4 Jul 2006

"God save the Queen'Cos those tourists are money And our figure head Is not what she seems."

This morning is the second day of my week off and it's just like Christmas. The Postman arrives, which my landlord insists on calling him 'postie' in some old sitcom type way for some reason he has. Anyway everything that arrived was for me, my new Douglas Coupland - 'Hey Nostradamus!' my magazine and a cd boxset of 80's stuff. The only difference being that with christmas and birthdays you don't have to pay for it yourself and you don't get what you want anyway. So really this morning was nothing like Christmas it was a bad anology sorry. It's even too hot to sleep past 0800 which is very annoying when you haven't got anywhere to go. So that's another reason it's nothing like Christmas .. apart from christmas in a hot place like Australia. G'day to any Aussies reading this btw. Happy 4th of July to any Americans. Yes two hundred and thirty years of freedom from the shackles of inbred royal rule. No longer did you have to suffer the oppression of unfair taxation without representation. You threw off the misrule of English Kings (although he was German really) where you were free to elect your own government run by fair and honest men unsullied by the corruption that beset the British parliament, free to elect a man of sound mind and of great intelligence to the high office of President a 'Solomon' wise man figure if you will ... I ... ah, yes well.

Happy 4th of July anyway.

I like the idea of overthrowing the royal family and replacing them with waxworks. They'd be slightly less inbred for a start fucking chinless wonders. Apparently the queen costs each one of us in the UK 62p each well I want a fucking refund that's £22.94 they owe me for a start. That's £37,200,000 between the lot of us who by the way have no say in the matter whether we want to pay for a family of retards, anybody else want them? Just think of all the good that good come from spending all that money on other things like schools and hospital. Not to mention the other incomes she has from owning land etc, how anyone can 'own' a piece of the earth is beyond me. Also she has this huge art collection that is in her care, she is only the custodian of it as it belongs to the nation but only 1% of it is on show. I say bring back the ancient lost art of Regicide only along with everything else that makes a comeback make it bigger and better.
Anyway now that I've had a few moments to change from Lou Ferrigno to Bill Bixby again here's today's post yes it's another motherload of Smiths Bootlegs. 20 altogether which should keep you busy for a while.



Anonymous said...

thanks for the smiths! will definitely keep me busy for a very long time.

TheUpsetter1969 said...

No problem, I'm glad to share. If any reposts are needed of the older posts let me know. More than happy to do it :))

Anonymous said...

bro your right about the royal family you should get your money back,as for here in the US we need another revolution to get our money back lol,keep on rockin bro i will keep on reading,and yes it just as hot here but i have the machines at full burn and the AC running full out if you watch the meter its spinning like a top peace to you AA

TheUpsetter1969 said...

I can't afford Air Con so I've borrowed next door's cat and tied Chinese fans to it's legs and it going like a nut trying to shake them off ... free animal powered a/c :))

PS you keep reading I'll keep posting.