9 Aug 2006

"This demands for power in the amp you know loud's my diagnosis 'Cause I believe in miracles and words in heavy doses."

I see that in the Sunday Times (ooh get me how poshe?) well know midget, rodent look a like and total bain of my movie watching Tom 'Thumb' Cruise is not being employed by Paramount until he takes a pay cut. i hope he doesn't. It's not as if he's going stavre though is it? Unless he's given all his money to his stark raving loony religion (Scientology) that is. Why he gets roles is beyond me him and his missus at least they can stay at home and bring up thier child together , providing that someone helps them out of those wet paper bags they can't act their way out of. I neede to be reminded of what a bad actress Katie Holmes was (as I never ever watched Dawson's Creek) I watched 'Go' now whilst that is a good movie in a Pulp Fiction storytelling kind of way it's spoilt by the two worst actors Holmes and the British git who totally over acts all the way through it. Anyway onto some other bollocks (plenty of it on this particular blog ;) ) I want to start carrying Tazers at work because with the school holidays and the hot weather we seem to have hit shoplifter rush hour. The wankers are everywhere. Nothing major you know stuff that's worth pennies. How desperate for food do you have to be before you think "I know I'll nick a 29p pack of Tomato seeds"? For a start if you are hungry at that point you're gonna get a hell of a lot hungrier before they are ready. Morons, along with the people who STILL ask for "Electric lightbulbs" they are morons of the lowest order. All day I've had people stop me and ask for the thing they've just walked past including 300 tins of paint and varnish. It's all going into the sitcom.

Today I awoke looked at the clock "Oh Shit" 0800 I'm going to miss my bus. I'm washed and just about to put my trousers on before I realise it's my day off, damn by then I was too awake to go back to sleep so I went out and got this CD and an Elvis one for you. Ahh aren't I lovely? Of course I should have realised that I hadn't woken up to the sounds of Phil Jupitus playing some of his records on the digital station BBC 6 Music ("Closer to the music that matters", apparently) what a job that must be to get up and go and just play your own records for a living. I suppose that you'd have to come up with some inane bollocks to say in between the songs but let's face it how hard can it be just look at this blog for starters. :)

The Jam Live and Elvis Presley live. The Jam one is a compilation from many different gigs and the Elvis one is from the Louisiana Hayrides (whatever one of those is) from the fifties so it's young Elvis not 'lardy vegas' Elvis which is a bonus.

http://rapidshare.de/files/28819888/EP-E_L_.rar Elvis

http://rapidshare.de/files/28823240/TJ-LJ93.part1.rar The Jam


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