25 Aug 2006

" I can't help about the shape I'm in I can't sing, I ain't pretty and my legs are thin But don't ask me what I think of you I might not give the answer that you want me to"

It seems that it's been a week for things no longer being what they were. 'Experts', ie blokes with nothing better to do, have sat around in a darkened room and dicussed whether a heavenly prescence is as big as it once was and therefore should be demoted. Where once people used to sit and look up and see this light in the sky rapt in awe in the sheer magnificence of the heavenly body, now they now just think "Well I thought it was better once but you know in the cold light of day..." Also Pluto is no longer a planet. LOL Tom 'Fucking rat faced midget with no sense of humour' Cruise is no longer wanted by the studio as he costs too much. I would have thought it would have been for his lousy acting but, hey what do I know? At least we wont have to put up with Mission Improbable 4. Although we will have Indiana Jones 4, Rocky 5 and I've heard of rumours of a Die Hard 4 ....hmmm run out of ideas Hollywood? (Coming soon, The upsetter blog 2) :)

I've just had three days off over the bank holiday weekend and was it bloody hard to go back to work and stay motivated to do my job? It's hard enough after one day off let alone three and it's near nigh impossible after a whole week. It's not the job it's the people that I have to serve. My god they are morons I just can't describe how dumb they are. This is what happens when you allow inbreeding. Still the only good thing is that my favourite knees are back to work. Still I was too busy tidying my section up after three days of neither me nor my glamourous assistant on duty to really ogle them which is probably just as well. I'm turning into a right old letch (I can letch in two languages it transpires) .How I wish I was sat in the car above (only a bigger one ... and real ... and with the ability to drive etc etc.) Not to have any worries as regards to a job money etc. I know that money wouldn't spoil me I just would like a chance to prove that I'm right that's all. It's a 1966 Pontiac GTO with some stuff 'under the hood' just don't ask me the technical details as I don't have a clue.

Tonight's music is a bit of Britpop fest we have the albums from Blur, Oasis and Catatonia. Parklife, Whats The Story (Morning Glory) and International Velvet respectively. Three of my favourite albums from that time and there are quite a few.

http://rapidshare.de/files/31310198/O-WTS_MG_.rar 65.33 MB Oasis http://rapidshare.de/files/31303422/C-IV.rar 58.96 MB Catatonia http://rapidshare.de/files/31294681/B-P.rar 69.30 MB Blur

Enjoy the music

22 Aug 2006

"So Cindy get your coat on Leave the rent with the gent up in the penthouse Turn your music so loud let's attract a big crowd We'll drink a round to this town and bid goodbye."

Just when I think my job can't get any worse (or the borough which I'm forced to everyday at bayonet point). First thing on Mundane morning we have to deal with a man so inebriated that I couldn't understand what he says and he walks like he has a stroke. I soon changed my theory when I spot the telltale top from the cheap vodka/paint stripper bottle poking out of his jacket pocket. I just couldn't be bothered with the whole crap so I pass the responsibility over to our newly returned from holiday in a civilised country (France) security guard. I know how to delegate. Halfway through my meeting with our 'manager' where I'm telling him how great I am we get a call about this man. Now apparently he'd mistook our lower warehouse (and his own person) for a lavatory (I know it's always untidy but hey ...) and semi passed out at the back of the shop. Have I mentioned lately that I hate my job? My also newly returned from holiday glamourous assistant and another till girl discovered him in the warehouse 'watering the horses' so to speak. It's a pity I didn't discover him as I would have kicked his knees away from him so that he fell in his own urine, especially after I had to clean it up. I've never used so much Dettol in my life not just the floor but my shoes, step ladders, a price gun and anything else I thought may have been marked in a drunken tom cat kind of way. I mean lets face it if I'd wanted to covered in a drunk's urine then I 'd have stayed in the Army. (another story for another day).

