28 Jun 2006

"And if you must, go to work - tomorrow, Well, if I were you I really wouldn't bother For there are brighter sides to life And I should know, because I've seen them But not very often ..."

I can honestly say that I'm planning to move my PC into the bathroom,(no webcam ... be grateful), It's just that I get my best ideas in there whilst scrubbing the old naughty bits. Either that or I have to get a waterproof notepad.
Does anyone know how to rip dvds to an mpeg or avi file? As I've got loads of music dvds I'd like to share with you lot but no idea how to do it yet. Ripping videos etc no problem I wonder if I can repace the vcr with the dvd player and do it that way? Hmmmm I'll experiment. I hope that works.
Anyway My (cough cough) team Brazil have won their latest match and I'm awaiting the next round with anticipation. I still think Brazil are going to win it and end up with yet another star on the shirt. I still think that it's a shame that If this cup is one by a country a third time then FIFA have said that they are not going to get to keep the trophy. It's about time we had a new one. That one is as old as I am. The only differences being that it is worth millions and I'm
not and lots of people look forward to seeing the world cup ...On to the music.
Aztec Camera were a band that I heard all the time in the eighties (god I feel old) I liked them but they could never prize their way into my Madness obsessed record collection (then later The Housemartins). I was too busy spending the money I earned on beer and sweets. Here is the 'Love' album from the band hope you like it.

http://rapidshare.de/files/24112539/AC-L.rar Aztec Camera - Love

Yet again for you lucky lucky people we have a shed load of The Smiths bootlegs found in my disk collection, hundreds of the damn things uncatalogued. Only ten this time as I got extremely bored of taking disk out, putting disk in loading up contents on screen, finding no bootlegs on that one, taking disk out, etc etc ad infinitum. I did find a shedload of Elastica though if anyone's interested? I have covers for all the boots. Thanks to the original posters and uploaders I've no idea who they where as I forgot to take notes (it was ages before I thought of wibbling away on this blog that I got them).

http://rapidshare.de/files/24370893/Mo_Smiths_Mo_Uploads.txt More Smiths uploads

That takes the total of Smiths uploaded in the last week or so to 24 .. god I'm good to you and do you appreciate me? (sniffle) Do you take me anywhere? (sniffle) you never say that I look nice you never introduce me to your friends. You don't love me do ? Go on say it? You know you want to , no don't touch me. Oh my mother was right about you, she said I should've married that doctor (wail).

25 Jun 2006

"My only weakness is a list of crimes, my only weakness is ... well never mind never mind, Shoplifters of the world unite and take over."

As I write this I'm sitting here waiting for Ecaudor to kick us out of the world cup. It's balmy summers day here in Old Blighty where the leaden skies unleash their watery contents upon my fucking head as I drag my washing back from the laundromat. Hmmm and so many people want to come here, now don't get me wrong I've got no problem whatsoever with immigration or emmigration. I just don't understand why many people would leave their nice warm places to come to this soggy sceptered isle. Still at least there'll be room for me when I become a full Brazilian ... there's still no extradition between UK and Brazil right? And if anyone asks "you ain't seen me and you don' know nuffin' right?" Cushty.

I notice that reknown fat lad and Brazilian striker Ronaldo has equalled Gerd Muller's all time world cup scoring record and must surely pass it this time? This makes the dvds we are selling at work woefully out of date as they clearly state the case for Herr Muller. It's no wonder they've gone down in price. More cheap cut price crap for me to sell, oh joy. I really have to leave that job then I wouldn't get people complaining when I won't let them in at the end of the day. I mean how unreasonable can I get? We're only open for 60 hours a week so what on earth makes people not want to come in during that time? Why come and moan at me when I won't let you in at 17.29 and 45 seconds? These people always say the same thing, "It's not quite 5.30 yet." well how were we supposed to know? I mean there we were going by the clocks in our shop had we known we were running fast then we'd ring these people up and ask them the time ... Arseholes. Anyway I just chill out now and I try not to let these wankers ruin my home life too by winding me up. I just watched Pulp Fiction again last night on BBC3 which is kind of stupid as I've got the DVD but it's still a great film packed with excellent dialogue and fantastic cinematograpy. I wish I could write something that good. Maybe I'll give it a go? People keep telling me to write a book, I think I'd like that not for money as I'm certain there wouldn't be any or the fame for the same reason. Just for the fact that I'd not like to work for a living anymore and I'm pretty darn certain that my lucky numbers will never come up, (that lotto is a fix), and I'm never gooing to amount to anything in any field of work especially not in retail management ick. So I'll give it a go why not what have I to lose?

