7 Oct 2006

"Hey you with the pretty face, Welcome to the human race A celebration Mr. Blue Sky's Up there waitin' and today Is the day we've waited for."

You know I think the world's against me I really do. I've got this regular place that I stand at my busstop to come home. Before I went away on my week off the poster on the side I stood said "If your waistline is bigger than this you are in danger of diabetes". I know that I'm a bit of a bloater so I don't really need any reminding athankyew. Now it's for the film 'The Devil wears Prada' so now it just reads 'The Devil' and then my 'formerly fat and newly demonic arse stood there. What's next? A poster for preparation H? A Syphyllus clinic? Vote CONservative? The whole world's against me.
Oh well another few weeks and I'll be debt free for the first time in 16 years so I suppose it's all yin and yang really? Maybe I should do bad things? You know like an anti-Earl Hickey? I've already told some old git that the electric lightbulbs are around the back of my department next to the gas and water lightbulbs. I must stop morphing into Basil Fawlty. But you know if the busstops are against you what chance do you have in life? Anyway my theory (by Anne Elk) is already bearing fruit as no sooner had that happened I got called to the security office as they were divvying up the unclaimed lost property, (hence the Nirvana album 'In Utero' being posted.) It was either that or a couple of boxes of Strepsils and a box of pile cream.
Tonight's post is going to be a biggy due to the fact that I've been offline for a while due to computer problems (Fecking reinstalling windows mumble grumble) and the video card has gone back as it's a gyp. Bloody thing doesn't work on either mine or my mate's PC so I'll get the money back and go and spend the £60 down the local record emporium. Job's a good 'un.
Anyway here's the music for tonight a compilation that I've found that used to be permanently in the car radio when we were all young dumb and full of cum. This Is Ska one of the finest compilations to ever come out of Telstar records. It was a toss up between this one and the next album in tonight's post as to which one would get played on the way to some Norfolk pub or other. Mainly in Simon's Ford Fiesta Mk1 1.1L with one and a half cylinders out of four working (still managed a ton down the 4 mile long road along the side of RAF Coltishall) or Gavin's latest shitmobile. Ah them were the days. Anyway you enjoy the music.

http://rapidshare.de/files/35884742/VA_-_This_Is_Ska.part1.rar This Is Ska


http://rapidshare.de/files/35893766/TNB-C.rar The Nutty Boys

http://rapidshare.de/files/35983909/N-IU.rar Nirvana


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back on the air. And just to confirm, was your theory by An elk, or Anne?

TheUpsetter1969 said...

No that's Anne Elk. That's A.N.N.E not An (A.N.) Elk.

Anonymous said...

Great sketch that one. Hey, do you know if Madness have ever put together a collection of their 12 inch singles on CD? That'd be nice I reckon.
Do you happen to have Introducing by the Style Council?

TheUpsetter1969 said...

Yes Madness did ... well the Madness fans did anyway I have it. Nutty Sounds volumes 1-4 if the links are dead then let me know as I'm planning a reposts folder to be put over by the links.
No on the style Council but I will try and find it.