20 May 2006

"Thinking back, thinking of you Summertime, think it was June Yeah think it was June Laying back, head on the grass Chewing gum, having some laughsYeah having some laughs."

I think I'm turning into a grumpy old man. If it's not certain bleeding security guards saying "Look just ask her out" all day,(You know who you are), it's fully grown men on skateboards or BMX bikes. Or like the other day as I was coming out of Tesco's I couldn't help but laugh at these fifty year old teenagers, dressed like Vicky pollard and complaining about sciatica or varicose veins. It's amazing how we see ourselves isn't it? I mean take me for example, there I am certain that when I want a woman to see me as Clark Gable or that foppy twat out of Four Weddings who says "Gosh" a lot like all Englishmen really do, she sees me as Charles Laughton in The Hunback of Notre Dame. The other day an incredibly good looking woman smiled at me at the bus stop, my first reaction was to check to see if I had ketchup on my face or my flies were open. It's a sad sorry state of affairs that the only time I'm taken out to a restaurant for a meal and it's sixty odd year old woman friend of mine. I've just gotten a text on my phone for the first time in months and it's a spam, 'Dear Upsetter 1969 you're a sad lonely wanker why not sign up for Television X?' Who'd be me eh? why doesn't god make me attractive? When he made me his chisels must have been blunt. Oh that's right I'm a godless athiest, I wonder if it'll be worth the lobotomy to be open to religious instruction just to see if god looks after his own? Nah who the fuck would want to wake up to be Cliff Richard?

Tonight's pleasant tunes are from the 12"/80's series volume one to be precise so enjoy and don't forget to leave comments if you like them, then I can tailor the posts to what you like. I'll put up some requested reposts over the weekend, possibly after Sunday when I'm not quite so full of Chinese food.

part one http://rapidshare.de/files/20958774/1280s01.part1.rar.html
part two http://rapidshare.de/files/20962482/1280s01.part2.rar.html
part three http://rapidshare.de/files/20966052/1280s01.part3.rar.html
part four http://rapidshare.de/files/20969629/1280s01.part4.rar.html
part five http://rapidshare.de/files/20972595/1280s01.part5.rar.html
part six http://d.turboupload.com/d/621092/1280s01.part6.rar.html


Metro said...

so I guess these are different than the other ones you posted? The writing - top notch but the music descriptions are a bit ... er understated? :-)

TheUpsetter1969 said...

What's not to understand? Am I right in thinking you don't understand the difference between 12"/80s volume 1, volume 2 and 12"/80s/dance? If I was to write about every album I put up then I'd be here every hour of every day trying to come up with stuff to say. Just copy and paste the album titles into any amazon site and they'll give you all details you could want. Besides which this isn't really a blog about music, it's a blog where I rant on (and thanks for saying the writing is top notch btw), and the music is 'a thank you for coming' type thing. kind of like visiting a friend and getting a cup of tea. :)) I will try to be more erudite with the music just to be polite in future though. Although some of the blogs I go on seem to revel in their own knowledge of the music, I've never been an anorak to that extent as Big Audio Dynamite sang 'Just play that music'.