19 Aug 2006

"Toast is burned, and your coffee's cold, and you leave all the post `cause it's nothing but bills again. Home from work, put the TV on. Get your kicks watching Bruce on the old Generation Game ".

The other day at work whilst I was standing on the roof busy watching the part of the Red Arrows display that wasn't obscured by the roofs of the high street shops. Iwas reminded of my loathing for one man. A man more evil than any other man known to man, not the first man I was on about an entirely different man than the first man. A man ... hold on I'm confused let me just recap to myself. Der dit der der de dah de dah hmmm? Oh yes that's it (ahem) a man more evil ... well you get the picture. I speak of course of Jimmy Saville!!!!!!! yes does great work for Charity wears a lot of gold lame (tin foil) tracksuits etc etc. But this man (or more likely his BBC minions) ignored my 6 or so letters to his 'Jim'll Fix It' show. Ok one was to meet Laurel & Hardy who I later found to be dead for at least fifteen years & I would have been fobbed off with one of those lookalikes who looknothinglike, but still. The others were in someway connected to flying and not in that lame way they did with the kid who wanted to "fly like Superman" so they got him to lay flat on his stomach on a table in front of a blue screen how disappointed was he? I wanted to fly in a plane or two. I t always varied from letter to letter. One time it was in a Lancaster bomber because I'd seen The Dambusters. Once it was in a helicopter because I'd seen 'Whirlybirds' on saturday morning tv. The Red Arrows because I'd seen John Noakes or someone do it on Blue Peter. 633 Squadron resulted in my wanting to fly in a Mosquito, Battle of Britain was a Spitfire. Everyone ignored I could have been inspired to become a top pilot myself or possibly the pessimist in me says that i may have just coated the cockpits of some very expensive aircraft with copious amounts of brightly coloured 'Cresta' flavoured vomit. Still I wish him bad mojo & may he be baked alive in his turkey foil tracksuit or his enormous amount of chunky (Argos) jewellery gets tangled in farm machinery, fix that Jim ya bastard!!!! Mwah ha ha ha haBesides which the man has the dress sense of a Florida retiree or a Japanese teenage girl.

Also anyone spare a madness ticket for an ex leper? (My school nickname was leper due to spots). Here at last is the repost of Nutty Sounds volume 2 from Madness (the bastards who didn't print enough tickets) Also I've found an old bootleg of Madness live in Amsterdam 1980. It's all in one mp3 that one I'm sorry but I didn't record it don't blame me , look shut up will you you're always having a go aren't you? you've always got to spoil it for the rest of us haven't you? Well I hope that you're satisfied mate that's all I got to say on the matter.

http://rapidshare.de/files/30035535/VA-NSVol2.rar Nutty Sounds vol 2
http://rapidshare.de/files/30031532/M-LIA1980.rar Live in Amsterdam 1980


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