25 May 2006

"I keep thinking what this could all mean, faraway in another daydream a Carribean island in the sun where I can turn over and suntan my bum".

Here I am in an extremely good mood due to the fact that I am off for the next two days (hurray), then back for a day (boo), off for a further two days (hurray), then back for a day (boo) then as I'll be knackered it'll be my day off (hurrah). This coupled with the fact that after 200 eBay transactions I finally bought something that is useful and not a twenty year old copy of Smash Hits with a Madness cover. I now have a nice new Dab/Fm radio cassette player. This will enable me to encode and upload some of my many knackered old casettes. So there'll be some nice stuff uploaded over the next few weeks, also I'd like to apologise for the slowness of my doing the requested reposts, this is due to me trying to download the Laurel & Hardy movies I found before they disappear. Soon though I will repost The Specials BBC Sessions and the Debut album and Big Audio Dynamite Files number 6. Want any others? Then then let me know via the web address. I'm chuffed at the moment as Aol have just upgraded my connection to a max of 8 meg cue maniacal laughter (Mwah ha ha ha ha ha) and much rubbing of hands in evil genius type way. Not even the fact that the UK government has put in place legislation that means I'll have to be working ten years after my death to qualify for a pension will dampen my cheerfulness. I love my local record shop (Essential Records) I go down and thrust money in their hands and they give me shedloads of cds. Today I bought, V/A - Cigarettes & Alcohol, Desmond Dekker - Best Of, 3 cd box set of the B-52s, V/A - Dub A journey in Bass Culture & V/A - Dub More Bass Culture all for £25 not bad huh? I had to leave before I spent this week's rent on even more cds. All these will go up on my humble little blog in the next week or so depending on whether I finish downloading all those Laurel & Hardy films and Ghost In The Shell SAC 2nd Gig episodes not to mention the My Name Is Earl eps. In fact my download list is so huge now my hard drive is three pounds heavier from the .txt file alone.

Here is the repost of The Specials BBC sessions, if ever there was a band that should have gone on to do bigger and better things then here they are. Formed from various punk bands in and around Coventry they hit the mainstream thanks to airplay from amongst others, but primarily ,John Peel. They were a breath of fresh air at the time due to all the dour and death you got from the Punk and post punk bands and early Goth. They appeared to me like a bright beacon of light in a grey world over my tiny radio with deaf aid earpiece and medium wave high pitched whistle. They were only eclipsed by Madness a couple of months later in my affections. Although I'm sure that had they gone on this long they would have regained the foreground from the awful Dangermen sessions album from Madness. Enjoy.

http://rapidshare.de/files/21442744/BeebSesh.rar.html Specials BBC Sessions

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