Tonight I've posted the programme for the comics I posted (sorry it's my age you know?) This will enable you to read the comics. There's also this week's 2000ad for you to enjoy. Musically we have A live album compilation from Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine & A 12" Extended mix cd of Eighties stuff. Finally I've put up Augustus pablo Original Rockers. Enjoy.



http://rapidshare.de/files/30642115/CUSM-L_1998_.rar Carter USM

http://rapidshare.de/files/30751189/AP-OR.rar Augustus Pablo - Original Rockers

http://rapidshare.de/files/30832014/VA_E80_s.part3.rar 80's Comp

For the track listing go here


20 Aug 2006

"Been dazed and confused for so long it's not true. Wanted a woman, never bargained for you. Lots of people talking, few of them know, Soul of a woman was created below! Yeah".

Hmmm how odd, the other night I dreamt of having lunch at Jeremy Clarkson's house. I dunno why this should be and what he would signify in my addled dream state. Maybe we'd have a love of The Who and insist on playing it loud to upset the neighbours but as I can't drive and have no idea what over or understeer is and how to find it I'm sure that it wouldn't be for my driving knowledge. Richard Hammond was thier too although I think James May was hovering the background he didn't speak to me as the others did. I don't know what they said so any significance is lost to Morpheus I'm afraid. Oh well I sure it wasn't important. What was the significance of eating in the back yard I wonder? The other night I dreamt of Siouxsie Sioux which I can explain by pointing out some of the more recent posts. ;) Last night however I dreamt I was in the town centre of somewhere or other and a group of people were circling the town and throwing Doctor Marten's boots over the roofs into the town and we had to catch these boots. I unfortunately got two boots that were a different size although they were the same colour. When we went to the edge of town to see the group throwing the boots they stopped and sat in a field. odd.

It's sometimes hard to come up with a few words interesting enough for you to read (and one day i'll start) if I was to knock on about the politics that I readily talk to my landlord about. I could A: Alienate several nations and therefore lose some of those lovely red dots on my lickle map & B: waffle on for ages and it wouldn't be (hopefully) fun to read. Besides isn't life too serious as we get older? Who needs it? I hope that I have entertained you all in the last few months ? I don't post as regular as I used to this isn't to lack of interest and (sadly) not due to the attainment of a life of any sorts. Mainly to being knackered and sometimes due to AOL kicking my connection off as I get to 95% uploaded time after time. I've seen some sites come and go and come back again most are a bit serious for my tastes. A bloke on another forum said that i was "bearing my soul" on a blog, I don't see it like that. I think of it as more of a place to waffle on about bollocks that doesn't really matter in the be all and end all of it. Maybe I've wasted the last 11 months or not who knows? Does it matter & isn't this post getting a bit too serious and furrowed brow? Damn we almost turned into Newsnight there for a moment. Quick think of something funny to say .. um ..err .. ooh ... ahh umm ..New footy season has just kicked off here in Old Blighty I for one am looking forward to seeing Wayne 'Shrek' Rooney and Christian 'Big girl's blouse for wearing an Alice band in his hair' Ronaldo kick the shit out of each other on the pitch even though they are on the same side. I'm about to get my cheap knock off exact copy replica shirt from Thailand via eBay providing I can find the new Norwich City jersey on there. I don't think that the Thai's are that aware of the underachievers that are Naaaaaaaarch city (local pronunciation). Today I had my first Sausage & Egg McMuffin in 8 months and I think God was telling me not to, I walked into the place only to see every one of the dozen people sat there was obese. They'd all been supersized.

I've spent the early afternoon converting this old cassette tape of Bad manners for you to download. I've never seen the album on cd and I've never seen it posted either so enjoy.

http://rapidshare.de/files/30118407/BM-LT_1980_.rar Bad Manners - Loonee Tunes (1980)

19 Aug 2006

"Toast is burned, and your coffee's cold, and you leave all the post `cause it's nothing but bills again. Home from work, put the TV on. Get your kicks watching Bruce on the old Generation Game ".

