19 Feb 2007

"Walking now, over covered ground. There is a chance if I move around,

I need a moment to reflect, on the friendships I have wrecked."

I'm beginning to think I may be pshycic. The other night I promised to keep my mate Lee informed by text message of Arsenal's score in the following saturday morning's FA Cup match. On my MySpace I said I hoped that they didn't score many as I was running out of credit on my phone. And Lo and Behold it was a dull match and 0-0 therefore saving my thumb from being overly taxed on those tiny little buttons. I did however tell him that "it was 0-0 and to look on the bright side as Norwich were four nil down and we hadn't even kicked off yet". Later on that day I saw the results and Norwich had indeed been unceremoniously dumped out in the afternoon and the score was 4-0. I'm just about to text someone I know about who is going to fuck my balls off just in case that comes true. More than likely not but there's always hope I suppose? Not much but some little, tiny even, spark of hope left in my shrivveled embittered old stony heart. Just waiting for someone to blow on the embers and fans the once roaring flame of emotion. (Ooh poetic) See what you're missing ladies? That and I have a very active tongue ;)

I now have 33 friends on mySpace (which some days I feel is 30 more than real life). Although I would have had more if I'd accept the loonies that try to join. I mean if I wanted to be friends with people in Nazi regalia or some old boiler who dresses up in an (Un) sexy manner ie stockings and suspenders bodice etc. I'm sure there are clubs for those type of wierdoes if I looked hard enough? What am I on about? It's called the houses of parliament.

Don't mind me I'm just grumpy because I've just had to spend the day emptying my internal and external hard drives of all the movies and mp3s that I've accumulated over the last three months. 400 gigs near enough I am so sick of writing on DVD-Rs.

Anyway here's tonight's post a live concert from The Style council called 'Far Out And Far East' which I ripped from vhs to dvd to avi which I like doing. I'll do the reposts I promised later in the week as I would've done them today as promised but...

http://www.sendspace.com/file/otzzfh Far Out And Far East - Style Council




http://www.sendspace.com/file/r0opvk (sorry missed the letter off the end)








Anonymous said...

bless your shrivveled embittered old stony heart for the style council post! not to be a whiner, but the No. 5 link seems to be buggered. any chance for a fix to complete the show? cheers ...

Anonymous said...

Please re-upload part number 5, thank´s

TheUpsetter1969 said...

Yup 'tis done. In fact I just accidentally missed the last letter off the thing when I cut and pasted the link sorry.

Anonymous said...

no worries. there it is. thanks again for the music (and the entertaining L7 story as well )...

harm job said...

thanks! and again thanks! we just love TSC around here, have always and will allways love TSC/theJam/Paul Weller. great .avi quality by he way! hope you'll have some more!
greetz Harm Job ('67)

El said...

Hooray for Style Council!

Thank you once again :)