31 May 2006

"Turn the tables with our unity They neither moral nor majority Wake up and smell the coffee Or just say no to individuality."

Speaking of shit and amateurish, I watched the match between England and Hungary last night, jesus h christ what a dull first half. Then we scored two in quick succession from David Beckham set pieces to liven up the match. No sooner had the commentators said "The Hungarians don't seem to have any answers" they scored a brilliant goal and opened up the match again, it finished three to one after a nicely worked goal from lanky bean pole Peter Crouch who slotted it past the goalkeeper who seemed to be wearing pyjama bottoms in goal. Anyway it's usually the other way round where we start good and finish crap. I've decided that another reason for not being Brazilian is that Ronaldinho resembles Dwayne Dibbley from Red Dwarf. World's greatest footballer possibly but ugly fucker definitely. Mind you in those stakes he's definitely no Gary Neville but you know what the women see in him is anybody's guess. Also how is he going to play in the world cup and film the Red Dwarf movie in Australia?

Todays two posts are The Specials Live Too Much Too Young repost and Madness Nutty Sounds vol 1 repost and seeing as you are nice I'll put up a new post too. The Scapegoats my mates' half decent punk band from Norfolk. They've supported the Damned in Norwich amongst others so can't be all that bad details on their website www.the-scapegoats.co.uk they are worth seeing live if you get the chance. I still say Dale should do a Shakin' Stevens tribute but he won't have any of it.

http://rapidshare.de/files/21874180/MNSV1.part1.rar.html Madness
http://rapidshare.de/files/21878591/TScarar.rar.html Scapegoats
http://rapidshare.de/files/21880910/TS-TMTYL.rar.html The Specials

NB. I was going to put up The Who's The Kids Are Alright but as AOL have upgraded my line it seems to be unstable and having got halfway through the upload four times I've kind of had enough for tonight. At least you'll have something to look forward to :) Tra La La For Now

29 May 2006

" If the rain comes they run and hide their heads.They might as well be dead.If the rain comes, if the rain comes."

Tonight's post is Madness live at Glastonbury in 1986. The 22nd June 1986 was a disappointing day all round really, yeah sure the sun was shining and I'd had (drunken) sex recently. But some friends of mine (mentioning no Simons or Gavins) were supposed to come around and see me off the night before I joined the Army, but they didn't, they let me down (how unlike them (ahem)). Then to cap it all I sat and watched the England V Argentina match only to be
disappointed by the fact we were shit and amatuerish (until) John Barnes came on and tore down the left wing (too little too late). Not only that but Diego Maradona , or as he's known in my house Cheaty McCheatington the cheaty bastard who did a cheaty thing, decided to start playing basketball. The really annoying thing though is had he not done that 'hand of god' move then we would have admired him for his play because the rest of the match he was excellent like an ugly midget on speed and the short stubby legs with a cheating arm. Now I don't want you to think that I'm anti Argentine (despite being trained at the time by Falkland verterans) and my mother's solution to the Falklands war being intern Osssie Ardiles, but I really don't like the side that cheat, Mario Kempes' 1978 team were a good side and so have some of the others with the exclusion of the 1990 team who decided to just hack people from the neck downwards. 1994 will of course always be marred by Cheaty McCheatington again with his drugs taking. It's a shame as I think that they are a good side maybe it's due to my British sense of fairplay at work here or my new found temporary Brazialian citizenship that I'm getting confused between admiration or animosity? Agh what to do what to do? Oh sod it "Allez Les Bleus" instead "Tah tump te tump te tah taaah tah te taah" My my version of the French National anthem as I don't know the words. Also an added bonus or two to being French, one I know what the cuisine is and it's only £20 to get there ... although I know a French lady who'll insist I get back on the boat. Isn't that right Ma petite fleur? :)

http://rapidshare.de/files/21702180/MG1986.part1.rar.html Madness Glastonbury 22nd June 1986

http://rapidshare.de/files/21703108/MG1986.part2.rar.html "What's the score what's the score?"

28 May 2006

"High tide - mid afternoonPeople fly by in the traffics boom Knowing - just where you're blowing Getting to where you should be going. Don't let them get you down Making you feel guilty about Golden rain bring you riches All the good things - you deserve now."