The other day at work whilst I was standing on the roof busy watching the part of the Red Arrows display that wasn't obscured by the roofs of the high street shops. Iwas reminded of my loathing for one man. A man more evil than any other man known to man, not the first man I was on about an entirely different man than the first man. A man ... hold on I'm confused let me just recap to myself. Der dit der der de dah de dah hmmm? Oh yes that's it (ahem) a man more evil ... well you get the picture. I speak of course of Jimmy Saville!!!!!!! yes does great work for Charity wears a lot of gold lame (tin foil) tracksuits etc etc. But this man (or more likely his BBC minions) ignored my 6 or so letters to his 'Jim'll Fix It' show. Ok one was to meet Laurel & Hardy who I later found to be dead for at least fifteen years & I would have been fobbed off with one of those lookalikes who looknothinglike, but still. The others were in someway connected to flying and not in that lame way they did with the kid who wanted to "fly like Superman" so they got him to lay flat on his stomach on a table in front of a blue screen how disappointed was he? I wanted to fly in a plane or two. I t always varied from letter to letter. One time it was in a Lancaster bomber because I'd seen The Dambusters. Once it was in a helicopter because I'd seen 'Whirlybirds' on saturday morning tv. The Red Arrows because I'd seen John Noakes or someone do it on Blue Peter. 633 Squadron resulted in my wanting to fly in a Mosquito, Battle of Britain was a Spitfire. Everyone ignored I could have been inspired to become a top pilot myself or possibly the pessimist in me says that i may have just coated the cockpits of some very expensive aircraft with copious amounts of brightly coloured 'Cresta' flavoured vomit. Still I wish him bad mojo & may he be baked alive in his turkey foil tracksuit or his enormous amount of chunky (Argos) jewellery gets tangled in farm machinery, fix that Jim ya bastard!!!! Mwah ha ha ha haBesides which the man has the dress sense of a Florida retiree or a Japanese teenage girl.

Also anyone spare a madness ticket for an ex leper? (My school nickname was leper due to spots). Here at last is the repost of Nutty Sounds volume 2 from Madness (the bastards who didn't print enough tickets) Also I've found an old bootleg of Madness live in Amsterdam 1980. It's all in one mp3 that one I'm sorry but I didn't record it don't blame me , look shut up will you you're always having a go aren't you? you've always got to spoil it for the rest of us haven't you? Well I hope that you're satisfied mate that's all I got to say on the matter.

http://rapidshare.de/files/30035535/VA-NSVol2.rar Nutty Sounds vol 2
http://rapidshare.de/files/30031532/M-LIA1980.rar Live in Amsterdam 1980


15 Aug 2006

"sanjikan mo matte ita no yo watashi neko to issho ni sono toki denwa no beru ga watashi neko mitai ni shabetta terebi no volume sagete watashi uso mitai na koe de."

Now Norfolk has come in for a lot of stick lately here in the UK and to be fair most of it has been said by me. At least unlike most of the county's detractors I actually lived there, if you can call it living. Like I posted before, Norfolk is like life but with the life suport turned off. I suppose it may have improved in the last ten years or so, but I doubt it. I'm going to find out however as my sister has sort of made me go up by promising to my Nephew in the background whilst on the phone to me saying that I was going up, this was the first time I heard about it. That woman should work for the UN. I wonder if they have running water and inside toilets now? I recently read in The Observer last sunday (again with the big papers), that someone was rallying to the call of anti Norfolk comments and extolling the virtues of the county. Sorry but he mentioned several places I've often frequented. Fakenham, Sheringham, Holt, Cromer etc etc all shit holes in my opinion. The only thing to do was get drunk when I was there in the Eighties. I moved back in the Nineties, but soon left again, (this time shutting the gate behind me and throwing away the key). There are some things that I liked about Norfolk the A11 for a start I love the way it leaves the county and heads towards London like that. I also like Norwich City 'Football' club and I've followed them through thin and thinner. Success has never come easy for that 'football' club despite the fact that we have the BBC cooking deity herself, Saint Delia Smith of summer pudding for a chairman (person). Despite drunken on pitch urgings from said chairperson (man) she has yet to inspire the club onto getting some silverware. The only way my club is going to get silverware this year is if it goes down to the local Argos. The trouble is that when I've been talking to my sister I end up with her Norfolk accent after about half an hour on the phone. Sometimes it'll last for days so imagine what it'll be like for a week's visit. I'll be saying things like "Oy loykes moy compooder entit". 'Entit' is a Norfolk ism it means 'isn't/ain't it' as far as scholars can tell. It's used in conversations, quite often where no question has been asked. See also 'Entee' as in "ee's a rumdood entee?" translation 'He's a worrying person isn't he?" As far as language goes (or lack of) I should be okay for the week.
I don't want to go but how can I dissapoint a seven year old Nephew that loves me and/Or all the Star wars toys I send? I'm quite happy down here with all it's electricity, no cow shit and no witch burnings for having an internal combustion engine. Bloody family.
Oh well here's the music for today Siouxsie & The Banshees - The Best of (With 12" extra disk). Funnily enough I dreamt about Siouxsie Sioux last night too. unfortunately it was nothing enjoyable :( Although I still had to use the mallet first thing in the morning to beat it down again. Also for those of you who like their comics here's the two latest 2000ads. Followed by The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead (repost) and Louder Than Bombs which I don't think I've posted before.



