3 May 2006

"Fluffy hair on a polar bear means more to me than a lavatory, you can't go far in a motor car with my front door key."

A friend of mine from work is going to a shlebrity wedding this weekend amongst the guests are Ian Brown, Liam Gallagher and Terry Hall ... I knew I should have asked her out months ago. Oh well I'd only have been dissapointed for the last few months anyway. Also it would have given the till girls something to talk about (not that those fishwives need any encouragement to gossip). Anyway I'm better than I was yesterday as I don't have quite an urge to kill people at
random. I would however like to maim slightly, perhaps give them a bit of a limp every other tuesday. I did ask her to pass a message on from me a lifelong (so far) fan of the Specials not to reform ever as they'd only be Showaddywaddy or like Madness. I'm not going to see them either this year as they've gone fully nostalgia act. I may as well go to Butlins and see someone like Bucks Fizz or Mud. I probably wouldn't ask for an autograph from any of them as the last
time I did was Laurel Aitken and the bugger kept my brand new pen that I got for Xmas a few months before.

Tonights posts are many, for that is the type of guy I am We have The Beat in Session from an October 1979 John Peel Show. Then we have the Beat again a couple of demo tracks of 'She's going' and 'Too nice to talk to'. I've decided to put up Neil's Heavy Concept album as I've been watching the Young ones a lot recently. Finally I've put up Dirk wears white sox by Adam and the Antz from the first incarnation before Malcom McLaren stole the band and formed Bow Wow Wow.

http://rapidshare.de/files/19476374/Heavy.rar.html Neil's Heavy Concept Album

http://rapidshare.de/files/19509497/OooohNice.rar.html The Beat In Session 1979

http://rapidshare.de/files/19473344/Beat.rar.html The Beat Demo tracks

http://rapidshare.de/files/19512363/Sox.rar.htm Adam & The Antz Dirk wears white sox

Enjoy the music


Sickb(oy)! said...

thanks for dirk. . .! i've just been getting into adam and the ants, and this was recommended to me. thank you!!

TheUpsetter1969 said...