I've updated the post thing on my blog so that anyone can leave comments not just registered users. Although you will have to use word verification so as I can stamp out any spam that pops up from time to time 'coz it's annoying. Anyway I think my culling of customers has become much easier of late due to the surfeit of those white car flags that everyone adorns their cars with. Not so easy to hide now is it? Why is it the only fans of sport are the ones that have trouble doing it? They still wear the sportswear and training shoes but only for going out in. We'll have no end of it this summer due to the World cup. Every bar will be full of shouty fat men in 'In-gur-lund' shirts standing in front of a large screen tv bellowing for all he's worth at the referee and offering oaths as to his sexual preference or questioning his parentage accordingly. Most loud people have nothing to offer (this is why a type in a quiet way), but will offer it nonetheless. I think I'll avoid the pubs if you don't mind. I'm also sick and tired of the saga de Wayne Rooney's toe already. It doesn't really matter whether Shrek plays as there are many other fare to middling players willing to take us all the way to the second round as usual. Besides with my new found temporary Brazilian nationality I don't care. All you'll hear from my room will be the sound of Samba music and the smell of brazilian food ... don't know what ahy of that is but I'll stick with the chocolate Brazil nuts and be done with it. I'm considering extending my cull parameters to include Noel Edmonds and the makers of his quiz show, I call it a quiz although I have no idea if it is as I don't know what's going on if I accidentally catch it. Also just because he's annoying ... and short ... with a beard and if that ain't a wig them I'm Dutch. If someone has to keep telling you something's exciting, like he does every five minutes, then surely it's not as you wouldn't need to be reminded as it would be self apparent surely? What it is actually is about a dozen middle class sad bastards who dream of the one big break to pay off the credit card or mortgage. Still I'm just glad I don't have a TV Licence as I don't wish to pay for Anne Robinson's next face lift, is someone supposed to look younger than her own daughter? She's a bit like Joan Rivers who has had so many face lifts that she is a fraid to sneeze. One more lift and She'll have a goatee beard. Culd you imagine a celeb party? "Oh my god Joan's sat too close to the fire she's melting" , "No that's Michael Douglas."

Tonight's music is from the Specials with their 1979 debut albumumumum which is still a favourite after all this time. I remember when my mate Podge first gave me this album as he'd grown into Oi! in a big way, don't know why I can't stand it myself, anyway he gave me the album sans cover as he wanted to keep it on his wall. It always reminds me of when they played on 'Rock Goes to College' back in 1979 on the BBC and just about every kid who mattered, and sadly us as well, sat glued to the set with a tape player and microphone up to the mono speaker on the front of the wooden box tv. Many a tape I've heard where you can quite clearly hear kids saying to assorted parents "Shhh I'm recording" when you can't hear the parents in the frst place and so defeating the object of hushing parents & siblings in the first place. Ah them were the days alright, now I no longer have to place up pieces of A4 paper on the living room door with 'Norfolk Constabulary' crossed out and 'shhhh, I'm recording from the telly' written in felt tip. Kids today don't know they're born all you have to do now is press a button and bugger off to make a cuppa, no more aching arm whilst you hold up a cassette recorder to the tv trying to keep everyone quite via telekenisis only to find out halfway through that dogs are not in tune to your wavelength and will suddenly announce that they can hear a rabbit three miles away which makes Terry Hall's every other word sound like a labrador.

http://rapidshare.de/files/21697123/SpeSpe1979.rar.html The Specials Debut Album

26 May 2006

"You think I never see you when you jump over me wall, you think I nver see you when you accidentally fall."

Here's another repost as requested by someone and I apologise for the delay but when you reach the age of 37 let's see how senile you become. Still I hope you enjoy the Big Audio Dynamite BAD Files vol 6. Life's still good at the moment I'm sitting here in the brief late evening sunshine ... hold on ... it's gone now. But nevertheless I'm still happy I've stuffed couple of packets of Barrat's Fruit Salad into my gob and because they were sticky they still had the rseidue of paper stuck to them, I'm hoping this means my poo will come out wrapped up in yellow and pink wrappers ... kind of like an owl pellet ... only without the mouse bones.