http://rapidshare.de/files/29790013/TS-TQID.rar The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead

http://rapidshare.de/files/29802447/TS-LTB.rar The Smiths - Louder than Bombs

http://rapidshare.de/files/29797137/SATB-TBO.part1.rar Siouxsie & The Banshees

http://rapidshare.de/files/29799256/SATB-TBO.part2.rar Part two


10 Aug 2006

"I've nothing much to offer There's nothing much to take
I'm an absolute beginner But I'm absolutely sane"

Tonight's post of witicisms will be brought to you in the art form of Mime.



I think we can all learn something from those wise words. (Even more so than usual I'd say). Tonight's music is from Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Mr Love Pants. Remeber if you don't like Ian then don't say anything nasty about him as it'll be adding insult to Ian Dury. Then as asked for in a comment many moons ago is The Selecter - Celebrate The Bullet with bonus tracks enjoy.

http://rapidshare.de/files/29153700/IDATB-MLP.rar Ian Dury

http://rapidshare.de/files/29160540/TSe-CTB.rar The Selecter

Enjoy more good music and better posts later on. ;)

9 Aug 2006

"This demands for power in the amp you know loud's my diagnosis 'Cause I believe in miracles and words in heavy doses."

I see that in the Sunday Times (ooh get me how poshe?) well know midget, rodent look a like and total bain of my movie watching Tom 'Thumb' Cruise is not being employed by Paramount until he takes a pay cut. i hope he doesn't. It's not as if he's going stavre though is it? Unless he's given all his money to his stark raving loony religion (Scientology) that is. Why he gets roles is beyond me him and his missus at least they can stay at home and bring up thier child together , providing that someone helps them out of those wet paper bags they can't act their way out of. I neede to be reminded of what a bad actress Katie Holmes was (as I never ever watched Dawson's Creek) I watched 'Go' now whilst that is a good movie in a Pulp Fiction storytelling kind of way it's spoilt by the two worst actors Holmes and the British git who totally over acts all the way through it. Anyway onto some other bollocks (plenty of it on this particular blog ;) ) I want to start carrying Tazers at work because with the school holidays and the hot weather we seem to have hit shoplifter rush hour. The wankers are everywhere. Nothing major you know stuff that's worth pennies. How desperate for food do you have to be before you think "I know I'll nick a 29p pack of Tomato seeds"? For a start if you are hungry at that point you're gonna get a hell of a lot hungrier before they are ready. Morons, along with the people who STILL ask for "Electric lightbulbs" they are morons of the lowest order. All day I've had people stop me and ask for the thing they've just walked past including 300 tins of paint and varnish. It's all going into the sitcom.

