27 Jul 2006

"What is life apart from memories or Dreams and friendships we have known.
And it smells childhood tales Contemplating clothes that you have worn
Oh what do I knowThere's gotta be so much I don't know."

I think the ice cream man is sulking with us as we didn't go out to grab armfuls of Nobbly Bobbly's and Toffee Crunches the other night not even the second time he went down our road (with chimes slightly louder), we just made noises like we weren't there. So tonight when we want some iced loveliness with a flake in it he's teaching us a lesson, bloody pushers all the same.
I downloaded the screener of 'Clerks 2' the other night and it made me laugh my bollocks off (so now I'm on the bollock transplant waiting list), the only bit I didn't like (apart from the sound of some twat who recorded this didn't realise that we'd hear him/her eating the popcorn he'd bought) was the bit where a naked Jay has his naughty bits tucked back and is stood there with his coat open, apart from that part it was fine. Funny how I didn't mind the gay man/donkey bestiality. I think this is without doubt the funniest Kevin Smith movie yet. I'll go and see it at the cinema (if they release it down here that is) usually we get all the shit stuff like 'Fun with Dick & Jane' never the good movies I want to see. (Not all the movies I want to see have Gay Men and/or Donkey sex in them either) some of them have gay ladies in them ... especially if you go downstairs and look on my landlord's shelves when it's like the local video store of Ellen Degeneres. I've got nothing against anybody you understand it's just that I feel cheated that I never get to see any Lesbians that look like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, Salma Hayek in that movie 'Frida' or the two out of 'Bound' most of the ones that frequent our somewhat downtrodden area at work are always lookalikes of the East German 1970's Women' Shot putt team you know the ones with Tom Selleck mustaches. Besides they'd never let me watch. It's not easy being a lesbian trapped in a man's body but we all have our pecadiloes I got mine from an exotic pet shop, the man said it was a rare Belgian Pecadilo but secretly I suspect it's just you common or garden lesser spotted Pecadilo. To the untrained eye it looks remarkably like a cat with some anttenae glued to it's head and when a broached the subject with the man in Honest Bill's Exotic pet shop he scoffed at my lack of knowledge and gave me a photocopied pamphlet on 'care and attention of The Belgian Pecadilo' In it it said "many people assume that the Pecadilo is just a cat with some anttenae glued to it's head, but they are wrong and in no way should people call the police or animal welfare people at all." It went on "please ensure that you Pecadilo has plenty of milk to drink and a box full of cat litter to do it's business in." "Occassionaly your pecadillo may catch mice and bring them home for you this is normal do not panic and remember that pecadilos have a penchant for cat food and playing with balls of wool." So Tiger the pecadillo and I are fine and dandy despite the lack of ice cream. ... I need rest.
Anyway tonight's posts are Siousxie and the Banshees live at the Wharfield in San Fransisco 2002 (incidentally Upsetter fans Siouxsie is the second woman to ever give me an erection the first being Princess Leia, what? too much information? OK just pretend I didn't say it then) Also tonight we have The Manic Street Preachers - Generation Terrorists which has my favourite track of theirs 'motorcycle emptiness' on it. With this album when they made the jump from the welsh punks only played by Steve Lamaqc to the pop stars that they later became I must admit that I didn't like them at first I used to refer to them as The Janet Street Porters (google it for those of you who don't know she's somehow gotten herself on tv with the worst voice ever and an enormous overbite). Finally we have The Who - Quadrophenia OST which is a fantastic album and I listen to it a lot, there's a Quadrophenia Special Edition DVD out soon which is going to get payed to death when it arrives from Amazon. Anyway enjoy the music and so long as Aol can stop dumping my ass offline every hour or so then I'll up some more in the next few days.
Hasta luego

http://rapidshare.de/files/27066762/STB-TWSF25-04-02.rar Siouxsie who gave me a woody (oops sorry)

http://rapidshare.de/files/27071245/TMSP-_GT.rar Manic Street Preachers

http://rapidshare.de/files/27074988/TW-QOST.part1.rar The Who - Quadrohenia OST



telstar_ted said...

Old codge!

Yep am giving it another go...!
And nice one to post those Who posts again... ;)

Fellow Brit and all!!!

Still luv your blog!



TheUpsetter1969 said...

"Just when I think I'm out they drag me back in." That should be the motto of Blogger.com :) Good to see ya coming back again. And finally someone who'll admit to liking my blog in public.

telstar_ted said...

And a 'Big Tony' series fan..of should I say a Stevie VZ fan!!

#..you got good taste!..#

And I've always loved your quips...even though I may not have said..



TheUpsetter1969 said...

Aw shucks :">

Avenging Angel said...

are you sure its a Pecadilo or a prickadillo this can make all the differance mainly in prices, you can tell the difference by picking the little beasty up and if its claws come extended out its of the prick variety hence the name prickadillo these are common but the other pecadilo now if it a true one could be worth money and should be feed large saucers of cream they love it,but for the prickadillo's milk will do just lovely,have fun with you new pet lasers pointers are now the rage for playing with them just as a single string can give hours of enjoyment to the little one or you ,peace my friend AA

stopthattrain said...

heh yeah i can relate to the Siousxie incident
she still has it to this day ;)

Matt said...

Your blog is very funny and a great read. The music's not bad either.

TheUpsetter1969 said...

Thanks for the comments everyone