1 Oct 2006

This was originally supposed to be posted last week but the wonderful world of MikroZoft Windoze Ecks Pee decided otherwise sorry for the delay Upsetter fans ;)

"Willst du, bis der Tod euch scheidet, Treu ihr sein für alle Tage? Nein!Nein!"

You could tell it was pay day by the fact that I snatched my money from the ATM before the bank manager realised what was going on and tried to stop me. I belted to the bus stop with cash in hand like a smack addict with the fruits of some old lady's purse he'd just done over and realising it was half day closing at his dealer's. I trundled off to my favourite shops (records and comics) I smelt and touched the vinyl found several that I wanted and vowed to be back when I had more money. I used to be the sort of person who had inane conversations in record shops until I read Nick Hornby's High Fidelity which featured large amounts of text devoted to sad fucks with no life standing around in a record shop having inane conversations. So anyway there I was having this conversation in the record shop about how great vinyl is and it's much better analizing every facet of an album cover than it is to squint over every minute detail of a cd case and vinyl will rise again etc etc. When some old man walks past the shop doorway (open despite the rain) and does this enormous arse ripping rattle of a fart and we all stop talking to see where the noise is coming from (perhaps it was a motorbike? Maybe even a chainsaw?) The man just looked back as if nothing had happened I don't think he realised he'd been heard as he was wearing a hearing aid. Now me I'm the complete opposite if I have the walkman in and a ffffrap! noise is felt escaping I look about to see if anyone is looking back, (my favourite is the SBD (Silent But Deadly), then when it's released walk away looking disgusted at someone else as if it were them. My father used to do this to my mother in crowded shops in Norfolk and this always reminds me of Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners as it was playing over the tannoy at the time. This would explain why at the Madstock gig in 1992 I was laughing like a pothead watching Cheech & Chong whilst everyone sang along. Or I'm just mental.Today was a bit rough in the fact that I should learn not to go out on pension day as the high street was chockablock with old people just shuffling their way about in all directions and at differing speeds going hither and tither bumping into me and just generally pissing me off. It was as if George A Romero had discovered how to make Piss-o-vison movies and dressed his Zombies in heavy woollen coats from the 1960's "The Day Of The Nearly Dead, certificate 18 coming to a cinema near you now with added wee."Also whilst I was out I went past one of those Greasy spoon cafe where the walls have this patina of lung butter yellow from years of smoke and kitchen grease. Always seem to be full of people who burn effigies of Jamie Oliver and read the Daily Star, fat with tattoos and a fag hanging over the plate (and the men look rough too). Now I've known a few veggies in my time and if they want to do that it's fine I'm just of the opinion that if we were meant to be vegetarian they wouldn't make bacon sandwiches taste so nice. Anyway the faded and yellowed photo in the window with the 'Veggie breakfast' had eggs on it I thought they weren't vegetables? I know vegans don't eat anything from or of an animal (or as my landlord described them Food Nazis).. Mind you this was also at the place that had a sign that read "Early Bird breakfasts - Served til late." So no candidates for MENSA there then? I've just bought a new tv card for my PC so expect some more video rips in the next few weeks. Also you may have noticed the addition of a couple of new bookmarks over there to the right of the picture? These are Rapidshare folders which will contain the things I don't want to put on the main page like comics and pronography. Incidentally I posted the Paris Hilton 'Home Movie' on a German site that popped up on a pop up the other day and there are now 252 German teenage boys with slightly worse eyesight than they had last week because of me. But at least I gained several hundred more Rapidshare points in the process. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to buy shares in Specsavers and Kleenex.
Tonight's post is Cruel Britannia by the Selecter and The Style Council Collection Enjoy the music.

http://rapidshare.de/files/35892621/SC-TC.rar Style Council


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