26 Jan 2007

"You said to me now wipe you eyes relax your hand and come inside, lift back your head and swallow your pride don't be ashamed, in me confide."

I have a sad duty to perform. I have to tell you of the sudden demise of my cactii (pictured above). I suspect foul play ... or possibly foul breath. Despite the note illustrated my part hippy part hobgoblin landlord would insist on talking to them and with his penchant for the disgusting taste/odour of either cheese and onion or tuna mayonnaise sandwiches it wouldn't have been pretty. I mean it could have been my over watering them or maybe even the wallpaper I suppose I mean that pattern kills me. I'll get another plant in time but it's just too soon at the moment you know? Maybe I'll get something that wont end up with me having to remove tiny little barbs from my hands for a week everytime I repot it. There are enough little pricks in my life (see previous posts).

I've been getting a few interview dates too at the moment so I must have filled in some forms correctly at least. I can't wait to get off the old rock and roll. I really hate the way I get the Gestapo treatment from them when it's patently obvious that I'm looking for work and have the proof. Yet all these Vicky Pollard types and spotty faced, tracksuit wearing, criminal record owning (so much for being less judgemental in 2007) scum who just slouch up to the desk and scrawl thier names on the bit of paper saying "Gimme munny". The whole world's against me. Please let me get the job. Although it will mean I'll have to start recording the Hill Street Blues reruns. I'll also have to stop playing Metal slug 3 on my PS2 which is annoying. I've been joined by more famous people on MySpace and I've decorated too. The posts are always different to this one as well, so if for some reason like you have nothing better to do then pop along and have a look. Nice to see that I've made over 100,000 hits to this blog (it must be the free music) and lots more countries that I'll never get to visit too. And too think I was chuffed to fuck when I got a couple of hundred hits.

Today's posts are reposts of Madness' Nutty Sounds compilations of all the twelve inch and unreleased tracks from Madness and related bands. Also I've upped a Trojan Box set (in memoriam for LSBee Blog) X-rated Reggae. Interestingly it was a Xmas present from my mate Jimmy for saying thanks for all the hard work I did on the night shift (if only he knew ;) ) I've never actually listened to it as I have too much stuff and too little time. (According to my computer I have had at least 44,000 mp3 tracks on my pc at one time or another). Maybe now I've ripped it I'll actually get around to putting it on iTunes?Enjoy
http://dl19l33.rapidshare.com/files/14756049/M-TNSVol1.rar Nutty Vol 1

http://www.sendspace.com/file/r2v3xc alternate vol 1

http://dl58l3.rapidshare.com/files/14767397/M-TNSVol2.rar Nutty Vol 2

http://www.sendspace.com/file/wqaa7e alternate vol 2

http://www.sendspace.com/file/x1nca4 Nutty Volume Vol 3

http://www.sendspace.com/file/bpfife alternate 3

http://www.sendspace.com/file/coc6gi Nutty Volume 4

http://www.sendspace.com/file/6t8zyr alternate 4

http://www.sendspace.com/file/67ggzh X Rated box Set

http://www.sendspace.com/file/lsw8zo X Rated pt.2

"In the days of my youth, I was told what it means to be a man, Now I've reached that age I've tried to do all those things the best I can. No matter how I try, I find my way into the same old jam." Well here we are another St. Valentine's day almost upon us. Oohh another reason for us lonely people to be depressed, thanks whoever invented this holiday may you die horribly with maggots eating your brain. I dunno something tells me that I'm going to get even less than zero cards this year. Not that I'd give a crap really I'm staying single as I've given up believing in a love for everyone. I don't think it exsists it's just the raging hormones doing a little dance in your groin. After all passion never lasts anyway then you are stuck with some old trout. I heard a quote the other day that a relationship is like a bath, once you get into it it's not as hot. Maybe one day I'll look back and say "Do you know dear I was a bitter and twisted old curmugeon. Now call the twins in to do ther homework." I doubt it but you never know stranger things happen at sea as they say. I may be a little bitter and twisted (thanks for pointing this out in the comments 'Pinto' :) ), but I'm a little pissed off that the retard is still sending me annoying phonecalls at stupid times of the day. It's a bit of a dangerous game to play really pissing me off. As some of my schoolfriends will testify I'm 'Bruce Banner' most of the time but push me too far and it really will be "Hulk Smash!" and fuck the kwincykwonces. Hell it'd be a first offence which ain't bad after all this time.