Today for you lucky people we have a huge (forteen to be precise), bootlegs by The Smiths. These are all culled from the web over the last few months and they would have been more in number but as I alluded to in a post earlier I haven't cataloged over a hundred dvds of data and therefore don't want to spend my sodden sunday looking through dvds. I've used rapidshare because I recently got a free (my favourite price ;)) ) trial Premium account so I'm going to get the full account later in the week. Each bootleg has all tracks in their in a txt file along with details of the dates and I've added the covers as well. As you'd expect they have differing qualities but I didn't do them so don't complain to me and whaddya want for free anyway? Now leave me alone and I'm going to have an afternoon of watching 'My Name Is Earl' and 'Mallrats'. BTW I have the complete season one of My Name Is Earl let me know if anyone would want them posted?

NB I would like to assure the world in my own little way that not all English football fans are like the arseholes that seem to have surfaced in Germany at the moment. I'm certain that some of us had we been there would have found great pleasure in making new friends and not wearing t shirts and making stupid comments about the war that we never fought in 60 years ago.

http://rapidshare.de/files/24082431/Mega_Smiths_upload.txt Text File for 14 bootlegs

21 Jun 2006

" I can remember when I stood on my head, And walking straight across the ground, I still picture the laughing faces catch me, I'm falling into my past deeper, the deeper the louder the laugh."

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Those sexy knees ... steady boys.
You know I'm forever amazed at my cattle like customers, sorry that's unfair to cattle. At least if you walk through a field of cattle they tend to move out of the way gently. Not so with customers, there you are with a two metre tall cage full of stock on wheels and there they stand. Transfixed thinking that if they just skooch the basket on the floor about an inch along with their foot then there's enough room to get by. One of these days I'll just run them over and be done with it. If I'm trying to work I want to work so just move it ya gimps. I want it so that the people jump up on the shelves to get out of the way. The other thing that annoyed me this week (apart from England's performance) ... sorry one of the other things that annoyed me this week (apart from England's performance) was when these idiotic dimbulbs that make George Dubya look like a genius ask you for something and say "I looked but couldn't find it." well duh, and there was me thinking that you were just testing me to keep me on my toes. Either that or they tell you that they walked right by it, well that makes me feel soooooo much better knowing that I've just had to walk across the whole shop to take you to right where you were and prove in my mind that you are a dolt (apologies to dolts). As a friend of mine says "Well honestly." I'm hoping that it's just our customers that are like this as if I go into another retail outlet to work and they are the same I'll be very very disappointed, or possibly I'll go postal.

Well I'm pretty certain that there's not going to be any more series of Red Dwarf which is annoying too. It's reported that Craig Charles was doing crack in the back of a car and as a result he has been suspended by ITV for Coronation Street and by the digital radio channel BBC 6 Music for his Funk show on a friday night. Oh well no more talking through the records in an annoying scouse accent. Still at least it's not Russel Brand who is really very annoying indeed. Get a haircut you skinny twat. He's a bit too Radio One for my liking. Top of the Pops has been axed after 40 years and it not being any good for the last (insert your own amount here) years. That's the thing everyone says it should be axed but have differing opinions of when it should have stopped. My own opinion it should have been after Britpop when all those gay boy bands started to kick in. Later ... with Jools Holland is a much better show although as I drift through the years I find I drift into sleep long before the slot. Unfortunately I've also reached that period in my life where instruction manuals just add to the confusion in my life and therefore I don't bother anymore and thus I've yet to have mastered the timer record on my 3 month old dvd recorder.

