22 Jan 2007

"What I tell is a different story, What I have, I take, then give it all away, So if you'd like to come this way,Then help me climb the walls that stand before me."

I'm taking a break from adding friends to MySpace to make myself seem more popular than I am. :)

As I look over my recent visitor map (that's right I can see where you all live mwahahahaha!!) I wonder at the glamourous locations that visit my humble drivvle ridden blog. Beijing, New York, Nice, Lisbon, Jamaica, Marseille, Singapore, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, Rome and Kettering ahh the mystical midlands of Britain. There was actually one off the coast of Africa too I wonder if that's someone on a ship or just a dolphin with a wap enabled phone? No that's just silly ... how would they use the tiny little keys on the phone.... They'd have to use a laptop. I wonder that there are that many people that have very little to do? (I'm one to talk I know). Actually I wonder if I'll ever get to escape this sceptered isle and visit these places or will they remain as far away as ever? I don't know why I'd want to go overseas what with the hundred mile an hour gusts of wind and driving rain lately. Why on earth would I want to walk up and down soft white sandy beaches and pick a mango of a tree take a bite and go "eugh I don't like mangoes". I don't suppose my life is as bad as it feels sometimes I would like it to improve somewhat if at all possible. A job would be nice this would stop me spending two or three hours of an evening playing Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (just won the league and cup double with Arsenal). Thierry Henry has scored 120 goals in a season. I may even record the best ones to avi and post them as a kind of match of the day-esque goal of the season. There's some crackers on there I can tell you and as I watched them in real life turn over Manchester United ('ray) the other night I kept thinking how like my goal they seemed. If iot were a Terry Gilliam film you'd pan back to reveal a larger than life me peering intently down on the Emirates Stadium biting my lip and swearing with a PS2 controller in my hand. I need to get out more.

Anyway here's tonights music from the Nutty Boys I've upped the single of It's Ok I'm A Policeman with covers and the 'Crunch' album with covers and videos for the two singles.

http://dl38l3.rapidshare.com/files/13209097/TNB-C.rar Crunch

http://dl49l32.rapidshare.com/files/13210236/TNB-IOIAPcds.rar Single

http://dl30cg.rapidshare.com/files/13212471/IT_SOK_1.rar mpeg clip

http://dl58cg2.rapidshare.com/files/13214940/MAGICC_1.MPG mpeg clip

http://dl1tl2.rapidshare.com/files/13229600/crunch_back.jpg Covers I forgot



Anonymous said...

hate to ask again, but i get the same error in firefox and explorer when trying to access these links...these ones shouldn't be dead already?

TheUpsetter1969 said...

Yep I've just checked on Rapidshare and they've gone so give me a moment. They'll be up soon with the other bits.

Anonymous said...

cheers! thanks so much...i'm excited!