Anyway I had an interview the other day with a very attractive lady, who failed to be swayed by my jedi mindtricks, pattern forming?) It was your typical little market town in the country. Second on the left by the kid in the dungarees and red baseball cap twanging a banjo. But they seemed interested in getting me into work (more so than me I'm beginning to get into these reruns of Hill Street Blues). Still a job is a job is a job even if it is trying to fleece old people out of there money for insurance (allegedly). Still I'll send out a few emails and cv's over the weekend and see if there's a job going that'll mean I can keep my morals intact.

I've added a link on the side (the one in red) for those of you who don't have English as a mother tongue. It was a bit wierd seeing my site in French it almost made me seem clever. I may use it to translate it into english. All you have to do is either cut and paste some text or the web address and paste it into the relevent boxes in the link. It won't help with spelling mishtonks though.

Tonight's posts are a live video from The Nutty Boys at the Imperial College London. This is a transfer from vhs and someone else did it I just ripped it. Then I've put up the 5 disk boxset from the Style Council which I found on a torrent site and thought I'd share with you. Then also from a torrent site someone went to all the trouble of finding all the tunes used in the excellent series 'My Name Is Earl'. As there are lots of tracks I'll post the track listing in the comments.

Enjoy the music and sorry for the delay in posting (black dog came back for a while but was only the size of a labrador not the great dane it usually is).

The Crunch Video Repost
http://www.sendspace.com/file/lc07k6 pt.1
http://www.sendspace.com/file/5yerd2 pt.2
http://www.sendspace.com/file/cdm24p pt.3
http://www.sendspace.com/file/nbwk66 pt.4
http://www.sendspace.com/file/t0rmyr pt.5

http://www.sendspace.com/file/t3bcu9 pt.6
http://www.sendspace.com/file/tdk0kl pt.7
http://www.sendspace.com/file/18s6f8 pt.8
http://www.sendspace.com/file/i2cihz pt.9
The Style Council repost
http://www.sendspace.com/file/3bf0z8 pt.1
http://www.sendspace.com/file/gcx827 pt.2 RE-reposted :)
http://www.sendspace.com/file/v3sy9y pt.3
http://www.sendspace.com/file/mkj8to pt.4
Alternate links
http://www.sendspace.com/file/y2lqg5 pt.1

http://www.sendspace.com/file/lp8poy pt.2
http://www.sendspace.com/file/hwza5c pt.3
http://www.sendspace.com/file/sj0nhx pt.4
http://dl69tl.rapidshare.com/files/13866606/My_name_is_earl_-_OST.part1.rar http://dl69l32.rapidshare.com/files/13911342/My_name_is_earl_-_OST.part2.rar

22 Jan 2007

"What I tell is a different story, What I have, I take, then give it all away, So if you'd like to come this way,Then help me climb the walls that stand before me."

I'm taking a break from adding friends to MySpace to make myself seem more popular than I am. :)

As I look over my recent visitor map (that's right I can see where you all live mwahahahaha!!) I wonder at the glamourous locations that visit my humble drivvle ridden blog. Beijing, New York, Nice, Lisbon, Jamaica, Marseille, Singapore, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, Rome and Kettering ahh the mystical midlands of Britain. There was actually one off the coast of Africa too I wonder if that's someone on a ship or just a dolphin with a wap enabled phone? No that's just silly ... how would they use the tiny little keys on the phone.... They'd have to use a laptop. I wonder that there are that many people that have very little to do? (I'm one to talk I know). Actually I wonder if I'll ever get to escape this sceptered isle and visit these places or will they remain as far away as ever? I don't know why I'd want to go overseas what with the hundred mile an hour gusts of wind and driving rain lately. Why on earth would I want to walk up and down soft white sandy beaches and pick a mango of a tree take a bite and go "eugh I don't like mangoes". I don't suppose my life is as bad as it feels sometimes I would like it to improve somewhat if at all possible. A job would be nice this would stop me spending two or three hours of an evening playing Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (just won the league and cup double with Arsenal). Thierry Henry has scored 120 goals in a season. I may even record the best ones to avi and post them as a kind of match of the day-esque goal of the season. There's some crackers on there I can tell you and as I watched them in real life turn over Manchester United ('ray) the other night I kept thinking how like my goal they seemed. If iot were a Terry Gilliam film you'd pan back to reveal a larger than life me peering intently down on the Emirates Stadium biting my lip and swearing with a PS2 controller in my hand. I need to get out more.

