14 May 2006

"Check your lucky numbers That much money could drag you under, oh What's the point of being rich if you can't think what to do with it? 'Cause you're so very thick"

Back in the day's of beer and bands, I used to run a fanzine called 'The Upsetter'. It was named after Lee Perry's Upsetter label as most other labels had been used for other fanzines before me and even though my first choice of Bigshot was a personal favourite of mine I felt with the Ska band I was knocking about with called Bigshot it would be a little trite. Anyway Having called it the upsetter and knicked the original logo for my header I sent out loads of copies to record companies and bands etc in the hope I'd get some replies. I did and one of the bands that I had a long term correspondence with Was The Invaders from Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the U.S.A of A. In fact I recieved lads of material from the band and along with my many free cds from Dojo and a few other labels I did alright out of the deal. Unfortunately due to my need for paying rent and eating they mostly had to be sold many moons ago, I still kept the Invaders stuff though. This cassette is from 1994 and this is the first time I've actually gotten around to transferring it to mp3. It's just as good as I remembered it from those hazy days (the beer) of unemployment. I originally started the fanzine to keep me sane on the rock and roll and was not interested in turning a profit, something that I was spectacularly successful in, more one than the other. The fanzine didn't last long though , four and a half issues, because I moved back to Norfolk where nothing has happened since 1936. I recently heard Norfolk being described as Holland ...without the drugs" and "Life with the life support turned off". I can concur on both counts having lived
there for what seemd like an enternity. I always picture my old hometown when I hear Morrissey sing "This is the seaside town that they forgot to burn down". "Every day is like Sunday" indeed, maybe Mozza spent a fortnight there? I've jus looked up the village on the interweb in the vane hope that it'd fallen into the sea, no such luck. Turns out it is in colour now. The local children's home, which I wasn't allowed to hang around because, according to my mum, they aren't nice children. It's now a bed and breakfast guest house. It looks as though it's been dragged kicking and screaming into the eighties. Of course if anyone fancies a holiday with long grey summers and a huge gas terminal on the horizon then by all means type 'Mundesley' into google.

Here's the tape, enjoy


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