7 Jan 2007

"But Jesus made me, so He should save me from pity, sympathy and idiots discussing me yes, I am a freak and nothing can make good of the bad that's been done"

As I sit here in the middle of the eleven and a half months of the British monsoon season with the rain streaking the window under leaden skies I'm trying to not be too down. After all there are people out there who enjoy my little blog and other people out there who like me as a person (the fools !!!! ;) ). So with this in mind I decide to put on as many of my favourite tracks that I have on my hard drive, at this point I'm listening to Otis Redding's 'Cupid'. It's working too the Black dog that's been following me around lately has become a small grey puppy or maybe even a light grey rabbit. I've just watched the latest 'My Name is Earl' episode from season 2 ep 12 (yes Lee I will stick them on a disk for you). It's the funniest ep yet and if you haven't come across this show then do yourself a favour and start from ep 1 season 1. It's been consisitently funny from then on. Not to mention one, of the most beeeeyyyooooootiful women on tv (Nadine Velasque ... Velazq ... Velashk ... Jamie Pressly). The Other day Norwich City decided to equal their club record of one win in a row by beating a team of players that would be back at work painting and decorating by monday. They stuffed the mighty Tamworth 4-1 and for a moment they looked like they would lose everything from the toss up onwards, but they rallied and actually scored. Several fans had to be treated for shock. I even enjoyed the evening match where Arsenal beat Liverpool 3-1, three excellent goals from Tomas Rosiscky (I don't know how it's fucking spelt leave me alone), and one from that Terry 'enry bloke which was pure sex on a stick as far as goals go. The only way yesterday could have been bettered was if I'd had sex with a woman who shall remain nameless (mainly as I can't make up my mind between fantasy figures). Mind you she's made up her mind not to whichever one I choose so bugger it. Soo I'll just have to take small blessings like the £9 I won on a lottery scratch card ... so that's £9 worth of Hob Nob cream biscuits and one bloated stomach later. Hold on there's a strange yellow bright object in the sky I can't remember what it is but I think I've seen it on telly. Daylight, oh your god, daylight. I thought it was nought but a myth told to us by the old folk but no 'tis true. oh no hang on it's gone again.Anyway enough nature related sarcasm. Time for me to cook dinner. See you after the stomach pumps.Phew! A very nice beef stew, vegetables and no casualties, another successful meal. Enjoy the music. We have a Supergrass album I Should Coco which I used to love and got on eBay a few weeks ago. Also some Big Audio Dynamite a compilation of the single radio edits. And I have put up an album by Brazialian band CSS or Cansei De Sexy Sexy apparently it means tired of being sexy I know exactly how they feel. Lastly I've put up an album which I keep listening to at the moment by Amy Winehouse I know she may look like a unkempt tattoed horse but it really is a good album. Seeing as you've been good I'll up a two tone compilation which seems to be just about every single from the label, see I'm good to you aren't I?

http://dl35cg2.rapidshare.com/files/10517019/S-ISC.rar Supergrass

http://dl50tl.rapidshare.com/files/11117316/BAD-LFAS-TRE.part1.rar B.A.D


http://dl51tl2.rapidshare.com/files/11121157/CSS_-_Cansei_de_Ser_Sexy.rar CSS

http://dl50tl.rapidshare.com/files/11124373/RS-BTHrar.rar Regina Spektor

http://dl66cg.rapidshare.com/files/11129938/VA-2TACP.part1.rar 2-Tone





Anonymous said...

Great blog, I visit often, but the Amy link's missing :-(

TheUpsetter1969 said...

D'oh! Will put it up today sorry.

LInkWray said...

Thanks for the blog, very good.
Please, what is the name of this compilation of 2Tone (http://dl66cg.rapidshare.com/files/11129938/VA-2TACP)?

TheUpsetter1969 said...
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TheUpsetter1969 said...

Two Tone A Checkered History.

OK Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Good to see that that dog has been brought down to size. Great post as always and thanks for the music. I don't want to philosophise - hey, you've got your own on-site hippy for that - but one of the things I've discovered in my 40-odd year sojurn on this planet is that when one door closes, another one opens. Mind you, I do seem to groping for the handle a bit at the moment (for further awful details see my blog at http://20degreesofflap.blogspot.com/).

Chin up mate,

LinkWray said...

Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Could you possibly repost the Big Audio Dynamite singles collection you posted in January? Rapidshare killed it apparently. Thanks,man - great blog!

TheUpsetter1969 said...

Yep, No problem. BAD to be re upped shortly.