Anyway here's tonights music from the Nutty Boys I've upped the single of It's Ok I'm A Policeman with covers and the 'Crunch' album with covers and videos for the two singles.

http://dl38l3.rapidshare.com/files/13209097/TNB-C.rar Crunch

http://dl49l32.rapidshare.com/files/13210236/TNB-IOIAPcds.rar Single

http://dl30cg.rapidshare.com/files/13212471/IT_SOK_1.rar mpeg clip

http://dl58cg2.rapidshare.com/files/13214940/MAGICC_1.MPG mpeg clip

http://dl1tl2.rapidshare.com/files/13229600/crunch_back.jpg Covers I forgot


15 Jan 2007

"I'm enlisting, overseas aid need assisting, help with a maid get the expert, on mademoiselles he could diffuse, any bombshell If I could only be tough like him then I could win my own, small, battle of the sexes."

Barry "Shouty Fucker" Scott

The downside to being unemployed is the fact that all the daytime telly is just so dire. As if tv execs feel that you haven't quite been punished enough for not being a contributing member of society. So far I've assaulted with adverts telling me to release the equity in my home so that I might enjoy my retirement a little more. So much so in fact that I become a grinning middle class lunatic who buys random large teddy bears for equally mentalist children. Either that or I could ring some other company to be resced from a desert island by a yatch.So far I have been spared the annoyance of "HI I'M BARRY SCOTT!!!!!!" Mr shouty who the fuck is BARRY SCOTT? Why should I care? I don't want Cilit Bang anyway. The way he bursts onto the screen to inform us he's arrived to sell us his miraculous cleaning chemicals shouting his name makes us wonder if we've been missing out on some wondrous program starring Mr Scott, who I suspect is a made up person. Besides I only use eco friendly stuff in my household chores not some batch of industrial strength chemical gloop that takes your skin off, call me picky.

Over on MySpace I've been added to the lists of some of my favourite celebs me friend to the stars (or at the very least the stars' website guys). I say celebs but none of them have appeared in the big brother house so they aren't celebs as such but rather 'talented individuals' as far as I'm concerned especially Winona Ryder as far as any other actress goes well there are no other actresses. Apart from maybe Heather Graham..... And Jamie Pressly but none are called Winona so there you go.

I've recently taken delivery of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 and have been stuffing loads of goals in. Most of them it must be said have been from the Gary Lineker distances but just lately they've been screaming in from outside the box ala my goals on Sensible Soccer on which I cut my console football teeth many years ago. Terry Henry has scored so many times he now plays in open toed sandals. You may be sat there saying don't play PES6 soccer games go out and get a job you lazy arse. Well bollocks, besides I can go online nowadays so I don't have to get wet in the horrible weather we have lately. Besides my landlord keeps bringing up the odd cup of tea so I got it made. I'm yet to have any of those 'Unfortunately' letters, you know? The ones that say Dear Mr .... Thank you for applying for the position unfortunately. I think they should just send a little card with the word 'Unfortunately' on it. It would save ink in this eco friendly age of ours and no one would have to wring out an octopus.

