28 Sep 2006

100th Post WOO and indeed HOO!

"Magically bored On a quiet street corner Free frustrationI n our minds and our toes Quiet stormwater M-m-my generation Uppers and downers Either way blood flows."

Well here we are then, post number 100. One hundred posts of extremely ill informed opinions but great music nonetheless. I think that around 65,000 visits speaks for itself though, that there are 65,000 just as insane people as I am is what that says I suppose? ;) I think that I have surpassed myself this time though ... hold on I'll clear it up. Tsk surpass everywhere. Anyway for this one I decided to do something special as it's quite a bit of a milestone I feel. So I found a free copy of a dvd to avi ripper with a serail number and put it to good use. (These torrent sites are great I don't know why no one who resembles Charlie Dimmock has mentioned them to me before (ahem!) So that's what I've done, I think. I've uploaded the film Dance Craze as a start. It weighs in at 815MB and was originally transfered from VHS so it isn't DVD quality but it is still worth having as it hasn't been available in the Uk on either VHS since 1988 or DVD ever which is a shame considering the feeling for Two Tone still. Maybe the record companies that decide all these sort of things will pull thier collective fingers out?
Also I've upped The Housemartins' Hits videos as I know that there's a couple or three Housemartins fans out there. This goes with the 'Best of' that I posted a while back (If you need a repost let me know), there's eight tracks there and It lasts for half an hour. I believe that it was originally The video to accompany the 'Now That's What I call Quite Good' compilation from the 1980's if memory serves me well, which it doesn't always do nowadays. They were one of those bands that burned twice as bright for only half as long. I would like to know of a copy of the 'London 0 Hull 4 And as you dear reader are so nice and kind with the comments I've upped the latest BBC release from The Housemartins it features all the session tracks plus some of the two concerts they did, one of which is the Nottingham gig I posted a few weeks ago.
Also as I'm in a good mood due to my holiday and lack of cuntstomers (although I did dream about being sarcastic to a cuntstomer last night). Sarcastic? ... Me? As If. Anyway I'll up the Inspiral Carpets' Greatest Hits mp3 for you too.

http://rapidshare.de/files/34751949/Dance_Craze.txt Dance Craze (AVI)

http://rapidshare.de/files/34753538/Housemartins.txt Housemartins (AVI)

http://rapidshare.de/files/34758543/IC-GH.part1.rar Inspiral Carpets Hits (Mp3)


http://rapidshare.de/files/34764421/TH-LATBBC.part1.rar The Housemartins BBC (Mp3)


Hope you enjoy these ups


Anonymous said...

Happy 100 - and cheers for the Housemartins

TheUpsetter1969 said...

No problem and thanks for the best wishes, to be honest I feel a hundred years old today but hey what the hell I'll pull myself out of it. ;)