Tonight's music is from the Housemartins as they seem to be popular with some of you. The two albums 'London 0 Hull 4' and 'The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death' from when life was less confusing and annoying when all you had to do to get a girlfriend was buy her several pints of 'rum and black'. A snog and a fumble later and ther you are carving each other's names into a bus shelter with the suffix " 4 Ever" only later to scratch it out when you've got found another girlfriend or rather your last one dumped you. I'm not bitter. I've also found the two John Peel Shows from 1986's festive fifty that feature The Housemartins & The Fish City 5 (which is them in a disguise). I've put the whole shows up because they are such good shows. I also have the rest of the shows if they are wanted, 5 in total

http://d.turboupload.com/d/713182/5.part1.rar.html Fish City Five John Peel Session pt1
http://d.turboupload.com/d/713221/5.part2.rar.html Fish City Five John Peel Session pt2
http://d.turboupload.com/d/713484/TH-TPWGTTD.rar.html People Who Grinned ...
http://d.turboupload.com/d/713636/L0H4.part1.rar.html London 0 Hull 4 pt1
http://rapidshare.de/files/23733373/L0H4.part2.rar.html London 0 Hull 4 pt2

18 Jun 2006

"I was looking for a job, and then I found a job, And heaven knows I'm miserable now, In my life Why do I give valuable time To people who don't care if I live or die ?"

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I wish I was more of an optimist, like those people have gone to the world cup having bought their tickets a fair old while ago. How do I know they are optimists? They are the one with the Scottish flags in the crowd. Speaking of optimism it's sunday and the nation is out and about enjoying the delights of botulism al fresco. yes Barbeque season is amongst us. I think the natives have angered the sun gods as it seems to have disappeared behind clouds, this is probably due to the fact the sun gods don't like unnecessary naked skin. Judging by the man across the road it seems to me that those that take their clothes off are ones who shouldn't. Obviously I'm the exception, I get undressed in the cupboard and wear underpants in the bath (so that I don't look down on the unemployed). I think my pessimism stems from all those matches spent watching Norwich City and/or England flay football. Also my lovelife. I mean Norwich have been up and down more than a whore's knickers it's no wonder I look forward to the new football season with despondancy. England likewise have underperformed every tournament despite having some excellent players over the years ... and Owen Hargreaves, we've always gone home early but always after the Scots. :)). Which is another bone of contention I have. At the moment all the media are covering stories re: Scots won't support England. Well why not? I have photo's to prove that I supported the Scots of Ally's Tartan Army in '78 and Jack Charlton's Eire teams in the '90's. I've also noticed this world cup that the referees seem to be eliminating all contact from the game. so much so in the Italy USA match in fact that three players were sent off, at one point my landlord and I were about to go to Germany in case we got a game, (we are both adept Sensible Soccer players and our thumbs are at their fitness peak). You now get a booking if you look at someone in a funny way.
I have also noted that my team (ahem) Brazil, aren't playing the way they used to. What we (they) need are a few players with the panache of Zico or Socrates. It would be a lot better if my body double (Ronaldo), would pull his finger out. Mind you they are much better with Robinho on the field I just wish that Roberto Carlos would stop putting free kicks into row 'M'. Still the fans are just as hot as they ever have been. Still the same can be said about the England team, ie the way they play not that they are hot. The fans also aren't that hot I mean tattoos and beer bellies ... and the men are even worse.

Tonight's music is an excellent early Ska compilation from the top notch Ska files. Tommy McCook, Don Drummond, Desmond Dekker, Derrick Harriot and loads of others to blast out your eardrums with. Then We have the only world cup song I've ever bought, Mr Smash & Friends featuring the England Supporters Band. 'We're Coming Over' from the last world cup.



http://d.turboupload.com/d/700826/s.rar.html Mr Smash And Friends - We're Coming Over

14 Jun 2006

"You've got to hold and give But do it at the right time, You can be slow or fast But you must get to the line, They'll always hit you and hurt you, Defend and attack Theres only one way to beat them, Get round the back."

