28 Sep 2006

100th Post WOO and indeed HOO!

"Magically bored On a quiet street corner Free frustrationI n our minds and our toes Quiet stormwater M-m-my generation Uppers and downers Either way blood flows."

Well here we are then, post number 100. One hundred posts of extremely ill informed opinions but great music nonetheless. I think that around 65,000 visits speaks for itself though, that there are 65,000 just as insane people as I am is what that says I suppose? ;) I think that I have surpassed myself this time though ... hold on I'll clear it up. Tsk surpass everywhere. Anyway for this one I decided to do something special as it's quite a bit of a milestone I feel. So I found a free copy of a dvd to avi ripper with a serail number and put it to good use. (These torrent sites are great I don't know why no one who resembles Charlie Dimmock has mentioned them to me before (ahem!) So that's what I've done, I think. I've uploaded the film Dance Craze as a start. It weighs in at 815MB and was originally transfered from VHS so it isn't DVD quality but it is still worth having as it hasn't been available in the Uk on either VHS since 1988 or DVD ever which is a shame considering the feeling for Two Tone still. Maybe the record companies that decide all these sort of things will pull thier collective fingers out?
Also I've upped The Housemartins' Hits videos as I know that there's a couple or three Housemartins fans out there. This goes with the 'Best of' that I posted a while back (If you need a repost let me know), there's eight tracks there and It lasts for half an hour. I believe that it was originally The video to accompany the 'Now That's What I call Quite Good' compilation from the 1980's if memory serves me well, which it doesn't always do nowadays. They were one of those bands that burned twice as bright for only half as long. I would like to know of a copy of the 'London 0 Hull 4 And as you dear reader are so nice and kind with the comments I've upped the latest BBC release from The Housemartins it features all the session tracks plus some of the two concerts they did, one of which is the Nottingham gig I posted a few weeks ago.
Also as I'm in a good mood due to my holiday and lack of cuntstomers (although I did dream about being sarcastic to a cuntstomer last night). Sarcastic? ... Me? As If. Anyway I'll up the Inspiral Carpets' Greatest Hits mp3 for you too.

http://rapidshare.de/files/34751949/Dance_Craze.txt Dance Craze (AVI)

http://rapidshare.de/files/34753538/Housemartins.txt Housemartins (AVI)

http://rapidshare.de/files/34758543/IC-GH.part1.rar Inspiral Carpets Hits (Mp3)


http://rapidshare.de/files/34764421/TH-LATBBC.part1.rar The Housemartins BBC (Mp3)


Hope you enjoy these ups

22 Sep 2006

I'm on holiday so F*ck off to all my cuntstomers!!! :))

"I've been on tenterhooks ending in dirty looks, list'ning to the Muzak, thinking 'bout this 'n' that. She said that's that. I don't wanna chitter-chat. Turn it down a little bit or turn it down flat."

So there I am walking past the newsagents shop when I spy the 'A' board outside on the pavement. Four and a half years in retail and all I can remember is what an 'A' board is. Where was I ? Oh Yeah. The headline on said 'A' board ... whaddya mean you don't know what an A board is look it up that's what Google is for ... anyway the ... what now? Fine an 'A' Board is a board with two faces that allows retailers to block the pavements and therefore provide the community much hilarity as blind people trip over them. Also it advertises shit we sell. Anyway, the headline ... What? Because it's shaped like a capital A of course ... look anymore interruptions and you'll be sent home. Headline says "Man of 95 in kerb crawling shame." Shame? Shame? What bloody shame? All power to his elbow Is say well ... not his elbow exactly but you know what I mean. I tell you if at ninety five I can still pump enough blood around my body for that then I'll be happy. Just imagine that reputation enhancement in the rest home. All that dusty old action. Mind you I feel sorry for the Nurses who have to explain how he died to his relatives ... and the relatives of the three old ladies in his water bed. I hope he practised safe sex, not for fear of infection I mean at niety five are you really going to care about a disease that burns when you pee? I mean it's pretty free flowing anyway, but the safe sex just because imagine becoming a parent at that age. The shock would kill you and the undertakers would have to use three men sat on the lid just to get it shut.

