26 May 2006

"You think I never see you when you jump over me wall, you think I nver see you when you accidentally fall."

Here's another repost as requested by someone and I apologise for the delay but when you reach the age of 37 let's see how senile you become. Still I hope you enjoy the Big Audio Dynamite BAD Files vol 6. Life's still good at the moment I'm sitting here in the brief late evening sunshine ... hold on ... it's gone now. But nevertheless I'm still happy I've stuffed couple of packets of Barrat's Fruit Salad into my gob and because they were sticky they still had the rseidue of paper stuck to them, I'm hoping this means my poo will come out wrapped up in yellow and pink wrappers ... kind of like an owl pellet ... only without the mouse bones.

Also posted are the missing tracks From The 'English' Beat. I thought they were lost when I had all my old tapes stolen (never trust a big nosed skinhead called Dave), luckily I had a new tape player to test so put in a tape that I'd not listened to in a dog's age and imagine my excitement when they came on , then imagine my swearing as the tape snapped and I had to get the sticky tape out to repair it (hence the drop out on 'Monkey Murders'). Tracks are Psychadelic Rockers, Too Nice To Talk To, Monkey Murders, Walk Away, Spar Wid Me, End Of The Party & She's Going I've just put them in one lump due to the fact I couldn't be arsed with splitting them in Audio Cleaning Lab. 21 Mins of lost and found Beat pleasure.

http://rapidshare.de/files/21455209/Ooh_Blimey.rar.html Beat session tracks thought lost

http://rapidshare.de/files/21450016/BAD6.rar.html Big Audio Dynamite BAD Files vol 6 (repost)


stopthattrain said...

never knew the BAD files existed ... thanks :)

TheUpsetter1969 said...

Yes I have all the other volumes too, if you check the archives (either Nov or Dec 05) they should be there still if not then let me know via skanut@aol.com and I'll reup them as soon as possible.

old school lady said...

thanks so much for the reup of vol. 6!

TheUpsetter1969 said...

No problem glad to help.

stopthattrain said...

cheers for pointing out the others .. top man :)