Tonght's posts (would have been 'Today's post' but for Pro Evo 6 ... ahem!) The avi documentary on Two Tone Britain. It's about an hour long and I think I may have posted it before but there you go. Also I've put up The Amy Winehouse album I forgot the other day and The Style Council in Concert. More soon ... providing I can put down the PS2 controller long enough ;)

http://dl51l3.rapidshare.com/files/11387289/AW-BTB.rar Amy Winehouse

http://dl33tl.rapidshare.com/files/11393063/two_tone_britain.part1.rar Two Tone Britain





http://dl53cg2.rapidshare.com/files/11569039/TSC-IC.part1.rar The Style Council


7 Jan 2007

"But Jesus made me, so He should save me from pity, sympathy and idiots discussing me yes, I am a freak and nothing can make good of the bad that's been done"

As I sit here in the middle of the eleven and a half months of the British monsoon season with the rain streaking the window under leaden skies I'm trying to not be too down. After all there are people out there who enjoy my little blog and other people out there who like me as a person (the fools !!!! ;) ). So with this in mind I decide to put on as many of my favourite tracks that I have on my hard drive, at this point I'm listening to Otis Redding's 'Cupid'. It's working too the Black dog that's been following me around lately has become a small grey puppy or maybe even a light grey rabbit. I've just watched the latest 'My Name is Earl' episode from season 2 ep 12 (yes Lee I will stick them on a disk for you). It's the funniest ep yet and if you haven't come across this show then do yourself a favour and start from ep 1 season 1. It's been consisitently funny from then on. Not to mention one, of the most beeeeyyyooooootiful women on tv (Nadine Velasque ... Velazq ... Velashk ... Jamie Pressly). The Other day Norwich City decided to equal their club record of one win in a row by beating a team of players that would be back at work painting and decorating by monday. They stuffed the mighty Tamworth 4-1 and for a moment they looked like they would lose everything from the toss up onwards, but they rallied and actually scored. Several fans had to be treated for shock. I even enjoyed the evening match where Arsenal beat Liverpool 3-1, three excellent goals from Tomas Rosiscky (I don't know how it's fucking spelt leave me alone), and one from that Terry 'enry bloke which was pure sex on a stick as far as goals go. The only way yesterday could have been bettered was if I'd had sex with a woman who shall remain nameless (mainly as I can't make up my mind between fantasy figures). Mind you she's made up her mind not to whichever one I choose so bugger it. Soo I'll just have to take small blessings like the £9 I won on a lottery scratch card ... so that's £9 worth of Hob Nob cream biscuits and one bloated stomach later. Hold on there's a strange yellow bright object in the sky I can't remember what it is but I think I've seen it on telly. Daylight, oh your god, daylight. I thought it was nought but a myth told to us by the old folk but no 'tis true. oh no hang on it's gone again.Anyway enough nature related sarcasm. Time for me to cook dinner. See you after the stomach pumps.Phew! A very nice beef stew, vegetables and no casualties, another successful meal. Enjoy the music. We have a Supergrass album I Should Coco which I used to love and got on eBay a few weeks ago. Also some Big Audio Dynamite a compilation of the single radio edits. And I have put up an album by Brazialian band CSS or Cansei De Sexy Sexy apparently it means tired of being sexy I know exactly how they feel. Lastly I've put up an album which I keep listening to at the moment by Amy Winehouse I know she may look like a unkempt tattoed horse but it really is a good album. Seeing as you've been good I'll up a two tone compilation which seems to be just about every single from the label, see I'm good to you aren't I?

http://dl35cg2.rapidshare.com/files/10517019/S-ISC.rar Supergrass

http://dl50tl.rapidshare.com/files/11117316/BAD-LFAS-TRE.part1.rar B.A.D


http://dl51tl2.rapidshare.com/files/11121157/CSS_-_Cansei_de_Ser_Sexy.rar CSS

http://dl50tl.rapidshare.com/files/11124373/RS-BTHrar.rar Regina Spektor

http://dl66cg.rapidshare.com/files/11129938/VA-2TACP.part1.rar 2-Tone




4 Jan 2007

"Don't talk to me about love (yesterdays shatter, tomorrows don't matter)
Don't talk to me about love (yesterdays shatter, tomorrows don't matter)."