Tonight's Music is from an album called 'Select Cuts from Blood And Fire' various artists that have been remixed by young and trendy people. Well worth the download. Also we have a Small Faces compilation a 2 disker that I picked out of the charity shops which is a pasttime I have. This is the first day of my holiday you may have noticed at the top of the post what my feelings are so there should be several updates on the blog especially as I'm off to spend a few sheckles in the local record shop on Monday. Also included the first ten issues of 2000ad and the last prog that I have #1506.


http://rapidshare.de/files/33972336/2000ad_Prog_1_-_10.part2.rar First ten 2000ad comics

http://rapidshare.de/files/34073705/2000_AD_Prog_1506_Sept_06.cbr Latest Issue

http://rapidshare.de/files/34411671/TSF_-_AoN.part1.rar The Small Faces


http://rapidshare.de/files/34419665/VA_-__SCFB_F_2000_.part1.rar Select Cuts From Blood & Fire


18 Sep 2006

"The one who insists he was first in the line is the last to remember her name he's walking around in this dress that she wore she is gone but the joke's the same".

I don't trust dolphins, I mean there they are on these David Attenborough documentaries all smiley and nice enjoying being the mammals they are. Jumping in and out of the sea always very pleased with themselves and eager to smile at anyone in particular. But I reckon theres a deeper hidden darker secret that they are hiding they'll turn out to be evil and all of a sudden we'll all go "Oh now I get it." Don't believe me? Well waht about Tony Baloney Blair? There he was all nice and smiley couldn't do enough for the Great British public then all of a sudden "oooh I think I'll invade somewhere and bugger the British public and their indignation"
Still don't believe me about dolphins? Well what about flipper? Every fucking week he'd try to have that kid murdered and then go and get help which would arrive 'just in time' to save the boy. I think he was trying to make it look like an accident so he had an alibi. No one understood cetacean so Flipper could quite easily have been saying "I'll do you in boy if it's the last thing I do" Whilst they thanked him and gave him a fish. How comes the boy's father used to just take off from his job, jump in a speed boat and all on the say so of a bottle nosed murderer? Did no one in his office say "hang on a minute I'd like you to visit Dr. Weinstein he specialises in this sort of ... erm, how can I say this delicately? I know, incident you fucking fruit bat" All I'm saying is that maybe Flipper was diddled on a drugs deal by the father and was trying to kill his son as retribution? Let's be honest the father's behaviour where he thought the sealife mamals were trying to tell him something, Florida gateway to the Carribean and central America , the sixties? You do the maths. "ick ick hikikikik kikikikikk" "Whats that Flipper little billy's trapped in an underwater cave with no oxygen left"? "(translated from dolphin) no you dumb fuck I was saying I've finally succeeded in killing the brat ha ha ha" "I think he wants us to follow him." "No go away I'm going to get there first and bite his leg off."
Fucking dolphins evil i tell you eeeeeeeviiiiiiiiiilll! Don't even get me started on Skippy...

Tonight's post is the eagerly awaited The Selecter - Too Much Pressure. It's an album I always remember playing as I cycled around the almost deserted caravan sites during those cold wet grey miserable summer days a long long time ago in a county far away ... With the old tape recorder strapped to the handlebars of my ten gear racer and pocket full of cassettes. Later it became a solid state pocket radio strapped to the handlebars whilst I listened to Laser 558 of which someone sent me a great old recording of about an hour sample, oooh the memories of just wasting hours sat on my bike somewhere ... tsk kids today just don't know how to be bored. Why in my day ...
http://rapidshare.de/files/33455445/2000_AD_Prog_1505_Sept_06.cbr 2000AD Comic

http://rapidshare.de/files/34077394/TS-TMP_1980_3rdup.rar The Selecter

Repost Of Selecter 22-09-06

14 Sep 2006

"With the fire from the fireworks up above me With a gun for a lover and a shot for the pain at hand."

