14 Apr 2006

"Take me I'm yours because dreams are made of this, forever there'll be a heaven in your kiss."

Sorry, for the lack of posting lately but I've been cream crackered from all this work shit that I unfortunately have to do to pay those damned bills. Also we have the Easter rush where everyone brings their kids into our shop to shout at them. I'm declaring Monday as 'The Upsetter 1969 Online' day as it's my birthday "look as good when you reach 900 years old you will not." I'm already becoming the grumpy old man that I aspire to be. I've been taking an evening class in cantankerous old git speak, ahem (clears throat), "Meh!! bloody kids.", "It wasn't like that in my day.", "that's not real punk, you want the Clash mate." etc etc.Recently I started turning music down and wearing my waistbands an an increased height too. My current thing is tutting at the state that Paris Hilton went out in the other night, ie didn't bother with a dress just went out in her underwear. weeeeeelll you know how it is you're in a rush to go out there's nothing except what's in the ironing basket and it's the valet's night off so you go out in your grundies. I do however speaking of undies, refuse to wear those giant white, (at first), Y front pants that old people used to send in to be washed/bleached/burnt as required in my last job. Some of these 'off white' undercrackers were so big that I was tempted to take up hang gliding with them. Although if the weather had been warm there would have been a smell akin to a telephone kiosk on a hot summer's evening. I don't really want to be in a state where I have to wear incontinent rubber pants or anything. I suppose it would be a bit of a sight as your nether regions grow whilst talking to someone you know so that you resemble a snake that has swallowed a beachball. Even worse if you forgot and sat down on the bus too quickly. Piss fountain anyone? Mmmmmm still warm. At least when you get old no one seems to mind when you talk them through your operation in great detail in full volume in a crowded shop, believe me I hear it all. Not only that there seems to be an unwritten law in old person law that states if you didn't hear yourself break wind then noone else did, one bloke last week it seemed to me that he was tuning a tuba. He nearly knocked a small child over.
Speaking of our shop despite us all hating it and wanting to escape we yet again came top shop in the area, next week it'll be the finals against the other few shops what tried to win in the south. I just hope my recently erected shelf stays up under the weight of the extra trophies. I kind of got annoyed with getting asked to do it so I put it up without the dry wall fixings and used normal wall plugs. Does glass bounce?

Go Here and try not to get addicted as I did 14,400 points and five tiles away from completing level three.


Also go here and declare it The Upsetter 1969 day on phil jupitus' breakfast show as it is my birthday on monday 17th


Anyway here's the music for this Holy weekend (because it's my birthday obviously not for any made up reasons like Christianity etc.) First is a compilation that was cheap and sort of leapt into my hand last time I was in my local half decent cd emporium. All 60's Mod stuff some pretty obscure bits on there too. Then We have 'Mad For It'a Nineties Baggy/Madchester/Britpop/Dance compilation featuring 38 great tracks like Sleeper, Babybird, Leftfield, Moloko, St Etienne, Primal Scream, Levellers, Ben Folds Five, Nightmares On Wax, Prodigy, Underworld and loads of others. Then We have The Specials - Blue Plate Specials live as it was requested ages ago and some idiot has only just remembered. Finally we have one of those albums that rest at the bottom of the pile and never get played because you've fogotten you've got it. Dreadzone's Second light featuring Little Britain which is an all time favourite track of mine.

Well there you go enjoy all that music after all it's my birthday (I don't know if I mentioned?) and I get to give out all the goodies ... something wrong somewhere.

http://rapidshare.de/files/18094891/dsl.rar.html Dreadzone
http://rapidshare.de/files/18099526/Mod.rar.html Mod
http://rapidshare.de/files/18106737/MFI.part1.rar.html Mad For It
http://rapidshare.de/files/18102795/sbps.rar.html Specials


peppylady said...

I was playing around on the blogger. Using the word "undies" and your blogg pop up. Yea I remember those big ole white undies.
Sounds like work sucks yea it does for me. I'm thinking about asking for a rise. The cost of gas is once again getting out of hand.

TheUpsetter1969 said...

I'm lucky in that respect as I produce my own flammable gasses. :)

telstar_ted said...

Many happy returns (although I bet your of an age like me where that actually kinda gets on ya nerves)!!

Dreadzone and 'little britain' rings a bell from a Glastonbury or similar so I'll take a gander at that..

And as always ..thanks for the Specials

Hey - reminds me..ages ago in one of your old posts you mentioned a 12" extra record of 'The Beat' you were after...

I think I may have (least I have a Beat record - a compilation with an extra thrown in of 12inch fodder - never played it!)

Still after this ???


TheUpsetter1969 said...

Thanks for the happy returns although it wasn't very happy as I was at work with all those muppets then had to wait an hour and a half for a bus that should've been there but wasn't. Still at least the birthday money is going towards a dvd recorder. The Beat 12" in the album sounds like the one I mentioned if you post it let me know please.

TheUpsetter1969 said...

Anyone got any bleach or something? No matter how many times I delete this Askinstoo post it keeps appearing.