I'm sat here as we speak watching my new national side Brazil vs Croatia. There are sparks of classic Brazil and I'm enjoying this much more than the France vs Switzerland match this afternoon which was so gripping that despite it being 6pm both my landlord and I fell asleep for the second half. Mind you there were exceptions to the 'classic'tag for Brazil ie Ronaldo who at one point was so lesiurely that at one point I thought he had taken his dog for a walk. I mean even with my fat hairy arse I move about a bit more than he did. And even though I still feel that Ronaldinho resembles Dwayne Dibbly he has been playing like the ball is glued to his feet and even my bag hiding (childish) ;) colleagues could forgive him the beating of the Arsenal in the european cup final... possibly not as he's sooooo petty (You know who you are). Is it the law to take hot looking women with you when Brazil play? If so why do we only have the rule to take a load of fat beered up men in red shirts and number one skinhead haircuts? Is this why we came second to the Romans? ("vos es non sono anymore) Woo hoo Brazil 1-0. Much better than the boooooring England 1-0, and the boooooring Holland 1-0 etc etc. I was wondering the other day what happened to all those great players that stuck in my mind as a small child as I watched them in the '78 and '82 world cups. Players like Jarzinho, Socrates, Falcao and Junior? I wonder if Junior named his children after himself? Would he then have become Junior Senior and his boy Junior Junior? It's a pity that the only memories of Pele playing that I have are the odd fragments of the occasional bits of footage played by World Of Sport when the British league was off due to the weather. Yes kids there was a time when no pitch had the undersoil heating. Imagine how the people who brought it over from more advanced countries must have seemed like the first caveman to discover fire and bring it back to the ancient chairmen. The pioneers of the technology would have been burnt at the stake for heresy until an underground movement formed until one day there was no longer a need to get the orange ball out and play on a permafrost pitch ... Unless you went to my school where the PE teachers would take great delight in such punishments. It's no wonder that other countries are much better than us a sports, the Brazilians with their beaches and or hot weather and fantastic looking women (if the crowd shots are to be believed), the Germans with their acadamies and excellent footballers like Beckenbaur, or the Italians with their stylish women and "one nil up we'll stay there grazie" style of play. Then there's us with sadistic PE teachers, one week of sunshine a year, fat blokes who run around in a sunday league team having trained in the pub and kebab house.

Onto the music Firstly we have an ACDC album which takes me back to the early days of getting drunk on Southern Comfort, super strong home brew and throwing 'Bombay mix' about. For those of you who don't know what that is it's basically lots of bits of crisp like things, peanuts and lots of curry powder. It was probably invented in somewhere nondescript like Peterborough or Basingstoke and Indians have probably never heard of it and would spit it out if offered to them saying "what the hell is this crap you are giving me?" (just imagine that I typed
that in an Indian accent). Anyway this album was played on video in surround sound by Barry whose dad owned the pub. All the other music was not suitable as he had it on vinyl and kept jumping whilst we 'danced' as the party was in a large caravan/mobile home in the back garden and 20 guests will do that to a record player. Excellent memories as I went home after being kept awake by Gavin who stayed up all night talking about Werewolves ... that would teach us to spike a teetotal's drink with the half bottle of Southern Comfort I hadn't drunk. I went home on Sunday morning after vacuuming up the bombay mix fell asleep for a few hours and re awoke to silence so thinking it was Monday started having Kellog's Frosties to be told that my dinner was in the oven. I'm suprised I remember anything at all, I certainly can't remember the name of the girl who treated us to a lap dance. Ahhh the fall of western civilization you can't beat it. Then we have a compilation of New Wave and Punk ahh that takes me back to about three weeks ago when I bought it. It was a lovely bus journey on a hot day at the start of peanut smuggling season, which is a reason for happiness in my sad little life.

http://www.badongo.com/file/862028 ACDC - Fly On The Wall http://www.badongo.com/file/866019 New Wave

http://www.badongo.com/file/866080 New Wave Explosion pt 2

10 Jun 2006

"Me used to be a angry young man, Me hiding me head in the sand, You gave me the word, I finally heard, I'm doing the best that I can."

I'm having a breast awareness lifetime. I'm sorry to be sexist and all that but my earliest memories are of Sid James. I love the summer, we don't usually get one here in the UK so it's especially nice that this one is lasting more than a week. Mind you the downside is that despite being an island surrounded by the stuff we keep running out of water. Never figured why we've never built desalination plants? Oh well why build something that's useful when you can spend the money bombing innocent people eh Mr Blair? Summer is also 'peanut smuggling season' where the ladys around the town feel the need to shed cardigans and walk about in light summer clothing. It is kinda disctracting when you see it in my shop though there I am trying to tidy up the shelves at the end of the day and then a beautiful women walks down my 'tools & electrical' aisle (obviously lost) when everytime I turn around for some inexplicable reason 32 & a half inches below my eyeline things keep getting knocked off the shelf. I need a girlfriend ... or a cold shower ... every five minutes. It seems to be that the good looking rise late (obviously yours truly is the exception to the rule),as they only come in the shop in the afternoon in the morning we have to put up with the heffers. Fat people in lycra are not good especially with the hot weather, you try serving customers whilst all the time breathing out, it's not easy). D-e-o-d-o-r-a-n-t people!!!!!
Well nice to see my little map down there below my counter is becomming a bit more spotty. I've now had hits from every continent which I'm extremely chuffed about. Trying to find out what country that is in the south east pacific. And more importantly does anyone want to adopt me from there? Short post today due to the fact that I'm watching the World cup at the same time and keep getting distracted. The music today is some 'baggy/madchester' stuff from the period slightly before the explosion of 'Britpop' late eighties early nineties. This is the Ministry Of Sound 'Sorted' compilation from four years ago. Go here for the track listing