Also posted are the missing tracks From The 'English' Beat. I thought they were lost when I had all my old tapes stolen (never trust a big nosed skinhead called Dave), luckily I had a new tape player to test so put in a tape that I'd not listened to in a dog's age and imagine my excitement when they came on , then imagine my swearing as the tape snapped and I had to get the sticky tape out to repair it (hence the drop out on 'Monkey Murders'). Tracks are Psychadelic Rockers, Too Nice To Talk To, Monkey Murders, Walk Away, Spar Wid Me, End Of The Party & She's Going I've just put them in one lump due to the fact I couldn't be arsed with splitting them in Audio Cleaning Lab. 21 Mins of lost and found Beat pleasure.

http://rapidshare.de/files/21455209/Ooh_Blimey.rar.html Beat session tracks thought lost

http://rapidshare.de/files/21450016/BAD6.rar.html Big Audio Dynamite BAD Files vol 6 (repost)

R.I.P Desmond Dekker (1942 - 2006) , Reggae Giant

In advance of my post later on I thought I'd put up this tribute to the great star. The first person on the lips of most when the think of Early reggae, especially Skinhead Reggae. From his UK debut in 1967 '007 (Shanty Town)', through tracks like 'Get Up Edina ' and 'It Mek' he had an energy that stayed with him up to the present day where he would still pack 'em in the venues. I was born the week 'Israelites' was the first Reggae number one here in the UK and I think it infected me ever since. I only saw him once live at the last Madstock gig supporting Madness in Finsbury Park, but I can tell you after it had pissed down with rain and we were all wet and steamy he brought out the sunshine in everyone and the sky including the Forty something Skinheads down the front who only seemed to be there to give catatonia and Space a hard time. Shamefully having no Desmond Dekker cds on my shelf only shedloads of mp3s on disks scattered around my desk I rushed out and bought this compilation to share in tribute.

Enjoy the music remember the man.

http://rapidshare.de/files/21429636/DD.rar.html greatest hits
http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/news/20060526_dekker.shtml For the full story

25 May 2006

"I keep thinking what this could all mean, faraway in another daydream a Carribean island in the sun where I can turn over and suntan my bum".

Here I am in an extremely good mood due to the fact that I am off for the next two days (hurray), then back for a day (boo), off for a further two days (hurray), then back for a day (boo) then as I'll be knackered it'll be my day off (hurrah). This coupled with the fact that after 200 eBay transactions I finally bought something that is useful and not a twenty year old copy of Smash Hits with a Madness cover. I now have a nice new Dab/Fm radio cassette player. This will enable me to encode and upload some of my many knackered old casettes. So there'll be some nice stuff uploaded over the next few weeks, also I'd like to apologise for the slowness of my doing the requested reposts, this is due to me trying to download the Laurel & Hardy movies I found before they disappear. Soon though I will repost The Specials BBC Sessions and the Debut album and Big Audio Dynamite Files number 6. Want any others? Then then let me know via the web address. I'm chuffed at the moment as Aol have just upgraded my connection to a max of 8 meg cue maniacal laughter (Mwah ha ha ha ha ha) and much rubbing of hands in evil genius type way. Not even the fact that the UK government has put in place legislation that means I'll have to be working ten years after my death to qualify for a pension will dampen my cheerfulness. I love my local record shop (Essential Records) I go down and thrust money in their hands and they give me shedloads of cds. Today I bought, V/A - Cigarettes & Alcohol, Desmond Dekker - Best Of, 3 cd box set of the B-52s, V/A - Dub A journey in Bass Culture & V/A - Dub More Bass Culture all for £25 not bad huh? I had to leave before I spent this week's rent on even more cds. All these will go up on my humble little blog in the next week or so depending on whether I finish downloading all those Laurel & Hardy films and Ghost In The Shell SAC 2nd Gig episodes not to mention the My Name Is Earl eps. In fact my download list is so huge now my hard drive is three pounds heavier from the .txt file alone.

