4 Aug 2006

"Junk floats on polluted water an old custom to sell your daughter Would you like number 23? Leave your yens on the counter please"

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I've bought an atlas because my little map in the side bar was concerning me there seemed to be a couple of little red dots in the middle of the ocean but these just turned out to be the Canaries, Hawaii, French Polynesia and Mauritius and not ships in distress as I first thought. I mean who wouldn't be in distress after reading this? I'm quite chuffed at the prospect of all these places reading my inane bollocks wot I rote. (You are actually reading this aren't you? You don't just love me for my music do you? Oh I was a fool to trust you my mother warned me against surfers like you etc etc.) I've now reached further than I ever did with my old fanzine with considerably less glue and newsprint all over my hands. Plus I don't have to use the photocopier in the library anymore (I knew the librarians by their first names in a sad kind of Lisa Simpson way) clunking 10p after 10p in. The only down side to all this inanity is that I don't get the free cds from record companies anymore, which is ok really as I don't need the money from selling them up the second hand store either. Oh how times have changed.
Good news for the person who asked for Celebrate The Bullet a while back I've
finally gotten around to ordering it from Amazon along with some other gems which I shall reveal when they arrive (as I've forgotten what they were), but they were really good no, no, really. The above pictures are of my little French friend she showed me her then new piercings (fig 1) by laying her head on the scanner. Fig 2 is when I asked to show me the rest of her piercings, I was concerened in a medical capacity you understand? After all I've seen a couple of episodes of ER so I must have a smattering of medical knowledge (and if I'd seen the other piercings there probably would have been a smattering of sorts).

I've just watched the Godfather for the first time ever (where the hell have I
been?) it's a fantastic movie and it made me want Italian food. What is it with me? I watch 'Ice Cold In Alex', I get thirsty. I watch Pulp Fiction I want a
cheeseburger and a five dollar shake. Maybe I'm just hungry due to the diet? Mind you it was pay day yesterday so I treated myself to sweet & sour chicken and egg fried rice. Plus I think it's really annoying that my bus journey takes me home past two KFCs and four chip shops, a fried chicken franchise, two Indian
restaurants, three pizza places, a couple of kebab shops, three Subways, an italian restaurant or two, seven chinese takeaway/restaurants, two indians, a couple of Thai and several greasy spoons (British food emporiums) It must be like a reformed alcholic living twixt a pub and an off licence.

Tonight I've uploaded some albums which I've only just bought at lunchtime and not listened to them as yet. First off we have the Godfather of Soul himself, James Brown, in a live track compilation which looks funky, (in a good way) and then we go up in the world with the King Of Blues himself, BB King. As I say I haven't listened to them yet I just put them up straight away for your pleasure which is the kind of guy I am ;) . I've put up those Modettes tracks that were mentioned in the comments a couple of days ago too. Enjoy.
http://rapidshare.de/files/28307578/Modettes.rar The Modettes
http://rapidshare.de/files/28311385/JB-GOS.rar James Brown "Good God"
http://rapidshare.de/files/28321095/BBK-TKOTB.part1.rar BB King pt1
http://rapidshare.de/files/28321847/BBK-TKOTB.part2.rar BB King pt2


Davey Boy said...

The Mo-Dettes. Wow! That's a blast from the past. Great band and great album - thanks.

Reminds me of another classic from that era that's slipped through the net, remember Girls At Our Best?

Two more for the 'Where Are They Now?' file.

TheUpsetter1969 said...

To tell the truth I'd not had the Modettes before in my collection due to not wanting to (or being able to) pay record collector's prices. Still it's nice to get all of these artists that I used to listen to on John Peel's show. I may have a really obscure vinyl post in the next few days or so.