http://www.badongo.com/file/844809 uno

http://www.badongo.com/file/845050 dos

http://www.badongo.com/file/845178 tres

Now go away whilst I watch Holland vs Serbia Montenegro. ;) Any fine looking Dutch women want to adopt me?

5 Jun 2006

"The people who grinned themselves to death,Smiled so much they failed to take a breath.And even when their kids were starving,They all thought the queen was charming."
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Due to the fact that I found this picture in the Observer World Cup Special, I'm now temporarily Brazilian again. Much nicer looking than any French girl I know ;) (desole ma petite fleur) I'm about to buy my cheap knock off Thailand replica kit for £5.99 on eBay and trying to buy some microwaveable Feijoada what ever one of those is? I wonder if they do it in Sainsbury's? Nevermind that the Brazialian national anthem sounds like a Boulting Brother's Ealing comedy theme tune. Possibly a St Trinians movie although as I write they are murdering it with a Swiss oompah band. Mind you it's not as bad as the dirge we have to put up with, it's no wonder were crap at sports, it's because we're depressed before we start. I like Brazil my friend from work comes from there (Você Sabe Quem Você É) she's always happy and laughs at my jokes why the hell she gave up a country like Brazil or her husband's country (Italy)to live here, especially in that shit hole where we all have the misfortune to work. She's not the only person from another nation ther, we have a Venezualan, Chinese, German, Portuguese, French & some Scots Welsh and Scousers from the other end of the scale. With all those nations we still can't scrape together a half decent football team. After four weeks of decent football some knackered old men will be in need of cardiovascular treatment, yes!!! coming up in the first week in August it's the '2nd annual huffing and puffing up and down a pitch with beetroot faces' all in the name of charity. Last year I hacked down the area manager much to the horror of my store manager. Hey it's a man's game .. apart from the sexy legged lady we had who scored against a man who thought himself 'a goalkeeping legend in his own mind'. I didn't tackle her to the ground because a, she was on our team and b, that would have been far too obvious ... although I did try to share the showers. She did give me a lift home but my telepathic messages must have been scrambled by the car radio as I still have my knackers in place. I'm planning to get someone to donate a few shirts for our team, I may approach The Arsenal ... or a decent team. (Lee stop sticking pins in my effigy - ow!) Also looking for sponsors, any currency, it's for Imperial Cancer again I believe. As much or as little as you wish. If anyone's interested then use the email. Let's face it it's a good cause and I don't ask much.
Also it's 'summer' here and we have to have the windows open otherwise being British we'd have to remove one of our sweaters. This makes it easy for one of the world's most pointless creatures to enter my house ( no not Jehovah's witneses as we are thankfully blacklisted ;)) but moths, I mean why? What is a moth for? it doesn't look nice just brown, it flaps about between light sources because it's too dumb to determine which is the moon and which is a 25 watt bulb, or my vdu. Now I've never been a fan of moths I'll admit, ever since the bar-b-que incident when I was about 10 and I took a bite of my hotdog only to get a mouth full of moth first. It shot in like a Japanese pilot in 1945 off Okinawa. But still I don't want anyone to think I'm being 'Mothist' here but what would happen if they weren't here? I think the same about politicians if the thruth be told.