Today I awoke looked at the clock "Oh Shit" 0800 I'm going to miss my bus. I'm washed and just about to put my trousers on before I realise it's my day off, damn by then I was too awake to go back to sleep so I went out and got this CD and an Elvis one for you. Ahh aren't I lovely? Of course I should have realised that I hadn't woken up to the sounds of Phil Jupitus playing some of his records on the digital station BBC 6 Music ("Closer to the music that matters", apparently) what a job that must be to get up and go and just play your own records for a living. I suppose that you'd have to come up with some inane bollocks to say in between the songs but let's face it how hard can it be just look at this blog for starters. :)

The Jam Live and Elvis Presley live. The Jam one is a compilation from many different gigs and the Elvis one is from the Louisiana Hayrides (whatever one of those is) from the fifties so it's young Elvis not 'lardy vegas' Elvis which is a bonus.

http://rapidshare.de/files/28819888/EP-E_L_.rar Elvis

http://rapidshare.de/files/28823240/TJ-LJ93.part1.rar The Jam


4 Aug 2006

"Junk floats on polluted water an old custom to sell your daughter Would you like number 23? Leave your yens on the counter please"

<-Fig 1 Fig 2 ->

I've bought an atlas because my little map in the side bar was concerning me there seemed to be a couple of little red dots in the middle of the ocean but these just turned out to be the Canaries, Hawaii, French Polynesia and Mauritius and not ships in distress as I first thought. I mean who wouldn't be in distress after reading this? I'm quite chuffed at the prospect of all these places reading my inane bollocks wot I rote. (You are actually reading this aren't you? You don't just love me for my music do you? Oh I was a fool to trust you my mother warned me against surfers like you etc etc.) I've now reached further than I ever did with my old fanzine with considerably less glue and newsprint all over my hands. Plus I don't have to use the photocopier in the library anymore (I knew the librarians by their first names in a sad kind of Lisa Simpson way) clunking 10p after 10p in. The only down side to all this inanity is that I don't get the free cds from record companies anymore, which is ok really as I don't need the money from selling them up the second hand store either. Oh how times have changed.
Good news for the person who asked for Celebrate The Bullet a while back I've
finally gotten around to ordering it from Amazon along with some other gems which I shall reveal when they arrive (as I've forgotten what they were), but they were really good no, no, really. The above pictures are of my little French friend she showed me her then new piercings (fig 1) by laying her head on the scanner. Fig 2 is when I asked to show me the rest of her piercings, I was concerened in a medical capacity you understand? After all I've seen a couple of episodes of ER so I must have a smattering of medical knowledge (and if I'd seen the other piercings there probably would have been a smattering of sorts).

I've just watched the Godfather for the first time ever (where the hell have I
been?) it's a fantastic movie and it made me want Italian food. What is it with me? I watch 'Ice Cold In Alex', I get thirsty. I watch Pulp Fiction I want a
cheeseburger and a five dollar shake. Maybe I'm just hungry due to the diet? Mind you it was pay day yesterday so I treated myself to sweet & sour chicken and egg fried rice. Plus I think it's really annoying that my bus journey takes me home past two KFCs and four chip shops, a fried chicken franchise, two Indian
restaurants, three pizza places, a couple of kebab shops, three Subways, an italian restaurant or two, seven chinese takeaway/restaurants, two indians, a couple of Thai and several greasy spoons (British food emporiums) It must be like a reformed alcholic living twixt a pub and an off licence.

Tonight I've uploaded some albums which I've only just bought at lunchtime and not listened to them as yet. First off we have the Godfather of Soul himself, James Brown, in a live track compilation which looks funky, (in a good way) and then we go up in the world with the King Of Blues himself, BB King. As I say I haven't listened to them yet I just put them up straight away for your pleasure which is the kind of guy I am ;) . I've put up those Modettes tracks that were mentioned in the comments a couple of days ago too. Enjoy.
http://rapidshare.de/files/28307578/Modettes.rar The Modettes
http://rapidshare.de/files/28311385/JB-GOS.rar James Brown "Good God"
http://rapidshare.de/files/28321095/BBK-TKOTB.part1.rar BB King pt1
http://rapidshare.de/files/28321847/BBK-TKOTB.part2.rar BB King pt2