Firstly sorry for the lack of posts recently but yet again it's the fault of Mr G Lucas
esq of Skywalker Ranch California. Yet again there's a Star Wars related game that captures my attention. For those of you that haven't played Lego Star Wars 2 yet do so. I love the way it's funny to me as an (almost) adult as well as to children. My Nephew , who's a Star Wars nut like me, was wittering down the phone to me re it's merits the other day. I may have to get the full game as I've been playing the demo to death. I'm warming to the idea of buying the original movies on DVD even though I've bought them in every single release since the eighties but even my Nephew, who is seven, says that the original the films are the best (in fact he listed all in order of preference which even if I could remember I won't bore you with here). Funny how he never mentions Jar Jar Binks? Although he loves the Sith characters which is rather worrying. I think he's lucky having all the Darth Vader equipment like a lightsaber and voice changing mask and the dress up suit. When I were a lad (cue Hovis music) back in the dark ages if I wanted to play at being Obi Wan 'Ben' Kenobi I had to wear my dad's brown dressing gown and blue broom handle off the soft brush from the garage going voom voom as I swung the handle about. Luckily we had a rather large long haired alsation was often drafted in as Chewbacca and our golden labrador who was often C3PO and my rather small and noisy sister was often R2D2. Unfortunately I don't remember Chewie sleeping or C3PO licking his genitals halfway through the attack on the Death Star. Although I could be wrong as I went to the toilet halfway through the original movie. Nor was Luke's X Wing hidden behind the shed when it was bust so that his parents didn't find out. Although in my defence that wheelbarrow had served all concerned very
well, it had been every car from every cop/spy show all from 1978-1984 along with
accompanied theme tune with my sister as a passenger and chased by the aforementioned mentalist dogs. How I never knocked my sister's teeth out whilst jumping over great jumps singing "dan der der derder der der der dah", ie the car horn from Dukes of Hazard.
Nowadays whilst bored at work (almost constantly) I have to make do with the above ensemble. Photo taken by an equally bored colleague, (our resident Charlie Dimmock lookalike), Lee.
I'm rambling here obviously as I'm trying not to veer onto politics as my ire has been raised on several nights' watching the news. I must stop trying to keep a breast I'd much rather keep two ... but I don't think she's interested.
Anyway tonight's music is a compilation of Reggae standards from the vaults of Trojan. I've only got Volumes 3 and 4 so if anyone has 1 & 2 let me know. Also I've reupped Dance Craze what I ripped from an old cassette I had. Enjoy

http://rapidshare.de/files/33430439/VA_-_DC.rar Dance Craze

http://rapidshare.de/files/33427856/VA_-_RCV4.rar Reggae Classics

Reposted 17-09-06

5 Sep 2006

"No more spanners in the works, All the works been done Had your face rubbed in the dirt On show for every one."

