's go They're forming in a straight line They're going through a tight one The kids are losing their minds The Blitzkrieg Bop."

Often I'm sat here on my pc playing my favourite game 'Blitzkrieg', (obviously when I'm not job hunting online of course), it's a real time strategy that will engross me for hours. Mind you after nearly four years of playing the game I've only just discovered that you can order the upgraded weapons yourself not just wait for them to turn up. I've been completing the game with some of my original scout cars, maybe I should read the manual? Mind you I had a epiphany the other day that I was wasting my life away pretending to be a panzer general (I'm saving up for the hat) unlike St.Paul on the road to Damascus though it was whilst my troops were on the outskirts of Bratislava and I realised that I had spent the time numbering the units into different regiments (ie Supply (4), Artillery(1), Armour(2), Infantry(0,9), Repair (7), Artillery resupply (3) and light and heavy anti aircraft (5 & 6) Anti Tank Guns (8) etc etc. (I even downloaded the mod to give them unit patches). It was at the point that I was about to regroup them into three self contained Kampf groups and renumber them Kgs 1, 5, & 9 (with new numbers for the artillery in each) that I realised I need a job or a hobby. I'd quite liked to have made that model of the Bismarck that they advertise on the TV at the moment. Although other than the fact that it would be four foot long when finished and I would have nowhere to store or display it when it's done. The two other main reasons I still wont be making it are A) It will take three years to complete and B) it will cost £690.00 and for that money I'd be able to have a nice week or two in the sun or (and I'm guessing here before you say anything) a fun time with a hooker for about a week. Possibly even 140 hand or 70 blow jobs. If the average magazine circulation is to go by (and I know because I unknowingly bought a stolen apple powerbook a few years ago with a load of data on it saying so) ahem, average circulation is around 35,000 this would make them £24,150,000 maybe the publishing company are trying to rebuild the Bismarck for real?
Anyway here's some more Ska and Reggae.
http://www.sendspace.com/file/fig60v Bigshot Greatest Hits (with Covers) Bournemouth's premier Ska Band (RIP)

http://www.sendspace.com/file/f83bsj Various Artists Skinhead Revolt

http://www.sendspace.com/file/xg8n2w Top Sounds From The Top Deck Vol 6

http://www.sendspace.com/file/d5kl4i Island Records Volume 5