22 Aug 2006

"So Cindy get your coat on Leave the rent with the gent up in the penthouse Turn your music so loud let's attract a big crowd We'll drink a round to this town and bid goodbye."

Just when I think my job can't get any worse (or the borough which I'm forced to everyday at bayonet point). First thing on Mundane morning we have to deal with a man so inebriated that I couldn't understand what he says and he walks like he has a stroke. I soon changed my theory when I spot the telltale top from the cheap vodka/paint stripper bottle poking out of his jacket pocket. I just couldn't be bothered with the whole crap so I pass the responsibility over to our newly returned from holiday in a civilised country (France) security guard. I know how to delegate. Halfway through my meeting with our 'manager' where I'm telling him how great I am we get a call about this man. Now apparently he'd mistook our lower warehouse (and his own person) for a lavatory (I know it's always untidy but hey ...) and semi passed out at the back of the shop. Have I mentioned lately that I hate my job? My also newly returned from holiday glamourous assistant and another till girl discovered him in the warehouse 'watering the horses' so to speak. It's a pity I didn't discover him as I would have kicked his knees away from him so that he fell in his own urine, especially after I had to clean it up. I've never used so much Dettol in my life not just the floor but my shoes, step ladders, a price gun and anything else I thought may have been marked in a drunken tom cat kind of way. I mean lets face it if I'd wanted to covered in a drunk's urine then I 'd have stayed in the Army. (another story for another day).

Tonight I've posted the programme for the comics I posted (sorry it's my age you know?) This will enable you to read the comics. There's also this week's 2000ad for you to enjoy. Musically we have A live album compilation from Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine & A 12" Extended mix cd of Eighties stuff. Finally I've put up Augustus pablo Original Rockers. Enjoy.



http://rapidshare.de/files/30642115/CUSM-L_1998_.rar Carter USM

http://rapidshare.de/files/30751189/AP-OR.rar Augustus Pablo - Original Rockers

http://rapidshare.de/files/30832014/VA_E80_s.part3.rar 80's Comp

For the track listing go here


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