23 Jul 2006

"The best things in life are freeBut you can keep 'em for the birds and beesNow give me money (that's what I want)."

Hmmm well what an exciting day in the life of me. I do my laundry, cook lunch and listen to 'Dread at the controls' by Mikey Dread in the sunshine streaming in my window having spent half the afternoon swearing at my computer for not working properly. I should have been at the chardiee football match this afternoon shouting in support for my team mates but what the hell who else was going to hoover my carpet or clean the toilet? So long as they kicked the ball in our manager's face who is loyalling playing for the other team whom he's trying to suck up to so he gets promoted.

I was going to go as my Chinese horrorscope for the year said said I was going to meet my true love at a sporting event, pffft how those things get printed god alone knows. 60 Million people in the country and only 12 zodiac signs that makes5 million people all having the same day? If you read more than one they all say different things so does anyone actually read these things? Does anybody actually read this thing? :) I know for a fact that over 50,000 of you have been here to download the gubbings I put up, hello to you all.

oooh hold on just got to go and get my Calippo out of the freezer our Ice cream pusher arrived just as my landlord had made a cuppa PG's finest. I saw the most beautiful thing today (apart from those knees) it was this metallic purple 60's Plymouth going past my laundrette, they'll now have CCTV footage of my running to the window and sticking my face to it like a Garfield toy leaving an imprint in sweat and slobber on the window of my handsome (!?) visage. I still want to bugger across the states in classic car such as the Pontiac GTO in the picture above. All I need is the money ... and a driving licence. I know it was a Plymouth as by the time I got across the laundromat I only saw the tail lights disappearing down the high street. I think it was god mocking me especially when I checked the lottery numbers and found (yet again) that I only had the bonus number ... it's no wonder I get depressed.

Decided against the Callippo as it's too late to have sticky fluids dribbling down your chin (although I know couple of people who would disagree ;) ) so I went for one my many free Cornettos ... I can recommend this Ice Cream man highly he gives regular customer freebies.

Tonight's music is The blockheads from a BBC 6 Music Session with guest stars of Tom Robinson and Suggs. Then we have A greatest hits compilation from the Jam which can only be a good thing. Also I've reupped the Who's 30 years of maximum R& B boxset that LS Bee put up on his blog before he decided to sadly call it a day.

http://rapidshare.de/files/26657273/TJ_-_GH.rar The Jam - Greatest Hits

http://rapidshare.de/files/26654351/TBlock-SMS.rar The Blockheads 6 Music Session

http://rapidshare.de/files/26549665/TW-30YOMRAB.part1.rar The Who Boxset



Enjoy & see ya in the funny papers

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