Here is the repost of The Specials BBC sessions, if ever there was a band that should have gone on to do bigger and better things then here they are. Formed from various punk bands in and around Coventry they hit the mainstream thanks to airplay from amongst others, but primarily ,John Peel. They were a breath of fresh air at the time due to all the dour and death you got from the Punk and post punk bands and early Goth. They appeared to me like a bright beacon of light in a grey world over my tiny radio with deaf aid earpiece and medium wave high pitched whistle. They were only eclipsed by Madness a couple of months later in my affections. Although I'm sure that had they gone on this long they would have regained the foreground from the awful Dangermen sessions album from Madness. Enjoy.

http://rapidshare.de/files/21442744/BeebSesh.rar.html Specials BBC Sessions

23 May 2006

"Never had a woman, Never had a woman like you!Doin' all the things, Doin' all the things you do!Ain't no fairy story, Ain't no skin and bone!But ya give it all ya got, Weighin' in at nineteen stone!"

Cheese Doritos, why do they smell like vomit? More importantly what does it say about me that one of my aisles smelt of puke today and yet I had to have a packet of Doritos for lunch? I mean had my part of the shop smelt like KFC then I could understand, I'd have been straight out the door and into a bargain bucket. I don't care what they say it's a bargain bucket for one I tell you. Funny how I'm able to resist the lure of McDonalds though it's half the fact that the
milkshakes are (alledgedly he added quickly to avoid lawsuits ala McLibel) 59 chamicals and absolutely no fruit and part the fact my local branch decided the hotplate was for drying damp clothes on. Suddenly I was put off my Sausage & Egg McMuffin oh how many ways do I love my McMuffins? Well one really but they are oooh ahhh ooh slurp. Is anyone else hungry? I could really go for one about now, healthy options my arse. I mean carrots are all right but what you really want is the juice from a processed dead pig and hot unborn baby chickens smeared across your face or wiping mustard off your chin. Damn I wish I had one of those Star Trek things in my wall I'd use it for more than makin "Tea, Earl Grey Hot." in I can tell you. Wonder if you could ake a person in one? "Salma hayek, warm an moist please." "Captain the sheilds are being drained by a replicator in crew quarters". "It's that bloody Ensign Upsetter again, tell him to get a girlfriend for fuck sake."

Rather appropriately here's some Stiff Records stuff 45 tracks of classic Stiff records for you.Various Artists - A Hard Day's Night The Best of Stiff Records

http://rapidshare.de/files/21129420/Seez999.part1.rar.html Stiff Record http://rapidshare.de/files/21133889/Seez999.part2.rar.html http://d.turboupload.com/d/621170/Seez999.part3.rar.html

21 May 2006

"And your love life shines like cardboard But your work shoes are glistening She's a PhD in "I told you so" You've a knighthood in "I'm not listening"

'All you can eat' will kill me and drive Chinese restaurants out of business. Well here I am on a sunday stuffed to the gills full of Catonese cuisine. Noodles, sweet and sour chicken, prawn, chicken, pork and beef rolls more noodles, special fried rice, squid, noodles again, shredded Chicken, fish on a stick. I did baulk however at the use of chopsticks otherwise food would have been on the floor and in plants etc. With this lovely food on offer I am cursing the man who invented the belt. There were loads of people there so it must a good place and me forgetting to bring the carrier bag for a surruptitious filling on said bag for later damn. I will have a home powered jacuzzi tonight though.

Today's post is the second of the eighties 12" series

part one http://rapidshare.de/files/21015569/1280s02.part1.rar.html

part two http://rapidshare.de/files/21020055/1280s02.part2.rar.html

part three http://rapidshare.de/files/21024121/1280s02.part3.rar.html

part four http://rapidshare.de/files/21028437/1280s02.part4.rar.html

part five http://d.turboupload.com/d/621147/1280s02.part5.rar.html

20 May 2006

"Thinking back, thinking of you Summertime, think it was June Yeah think it was June Laying back, head on the grass Chewing gum, having some laughsYeah having some laughs."

