20 Aug 2006

"Been dazed and confused for so long it's not true. Wanted a woman, never bargained for you. Lots of people talking, few of them know, Soul of a woman was created below! Yeah".

Hmmm how odd, the other night I dreamt of having lunch at Jeremy Clarkson's house. I dunno why this should be and what he would signify in my addled dream state. Maybe we'd have a love of The Who and insist on playing it loud to upset the neighbours but as I can't drive and have no idea what over or understeer is and how to find it I'm sure that it wouldn't be for my driving knowledge. Richard Hammond was thier too although I think James May was hovering the background he didn't speak to me as the others did. I don't know what they said so any significance is lost to Morpheus I'm afraid. Oh well I sure it wasn't important. What was the significance of eating in the back yard I wonder? The other night I dreamt of Siouxsie Sioux which I can explain by pointing out some of the more recent posts. ;) Last night however I dreamt I was in the town centre of somewhere or other and a group of people were circling the town and throwing Doctor Marten's boots over the roofs into the town and we had to catch these boots. I unfortunately got two boots that were a different size although they were the same colour. When we went to the edge of town to see the group throwing the boots they stopped and sat in a field. odd.

It's sometimes hard to come up with a few words interesting enough for you to read (and one day i'll start) if I was to knock on about the politics that I readily talk to my landlord about. I could A: Alienate several nations and therefore lose some of those lovely red dots on my lickle map & B: waffle on for ages and it wouldn't be (hopefully) fun to read. Besides isn't life too serious as we get older? Who needs it? I hope that I have entertained you all in the last few months ? I don't post as regular as I used to this isn't to lack of interest and (sadly) not due to the attainment of a life of any sorts. Mainly to being knackered and sometimes due to AOL kicking my connection off as I get to 95% uploaded time after time. I've seen some sites come and go and come back again most are a bit serious for my tastes. A bloke on another forum said that i was "bearing my soul" on a blog, I don't see it like that. I think of it as more of a place to waffle on about bollocks that doesn't really matter in the be all and end all of it. Maybe I've wasted the last 11 months or not who knows? Does it matter & isn't this post getting a bit too serious and furrowed brow? Damn we almost turned into Newsnight there for a moment. Quick think of something funny to say .. um ..err .. ooh ... ahh umm ..New footy season has just kicked off here in Old Blighty I for one am looking forward to seeing Wayne 'Shrek' Rooney and Christian 'Big girl's blouse for wearing an Alice band in his hair' Ronaldo kick the shit out of each other on the pitch even though they are on the same side. I'm about to get my cheap knock off exact copy replica shirt from Thailand via eBay providing I can find the new Norwich City jersey on there. I don't think that the Thai's are that aware of the underachievers that are Naaaaaaaarch city (local pronunciation). Today I had my first Sausage & Egg McMuffin in 8 months and I think God was telling me not to, I walked into the place only to see every one of the dozen people sat there was obese. They'd all been supersized.

I've spent the early afternoon converting this old cassette tape of Bad manners for you to download. I've never seen the album on cd and I've never seen it posted either so enjoy.

http://rapidshare.de/files/30118407/BM-LT_1980_.rar Bad Manners - Loonee Tunes (1980)


Old School Lady said...

Don't burn out on us! Your everyday observations are wonderful...no need to be profound (sorry, were you aiming for profound?). A new column is just like having a nice little chat over tea, with great music in the background, only one-sided with you doing all the talking, which is OK because we're all good listeners on the web...OK I'll shut up now.

TheUpsetter1969 said...

I could do with a cuppa. I'll try to aim less serious next time. :) Thanks for the nice words,. Most people I know would tell you that I do all the talking.

coffeepotman said...

Ahhhh, always time for a cuppa, by the way have you read the Rat Scabies and the Holy Grail book???
Its well worth reading.

TheUpsetter1969 said...

No I haven't but I'll get it and have a look cheers.

Anonymous said...

where are your 12'' rips of bad manners