21 Jun 2006

" I can remember when I stood on my head, And walking straight across the ground, I still picture the laughing faces catch me, I'm falling into my past deeper, the deeper the louder the laugh."

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Those sexy knees ... steady boys.
You know I'm forever amazed at my cattle like customers, sorry that's unfair to cattle. At least if you walk through a field of cattle they tend to move out of the way gently. Not so with customers, there you are with a two metre tall cage full of stock on wheels and there they stand. Transfixed thinking that if they just skooch the basket on the floor about an inch along with their foot then there's enough room to get by. One of these days I'll just run them over and be done with it. If I'm trying to work I want to work so just move it ya gimps. I want it so that the people jump up on the shelves to get out of the way. The other thing that annoyed me this week (apart from England's performance) ... sorry one of the other things that annoyed me this week (apart from England's performance) was when these idiotic dimbulbs that make George Dubya look like a genius ask you for something and say "I looked but couldn't find it." well duh, and there was me thinking that you were just testing me to keep me on my toes. Either that or they tell you that they walked right by it, well that makes me feel soooooo much better knowing that I've just had to walk across the whole shop to take you to right where you were and prove in my mind that you are a dolt (apologies to dolts). As a friend of mine says "Well honestly." I'm hoping that it's just our customers that are like this as if I go into another retail outlet to work and they are the same I'll be very very disappointed, or possibly I'll go postal.

Well I'm pretty certain that there's not going to be any more series of Red Dwarf which is annoying too. It's reported that Craig Charles was doing crack in the back of a car and as a result he has been suspended by ITV for Coronation Street and by the digital radio channel BBC 6 Music for his Funk show on a friday night. Oh well no more talking through the records in an annoying scouse accent. Still at least it's not Russel Brand who is really very annoying indeed. Get a haircut you skinny twat. He's a bit too Radio One for my liking. Top of the Pops has been axed after 40 years and it not being any good for the last (insert your own amount here) years. That's the thing everyone says it should be axed but have differing opinions of when it should have stopped. My own opinion it should have been after Britpop when all those gay boy bands started to kick in. Later ... with Jools Holland is a much better show although as I drift through the years I find I drift into sleep long before the slot. Unfortunately I've also reached that period in my life where instruction manuals just add to the confusion in my life and therefore I don't bother anymore and thus I've yet to have mastered the timer record on my 3 month old dvd recorder.

Tonight's music is from the Housemartins as they seem to be popular with some of you. The two albums 'London 0 Hull 4' and 'The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death' from when life was less confusing and annoying when all you had to do to get a girlfriend was buy her several pints of 'rum and black'. A snog and a fumble later and ther you are carving each other's names into a bus shelter with the suffix " 4 Ever" only later to scratch it out when you've got found another girlfriend or rather your last one dumped you. I'm not bitter. I've also found the two John Peel Shows from 1986's festive fifty that feature The Housemartins & The Fish City 5 (which is them in a disguise). I've put the whole shows up because they are such good shows. I also have the rest of the shows if they are wanted, 5 in total

http://d.turboupload.com/d/713182/5.part1.rar.html Fish City Five John Peel Session pt1
http://d.turboupload.com/d/713221/5.part2.rar.html Fish City Five John Peel Session pt2
http://d.turboupload.com/d/713484/TH-TPWGTTD.rar.html People Who Grinned ...
http://d.turboupload.com/d/713636/L0H4.part1.rar.html London 0 Hull 4 pt1
http://rapidshare.de/files/23733373/L0H4.part2.rar.html London 0 Hull 4 pt2


Anonymous said...

thanks for the fish city five songs! :)

TheUpsetter1969 said...

No problem, I'm just suprised I found them so quickly as I have around a hundred DVD's that I've yet to catalogue in my book, lazy lazy. Anyway enjoy the music and the other tracks on the show.

El said...

So very impressed you showcased the Housemartins! Thankyouverymuch! :)

TheUpsetter1969 said...

No problem I only wish I'd seen them live. If you haven't already check out the archives as there's a live bootleg from Glastonbury in there somewhere from the Housemartins. Incidentally it was the same weekend as the Madness one, I wish I'd gone there that year.

Ted said...

There were only four in the Housemartins yet the Fish City Five has five voices.... anyone know who the fifth singer is ?

Mike said...

Unless it was Ted who left to be replaced by Norman or some clever editing I doon't know. Keeping it Peel is certainly no help nor the numerous websites or Wikipedia. All I got from the BBC's site was "Billed As 'the Fish City 5', A Cappella Session." Sorry myabe if I ever get a copy of the biography from ebay I'll let you know.