I think I'm turning into a grumpy old man. If it's not certain bleeding security guards saying "Look just ask her out" all day,(You know who you are), it's fully grown men on skateboards or BMX bikes. Or like the other day as I was coming out of Tesco's I couldn't help but laugh at these fifty year old teenagers, dressed like Vicky pollard and complaining about sciatica or varicose veins. It's amazing how we see ourselves isn't it? I mean take me for example, there I am certain that when I want a woman to see me as Clark Gable or that foppy twat out of Four Weddings who says "Gosh" a lot like all Englishmen really do, she sees me as Charles Laughton in The Hunback of Notre Dame. The other day an incredibly good looking woman smiled at me at the bus stop, my first reaction was to check to see if I had ketchup on my face or my flies were open. It's a sad sorry state of affairs that the only time I'm taken out to a restaurant for a meal and it's sixty odd year old woman friend of mine. I've just gotten a text on my phone for the first time in months and it's a spam, 'Dear Upsetter 1969 you're a sad lonely wanker why not sign up for Television X?' Who'd be me eh? why doesn't god make me attractive? When he made me his chisels must have been blunt. Oh that's right I'm a godless athiest, I wonder if it'll be worth the lobotomy to be open to religious instruction just to see if god looks after his own? Nah who the fuck would want to wake up to be Cliff Richard?

Tonight's pleasant tunes are from the 12"/80's series volume one to be precise so enjoy and don't forget to leave comments if you like them, then I can tailor the posts to what you like. I'll put up some requested reposts over the weekend, possibly after Sunday when I'm not quite so full of Chinese food.

part one http://rapidshare.de/files/20958774/1280s01.part1.rar.html
part two http://rapidshare.de/files/20962482/1280s01.part2.rar.html
part three http://rapidshare.de/files/20966052/1280s01.part3.rar.html
part four http://rapidshare.de/files/20969629/1280s01.part4.rar.html
part five http://rapidshare.de/files/20972595/1280s01.part5.rar.html
part six http://d.turboupload.com/d/621092/1280s01.part6.rar.html

18 May 2006

"Dizzy in the head and I'm feeling bad,The things you've said have got me real madI'm gettin' funny dreams again and again, I know what it means butCan't explain I think it's love, Try to say it to you When I feel blue."

This government is truly falling apart and it's just filling me with deja vu. It feels just like the early nineties with the Tory party set to self destruct. The sad part is though that in my naivety I believed the 'new' Labour bullshit and thought at least the evil empire had ended and we'd entered the broad sunlit uplands promised to us after the long days of conservative misrule. But as The Who sang "Meet the new boss same as the old boss." How true, the only problem is now that there really is no alternative to 'New' Labour. This is why some of the poplace made the dumb ass decision to vote for the BNP (Nazi Scum) in the last local elections, suprised they could swing there knuckles up off the floor to put their 'x' in the box. I'm hoping that the parties offer us someone to vote for soon or for the first time since my first election in '87 I'm not going to bother turning up. The Tories had 'Quangoes' and Labour have 'cash for peerages'. Tories had sex scandals and labour now have sex scandals, they both took us into wars and taxed us heavily to pay for it. Both parties can't sort the NHS out and are having trouble with striking teachers. Like I say what alternative do we have? The Liberals? Oh great they've proved themselves just as sleaze soaked as the rest of the parties when someone admits to having a problem which he's grappling with they show him support by stabbing him in the back and sacking him with all the gusto they could raise. And for a 'liberal' party as soon as they find someone has been 'batting for the other team' so to speak they turn on them ...hmmm very 'liberal' minded of them. Perhaps we should do what the Americans have done and elect a retarded fundamental christian Chimp into office? I say put Keith Moon in office we may all go to hell in handcart but it would be a laugh, the only prime minister to trash the house of commons. His staff car parked with two wheels up the cenotaph and page three models in cabinet meetings ... hell I'd go into politics.

Don't mind me as I'm kranky due to having no idea how to ask this woman out at work in such a way that she'll say yes, it'd be so much better if we could just go back to the clubbing over the head and dragging them back to the cave (sorry was trained by a seventies man). Tonight's posts are the Who live at the Isle of whight festival 1970 and some Madness Demos and odds that I found languishing on my hard drive.

http://rapidshare.de/files/20779112/1970.part1.rar.html The Who


http://rapidshare.de/files/20786460/Demo.rar.html Madness Demo's

Enjoy the music

14 May 2006

"Check your lucky numbers That much money could drag you under, oh What's the point of being rich if you can't think what to do with it? 'Cause you're so very thick"

