11 May 2006

"No more spanners in the works, All the works been done Had your face rubbed in the dirt, On show for every one."

I'm so bored tonight that I'm watching Women's international football. I live in hope but there'll be no shirt swapping at the end. It's not often you'll hear me say this but the fourth official is a bit of a stunner. Mind you there's a few players that you wouldn't pick a fight with in the pub. ick, I can't wait till the world cup (29 days), I bet the fourth officials aren't as good looking in those matches. I'm still about to become a temporary Brazilian citizen I'm looking to buy a set of samba drums and a brazilian beauty to dance in the crowd next to me. The referee must feel like a teacher tonight as she keeps getting booed by the crowd and it seems to be made up of about 5,000 kids. It's easy to spot them as they are the ones huddled by the stadium lights in the corner with their hoodies up smoking and drinking white lightning and cheap lager (1 bottle per five teenagers). I must say though that the players aren't as attractive in shorts as my lovely lady colleague during last year's sponsored 5-a-side wheeze up and down the pitch, or charity football match as it was known (sponsors required for this year). Someone has been whacked in the holiest of holys by a player's boot, at this point I'd be there with the magic sponge rubbing for all I'm worth, to which the ref would say "surely she's better by now?" and the player would shout "You mind your own bloody business."

Tonight's post is the compilkation of 80's dance 12"s and is called 12"/80's/Dance funnily enough






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