10 Oct 2006

"I thought you'd listen to my reasoning, but now I see you don't hear a thing. Tried to make you see how it's got to be."

If there really was a God of any sort of description then I'd be either going steady with 'The Knees' (see previous posts for details) or sleeping with Melanie Sykes. Also Russel Brand, Chris Moyles and that annoying twat Justin Lee Roberts (The beardy loud west country one off the tv) would have fallen off a cliff and John Peel would still be gracing our airwaves with music you love and music you hate. Can it really have been have been 2 years since Mr Peel died? I remember being shocked when I first heard the news and more moved than I had been for many other celebrities dying. I found that along with a great dj there was a large hole left in British broadcasting that has not and possibly never will be filled. It wasn't just a case of his talent for providing this country with music because besides his earlier career in the States and on Pirate radio in the 60's he also made shows for most of northern Europe.
Tonight I've uploaded several shows from a wide period of his Radio one career to show the breadth of his musical tastes. It's a mark of the man that his wide musical spectrum and rambling, often mumbly style was loved the world over. At one point I had a friend in the South of France (Bonjour Raymone Ma petite fleur) and a friend in Mexico city (Hola Yara Como estas?) all listening to Peel and discussing the show as it went out. It was mind boggling for an old fella like me to try and fathom the distances involved and quite frankly I nearly fell out of my chair doing so. I was lucky enough to be mentioned on air by Mr Peel and have them in my mp3 collection, even at one point suggesting a band he'd not played and he kicked his box under the desk saying thay they may well be in there he just didn't have the time to find out yet and seeing his office on documentary once or twice I'm not suprised in the least that he couldn't get around to listening to it all. Even if I wasn't mentioned on air a couple of times either he or his assistant would take the time to answer a query I had about tracks played. I remember often that he'd get a request for a specific track and he'd send the Pig (his wife Sheila) out to the garage or shed or what ever it was at Peel Acres to get the desired track regardless of the disruption to the running order. It was this warmth and general niceness that endeared him to so many I feel. I couldn't make up my mind as to which Peel related tracks or albums or Peel sessions to upload so I opted for some shows instead at least that way you get more for your money some of the shows are two hours long and contain fantastic music. Hope you enjoy the music and the remember a great DJ.

Happy Peel Day from Me here at Upsetter Towers.










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