Back in the day's of beer and bands, I used to run a fanzine called 'The Upsetter'. It was named after Lee Perry's Upsetter label as most other labels had been used for other fanzines before me and even though my first choice of Bigshot was a personal favourite of mine I felt with the Ska band I was knocking about with called Bigshot it would be a little trite. Anyway Having called it the upsetter and knicked the original logo for my header I sent out loads of copies to record companies and bands etc in the hope I'd get some replies. I did and one of the bands that I had a long term correspondence with Was The Invaders from Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the U.S.A of A. In fact I recieved lads of material from the band and along with my many free cds from Dojo and a few other labels I did alright out of the deal. Unfortunately due to my need for paying rent and eating they mostly had to be sold many moons ago, I still kept the Invaders stuff though. This cassette is from 1994 and this is the first time I've actually gotten around to transferring it to mp3. It's just as good as I remembered it from those hazy days (the beer) of unemployment. I originally started the fanzine to keep me sane on the rock and roll and was not interested in turning a profit, something that I was spectacularly successful in, more one than the other. The fanzine didn't last long though , four and a half issues, because I moved back to Norfolk where nothing has happened since 1936. I recently heard Norfolk being described as Holland ...without the drugs" and "Life with the life support turned off". I can concur on both counts having lived
there for what seemd like an enternity. I always picture my old hometown when I hear Morrissey sing "This is the seaside town that they forgot to burn down". "Every day is like Sunday" indeed, maybe Mozza spent a fortnight there? I've jus looked up the village on the interweb in the vane hope that it'd fallen into the sea, no such luck. Turns out it is in colour now. The local children's home, which I wasn't allowed to hang around because, according to my mum, they aren't nice children. It's now a bed and breakfast guest house. It looks as though it's been dragged kicking and screaming into the eighties. Of course if anyone fancies a holiday with long grey summers and a huge gas terminal on the horizon then by all means type 'Mundesley' into google.

Here's the tape, enjoy


11 May 2006

"No more spanners in the works, All the works been done Had your face rubbed in the dirt, On show for every one."

I'm so bored tonight that I'm watching Women's international football. I live in hope but there'll be no shirt swapping at the end. It's not often you'll hear me say this but the fourth official is a bit of a stunner. Mind you there's a few players that you wouldn't pick a fight with in the pub. ick, I can't wait till the world cup (29 days), I bet the fourth officials aren't as good looking in those matches. I'm still about to become a temporary Brazilian citizen I'm looking to buy a set of samba drums and a brazilian beauty to dance in the crowd next to me. The referee must feel like a teacher tonight as she keeps getting booed by the crowd and it seems to be made up of about 5,000 kids. It's easy to spot them as they are the ones huddled by the stadium lights in the corner with their hoodies up smoking and drinking white lightning and cheap lager (1 bottle per five teenagers). I must say though that the players aren't as attractive in shorts as my lovely lady colleague during last year's sponsored 5-a-side wheeze up and down the pitch, or charity football match as it was known (sponsors required for this year). Someone has been whacked in the holiest of holys by a player's boot, at this point I'd be there with the magic sponge rubbing for all I'm worth, to which the ref would say "surely she's better by now?" and the player would shout "You mind your own bloody business."

Tonight's post is the compilkation of 80's dance 12"s and is called 12"/80's/Dance funnily enough






8 May 2006

"I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad I got sunshine, in a bag I'm useless,
but not for long The future is coming on".