Anyway enough old bollocks here's tonight's music 'The Housemartins - Now That's What I Call Quite Good' greatest hits from 1987 which I think is better than the greatest hits that came out a couple of years ago now. I liked the Housemartins (who once did a peel session as 'The Fish City Five' which I have somewhere) I remember hearing them whilst walking to and fro across the country lanes of North Norfolk. I just liked the lyrics of 'Flag day' which kind of struck a chord with little old socialist leftie me with a damp coat and muddy boots and listening to the words with great intent on my battered old walkman which due to knackered could only pick up radio two on it's radio when batteries when they were too low to play the tape, fuck I hated Jimmy Young, Gloria
Hunniford and David Jacobs whilst walking 24 miles to Norwich Job Centre and back. It's probably radio two that drove me to join the Army, hmmm if i'd died my blood would have been on Terry Wogan's hands tisk and he seemed so wholesome to all those grannies who listn in every morning too.We also have 'Malcom McLaren's - Duck Rock' which is an album I've had a copy of since it came out all those years ago. Yes it's oddball and he's a bit wierd (read the chapter in Rip it up and start again to see why I think this) and yes he gave the world Vivian westwood but this is an album that has so many levels. It brings forth rhytyms from all around the world, and to a young impressionable lad like me growing up in grey, cold and wet Norfolk this was colourful interlude in the otherwise drabness of growing up surrounded by flat arable land where nothing ever happened.

http://www.badongo.com/file/817700 Housemartins part 1
http://www.badongo.com/file/817805 Housemartins part 2
http://www.badongo.com/file/818156 Malcom McLaren Duck Rock

2 Jun 2006

"The suburbs they are dreaming They're a twinkle in her eye, She's been feeling frisky since her husband said goodbye, She wears a low cut T-shirt Runs a little B&B, She's most accomodating when she's in her lingerie, Wife-swapping is your future, You know that it would suit ya."

Well AOL seem to have pulled their collective fingers out of wherever they had them and sorted out my connection. Tonight I got to come home early due to the fact my manager is a loser (You know who you are). Even after an hour and a half long lesson on how to attach and send pictures in email (when I should have been working), and a crashed computer due to excessive impatient pressing of buttons by said manager I get a phone call to tell me he hasn't done it right and could I go home and do it before the deadline? Well 25 mins later after rushing around my department to get it tidy for the morning and watching a suspected shoplifter on cctv I rush home in the boiling hot weather and with head ache proceed to do one of the easiest things on the PC which is seemingly beyond certain retail managers. It's like I say everyone has their forte and they are good at that and not much else. With me it's computers with him it's obviously retail, it's not that I don't know about retail, but rather like most of my colleagues (apple polishers apart, You know who you are), I don't care. In my mind retail is like gardening, with retail people will buy whatever they want whether I'm on the shop floor or hiding in the warehouse (mentioning no home adornment department Section Leaders), in gardening green shit grows whether you want it to or not, no matter if Charlie Dimmock is flashing her manly frame in a loose fitting vest on Ground Force or not.
Also tonight whilst I'm in bitch mode (in a manly way of course), I'd like to thank all my snitchy, complete bastards at work (I know who you are) who told on me for fancying a lovely sexy legged lady to said lady. I now have to hide in a broom cupboard until she leaves the building. Gits ;) You wait, revenge will be mine once I write my retail based sitcom. All similarities to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental.
Well here's The Who - The Kids Are Alright OST I was going to post the other night but couldn't. The Who are always good for sticking on the old headphones when you fancy falling to sleep to a balls out rock band as all others are just mere pomp and spandex bullshit peddlars. Mind you I don't really like the later stuff after Keith Moon died but there you go. I'm not as bad as others I could mention who don't like Madness post 1981, speaking of whom they are in the studio to produce an original material album, thank god for that I need my madness fix after the dangermen and Our House musical total bollocks period. Let's hope it's not as disappointing as those. Anyway as I was saying here's the Who from the film The Kids Are Alright which documented their career up to that point (IE all the good bits I mentioned a moment ago), If you haven't seen the film then do yourself a favour and get a copy from somewhere as you'll see the genius that was Moon at work. You'll see the moment when he decided there wasn't enough powder in the flash bangs in the US TV studio so added lots more ... only he forgot to tell anyone else, subsiquently Pete Townsend finished his part by the drums and bang!!!! instant deafness from that day since. Rock and roll. Sadly there wasn't any footage of Keith on gorilla tranquilisers and having to be held on to the drums by roadies in the film but maybe there'll be a director's cut?
Lovely sunset tonight and as they say in my neck of the woods "Red skoiye at noight, sheeps is on fire, red skoiye in tha' mornun' sheeps still on fire."

http://www.badongo.com/file/803156 The 'Ooo

http://www.badongo.com/file/801072 New Links 04-06-06