So Aussie wildlife Legend Steve Irwin is dead? Can't say it's a suprise really I mean if you are going to go swimming with dangerous animals and grappling with wild critters then you've got to expect the odd bite or two haven't you? I mean I've watched Sir David Attenborough do the majority of his animal shows for the last (mumble ahem cough) amount of years and I can't ever remember him so much as look an Oran Utang in a funny way let alone suddenly pounce on a wildebeest and wrestle it to the ground just to show the audience it's lovely pelt. This is perhaps why Sir David recently turned 80 and Steve Irwin is now turning his toes.I mean I'm guilty of the British thing of wanting to turn everything into pets. I mean we see horses in field we have to offer them grass and stroke thier faces. They must think "oh thanks 'cos I can't actually get grass around here in this field of grass cheers." Every dog in the street is just dying to be petted to death by every passing stranger every cat is to be tempted with a ball of string. Everytime I see lions etc on the telly I'm convinced that I'm able to go up to them and stroke them as I would next doors cat by making "pss pss pss" sounds as I narrow my eyes and scratch his head. But I know that I'll be minus several body parts and in severe need of medical attention. I mean you try getting an ambulance to come out to the middle of the savannah.Why is it that we have to ask stupid questions of the animals? Whilst rubbing the head of said animal with over entusiastic vigour (Ala Lenny from Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men') we always have to ask "who's a good boy? who's a good boy? Are you a good boy? Yes he is, yes he is are you a good boy?" etc etc. Is this as British as grumbling about things but then doing them anyway or do other nations do this as well? I need to know.The music for tonight is the Housemartins which I've just recorded from BBC 6 Music and edited out the dj & station idents etc 50 mins set too at 320 Kbps. I hope that you enjoy the Housemartins as much as I do. Pity I never saw them live but there you go. Also the last 2000ad for those of you who want it. I'll put up the next one in the next few days.

http://rapidshare.de/files/32165929/TH-_LRCN1987.part2.rar The Housemartins Live


http://rapidshare.de/files/31856214/2000ad_Prog__1503.cbr 2000AD 1503

Ooh The Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight just flew over my house already I can hear the strains of The Dambusters march in my head "Dan dan dan dan dana dan dah etc"

http://rapidshare.de/files/32186319/2000ad_Prog__1504.cbr latest 2000AD as I forgot

1 Sep 2006

"Politicians hide themselves away They only started the war Why should they go out to fight? They leave that role to the poor."

I have to turn the radio up at the moment due to the fact that I can hear a large amount of loud swearing coming up through my floorboards. When I hear words like "cocksucker" "Bollocks" or "Useless wanker" then I know my landlord is either watching the Channel 4 news and Bush or his butt monkey Blair is on screen ... or for that matter any number of politicians especially any that talk shit ... any number of politicians then. Just lately though he's gone retro and bought himself a SNES and large amounts of games via eBay so the swearing is less likely to be politically motivated and more the fact that he's been shot in R-Type2 and had to start the level over again. It's kind of akin to having a Tourrettes sufferer downstairs or my mother's cockatiel, (I taught it to say "Fuck" whenever they were out of the house :P ) Luckily I was never suspected as they always said it when they argued so ... 'Ullo more swearing I think he's been killed in 'Mortal Kombat'.
I see Robbie Williams is supposedly giving up 'singing' about twenty fucking years too late in my opinion. It's a shame that fight between him and Liam Gallagher never arose that would have been great. I'd have been there in the park "C'mon Monkey boy beat the twat up" Mind you you'd never have heard me over the shouts of Gary Barlow.
Now if you excuse me I'm off to shoot things in Dredd Vs Death whilst shouting "Die you cocksucking mother fuckers." with the windows open as I live near a church and maybe they'll exorcise my twisted evil soul. (I could do with the exorcise).
Tonight's music is from Black Sabbath and the Black Sabbath 4 album which my old hippy (sweary) landlord got me into and I do like it I have to say, Warpigs being a favourite of mine although it isn't on this album but you do get the original version of 'changes' which is much better as it doesn't have Ozzie Osbourne's porky untalented daughter on it. Also I'm putting up Public Enemy's Greatest Misses and The Art Of Noise - In No Sense Nonsense talk about eclectic tastes eh?
BTW for those of you interested I'll be getting 'The Selecter - Too Much Pressure' in the next few days. Oh I'm good to you aren't I? I bet you don't get treated like this on other blogs oh no.

http://rapidshare.de/files/31726905/TAoN-INSN.rar Art Of Noise
http://rapidshare.de/files/31722721/PE-GM.rar Public Enemy Boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
http://rapidshare.de/files/31713359/BS-V4.rar Black Sabbath