You know, sometimes life is just sooooo worth living I can tell you. You work hard, change your days off at a moments notice, even work your birthday and walk halfway to work because there's no connecting bus within 45 mins on a bank holiday. You even walk the whole way to work because your manager wants you in early but there aren't buses that early. You put up with stupid, odious and abusive customers. You clean dust and dead flies and the detritus left by your customers and their children. You crawl on the floor of dusty warehouses to clean underneath shelves, you carry heavy objects out to the car park for people in all weathers. You spend sometimes an hour ringing around trying to find out whether another branch has an item for your customers, in fact bending over backwards for people is what I do. So already this year I'm disappointed to learn that we won't be getting the profit sharing bonus this year as "we haven't made quite enough money" according to head office. So we win the regional competition and come second in the final out of thirty shops which wasn't bad in my view and although disappointed with second I accepted it that even though we were better than at christmas' competition and we won then but hey ho. Today we got our bonus, £10 (that's a whole ten pounds) in store voucher, wow that's like saying "Here you won some money hold then give it back". It comes to something that my six year old nephew, whom I've only met once three years ago due to distance and financial reasons I can't go and visit yet, saved his erratic pocket money and gave me twice as much for my birthday as a multi million pound 'Family' company. So anyway I screwed my token up and chucked it away and sorry but I don't feel like being (trying to be) funny tonight. I think my manager ought to write to my bank manager and thank him because if I didn't owe so much money I would have walked out in disgust. What's a tenner? 4 deodorants? Five dollars US? Pardon me if I'm not grateful won't you?

Tonight's music is The Spacemonkeys versus Gorillaz album and Single which is a dub version of the first Gorillaz album and is very relaxing and removes your urge to kill retail managers. And I've decided to re up my rip of coldplay from Glastonbury last year as It's getting to that time of year where I don't go and I regret it.

http://rapidshare.de/files/19719945/SvG-LDC.rar.html Lil Dub Chefin' CD single
http://rapidshare.de/files/19723598/SvG-LCH.part1.rar.html Laika Come Home Album http://www.savefile.com/files/6274666 Part Two

http://rapidshare.de/files/19972712/CG05.zip.html Coldplay Glastonbury '05

4 May 2006

"In the end, it took me a dictionary To find out the meaning of unrequitedWhile she was giving herself for free At a party to which I was never invited"
I suppose that there are still some things that suprise me, but not many. I'm not suprised that someone comes up to me in my shop and says something stupid like "Do you do Oxford blue paint? ... It's a blue" Well no shit Sherlock no wonder they call it blue then because I was wondering. No I'm just flabbergasted that a colleague of mine actually believes in ghosts ... and goes looking for them. Well if you see Elvis get me his autograph willya? I suppose people are likely to believe anything, especially if they see it on telly. On one of the satellite tv channels here in Blighty has a programme called 'Most Haunted' where a team of people go in search of your actual spirit world. You have an actress and we all know that they never make stuff up for the sake of entertainment, and then you have some other bloke who is I think a scientist who verifies "Yes we some spectral activity" as he looks at his modified pocket calculator to confirm this. Then the to cap it all we have the medium ... who no matter what sex they are or where or when they come, no matter if they are a murdered 35 year old midget woman with a lisp or a 300 pound 80 year old Jamaican man he always seems to channel a slightly camp Liverpudlian accented spirit. Not very convincing either. I also think that prat who stands in front of the audience and 'talks' with the afterlife. He'll do this by standing there and putting his finger to his temple will say "I'm getting a name that starts with F? Q? no G or D". "I'm getting a picture of someone called Derek, is there a Derek here? Or knows someone called Derek?" Some sad sack unable to let go of a departed loved one will say "Terry?" "yesss yes there's a lot of people trying to get through at once yes there's a Terry here and he says not to worry about the money. Are you worried about the money?" What money? Who isn't worried about money I mean come on it's like those fortune tellers "you're going on a journey." Well of course I am I don't live here you know. These people just play on people's insecurities, a bit like ITV news. Headlines "we're all gonna die, Horribly" "The government are screwing us", "some people got maimed and no one's done anything about it a woman is angry" They alway give problems on that show but like my wizened old sage like landlord says they never offer any solutions to the problems they portray. Sensationalism sells just look at the daily mail. "Illegal immigrant crisis", "Council tax crisis", "National Health service crisis" I suspect that paper is run by some highly strung, slightly drunk women of the tory wife ilk . Anyway enough venomous bile for tonight here's the music. First we have Sleeper with the gorgeous Louise Wener who is now an attractive author and I can recommend her first book 'Goodnight Steve McQueen'. Anyway It's Sleeper live from Brookes University Oxford 96. Then I'm going with another Girl fronted Britpop band Elastica (oooh Justine Frischmann) from 18-04-95 and a Mark Radcliffe session from the same year also interview. Then just to break the Britpop stranglehold I've put up the eponymous debut from The Fun Boy Three.


