18 Jun 2006

"I was looking for a job, and then I found a job, And heaven knows I'm miserable now, In my life Why do I give valuable time To people who don't care if I live or die ?"

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I wish I was more of an optimist, like those people have gone to the world cup having bought their tickets a fair old while ago. How do I know they are optimists? They are the one with the Scottish flags in the crowd. Speaking of optimism it's sunday and the nation is out and about enjoying the delights of botulism al fresco. yes Barbeque season is amongst us. I think the natives have angered the sun gods as it seems to have disappeared behind clouds, this is probably due to the fact the sun gods don't like unnecessary naked skin. Judging by the man across the road it seems to me that those that take their clothes off are ones who shouldn't. Obviously I'm the exception, I get undressed in the cupboard and wear underpants in the bath (so that I don't look down on the unemployed). I think my pessimism stems from all those matches spent watching Norwich City and/or England flay football. Also my lovelife. I mean Norwich have been up and down more than a whore's knickers it's no wonder I look forward to the new football season with despondancy. England likewise have underperformed every tournament despite having some excellent players over the years ... and Owen Hargreaves, we've always gone home early but always after the Scots. :)). Which is another bone of contention I have. At the moment all the media are covering stories re: Scots won't support England. Well why not? I have photo's to prove that I supported the Scots of Ally's Tartan Army in '78 and Jack Charlton's Eire teams in the '90's. I've also noticed this world cup that the referees seem to be eliminating all contact from the game. so much so in the Italy USA match in fact that three players were sent off, at one point my landlord and I were about to go to Germany in case we got a game, (we are both adept Sensible Soccer players and our thumbs are at their fitness peak). You now get a booking if you look at someone in a funny way.
I have also noted that my team (ahem) Brazil, aren't playing the way they used to. What we (they) need are a few players with the panache of Zico or Socrates. It would be a lot better if my body double (Ronaldo), would pull his finger out. Mind you they are much better with Robinho on the field I just wish that Roberto Carlos would stop putting free kicks into row 'M'. Still the fans are just as hot as they ever have been. Still the same can be said about the England team, ie the way they play not that they are hot. The fans also aren't that hot I mean tattoos and beer bellies ... and the men are even worse.

Tonight's music is an excellent early Ska compilation from the top notch Ska files. Tommy McCook, Don Drummond, Desmond Dekker, Derrick Harriot and loads of others to blast out your eardrums with. Then We have the only world cup song I've ever bought, Mr Smash & Friends featuring the England Supporters Band. 'We're Coming Over' from the last world cup.



http://d.turboupload.com/d/700826/s.rar.html Mr Smash And Friends - We're Coming Over

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