"And Lo! It Is Written In The Book Of Cyrill"
I had a bit of an epiphany. For months I had been in the doldrums as if I had been forced to return to live in Norfolk permanently. (see previous 'miserable bastard' posts). As I sat watching the Life of Brian and even though I knew every single line from the movie from nearly thirty years of watching it. A miracle happened the clouds parted from my being and I pissed myself (not literally) laughing. Blessed be to the followers of Brian of Nazareth for unto he is born again a comedian. Yes I am a born again piss taker so let's see if I can't get evengelical and start bashing tambourines and singing praise unto the Pythons. Or at the very least start writing funny and less twitter and bisted posts.
Although people do seem to like my vitriol... Oh well let's see what happens. Anywho whilst looking down on the unemployed in the bath the other day I was beginning to wonder if the whole world is just totally insane? I don't like to get political because it's a slippery slope to being a zealot. I used to be a staunch socialist and a labour man through and through but Mr Blair put paid to that. I then considered the Liberals but they soon showed thier true colours and were just as biased and self serving as the rest of them. There are only the BNP, Conservatives and the UK Independence party and there's not much to choose between them as they are all Nazi Lite in my opinion. I would no more condone cutting off my bollocks with a rusty pair of scissors than vote for any of them. So what am I left with? The Greens I'm all for recycling and environmental issues but really everyone else would vote for the usual twats so therefore my vote would be wasted. I do go along with Billy Connolly who said "The very thing that makes people want to be politicians should be the very thing that excludes them from being politicians". I mean if one of the middle ground parties got in would they be any different to the others? Would they build hospitals and schools and maybe give grants and scholarships to kids from impoverished backgrounds for university places or would they declare unjust wars and bomb women and children in a foriegn land? There's no such thing as a smart bomb when it's in the hands of a dumb person. Why moan about crime at home if you are going to spend several thousand pounds on a bomb to kill someone I've never met but would probably like rather than stop shutting carehomes and youth centres then moan when the listless bored kids have nothing to do but roam the streets or drink or engage in petty vandalism?
I think we need some heroes, my landlord (the bearded toothless hag) is in his fifites and in his generation the heroes were people who climbed mountains, discovered this and that, who thought up solutions to problems. People who wrote amazing literature or wrote fantastic music of all genres. Even in my generation, for those of us concieved because there were only three tv channels and cheap booze, there were people to admire and aspire to be. Some excellent footballers or astronauts or brilliant actors, writers, musicians. Unfortunately my Nephew and Niece are going to grow up in a world where all you have to do to be famous is live in a house with some other losers for ten weeks or be an hieress and film yourself having sex and 'accidentally' release it on the interweb. We are living in a world where it pays to be stupid or at the very least appear to be stupid. Want proof? Look to Pennsylvania Avenue Washington DC. Recent presidential history reads like a porn film storyboard (Dick, Cunt, pussy, Wrinkled scrotum, Bush, Dick, Bush) although we are no better but we feature more cunts and arseholes. Now we have a retard with his finger on the button, as if it wasn't bad enough with senile old duffer Reagan. At least if he decided to bomb the reds the CIA guys could always just block his way to the button with Nancy's giant sized head. And before I get abusive comments I have nothing against anyone from any nation or racial or religious background just the people runnig those countries no matter who they are they are all dicks. I think the whole world should be one big hippy commune only with less hairy legged women and more deodorant. (I bet even with all that love in the air I still wouldn't get a shag).
sigh! Oh well that's that lot out of my system. I don't usually get political but what can I say? Let's have a revolution storm the bastille etc. Shoot everyone who I don't like (starting with some of my ex colleagues) and working our way to 10 Downing Street via Oasis' houses and onto the White House, Korea, Russia, China ... fuck it let's get them all. Although seeing how Sweden gave us Ikea, Volvo Abba and Ulrika Jonson we'll exempt them ... and Winona Ryder's parent's would be praised beyond belief for giving unto the world the glory that is she.
Hmmmm re reading that post it seems I was less like a born again follower of Brian and more Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction.

Here as an apology for my tourettes/primal scream therapy is the vhs to dvd to avi conversion of the Madstock concert from August 92 I was there (underfoot and upside down for the most part). Enjoy even though it does weigh in at 1.03Gb but it's worth it.

http://dl5cg2.rapidshare.com/files/10170747/M-M08-08-92.part01.rar Madstock