3 May 2006

"Fluffy hair on a polar bear means more to me than a lavatory, you can't go far in a motor car with my front door key."

A friend of mine from work is going to a shlebrity wedding this weekend amongst the guests are Ian Brown, Liam Gallagher and Terry Hall ... I knew I should have asked her out months ago. Oh well I'd only have been dissapointed for the last few months anyway. Also it would have given the till girls something to talk about (not that those fishwives need any encouragement to gossip). Anyway I'm better than I was yesterday as I don't have quite an urge to kill people at
random. I would however like to maim slightly, perhaps give them a bit of a limp every other tuesday. I did ask her to pass a message on from me a lifelong (so far) fan of the Specials not to reform ever as they'd only be Showaddywaddy or like Madness. I'm not going to see them either this year as they've gone fully nostalgia act. I may as well go to Butlins and see someone like Bucks Fizz or Mud. I probably wouldn't ask for an autograph from any of them as the last
time I did was Laurel Aitken and the bugger kept my brand new pen that I got for Xmas a few months before.

Tonights posts are many, for that is the type of guy I am We have The Beat in Session from an October 1979 John Peel Show. Then we have the Beat again a couple of demo tracks of 'She's going' and 'Too nice to talk to'. I've decided to put up Neil's Heavy Concept album as I've been watching the Young ones a lot recently. Finally I've put up Dirk wears white sox by Adam and the Antz from the first incarnation before Malcom McLaren stole the band and formed Bow Wow Wow.

http://rapidshare.de/files/19476374/Heavy.rar.html Neil's Heavy Concept Album

http://rapidshare.de/files/19509497/OooohNice.rar.html The Beat In Session 1979

http://rapidshare.de/files/19473344/Beat.rar.html The Beat Demo tracks

http://rapidshare.de/files/19512363/Sox.rar.htm Adam & The Antz Dirk wears white sox

Enjoy the music

1 May 2006

"Don't you worry, There's no hurryIt's a lovely day, Could all be going your wayTake the doc's advice, Let up enjoy your lifeListen to what they say, It's not a game they play".

Well one day back and already my desire to kill is resurgent. Oh how I'd missed the damn retards that I have to serve. It still staggers me how we get a free national holiday and many people's ideas of spending a lovely sunny day off is to go shopping. Fuck wits!! That just gives me more to do.
So Wayne 'Shrek' Rooney has broken his cloven hoof has he? Well thanks to all those Private Frazers in the media we might as well stay at home "Cuz We're doomed." That is a bit insulting to the other 21 players in the squad though. Although I always feel that we field a very good team and could get to the semi finals every time I'm always deflated when we don't, you'd think I would know better by now having followed every world cup since 1978's hair festival. I was
reminded of the Archie Gemmil goal the other day when I watched Trainspotting again. It was at that point in 1978 that my mother who was holding a blue and white bedecked teddy bear of my sister's threw it in the air in celebration ... smashing the light fitting and covering us in hot glass. This unfortunately is my only recollection from that world cup besides the huge amounts of paper thrown about in the stadium, I'm glad I wasn't the janitor. The next world cup I remember in detail wqs 1986 and the infamous 'hand of god' incedent ... cheating little dumpy fucker. Mind you if Shilton had grabbed the ball instead of trying to punch then it may have been different. Everyone's favourite world cup of course was Italia '90. Long hot summer , long cold beers and long hot women. Gazza, Roger Milla, Mullets and .. hold on it's a gone a bit "jumpers for goal posts" hasn't it? Still 1990 wasn't all good as we still had a dictatorship in this country and I was unemployed, the weather was good though and I still had a 32" waist. I'd been trained to drink for Queen and country by the Army and continued my good work in the inns and taverns of Olde Worlde Norfolk. Anyway before I get all maudlin for the old days and actually having a sex life I'll post the music and decide to do what I do every four years and become a temporary Brazilian citizen ... until they get knocked out. Some instrumental Reggae for you tonight Bob Marley and the Wailers produced by The Upsetter Lee Perry himself. According to the sleeve notes Jamaican DJs used totoast over the music, well that's good but what if like my landlord you've lost the recipe for toast? Anyway enjoy the music.