26 Apr 2006

"Potion in the ocean His air hose broke
Lots of trouble Lots of bubble
He was in a jam Said the giant clam!!"

Apparently Porky Pig stunt double and part time MP John Prescott has had a two year affair with his secretary ... That poor woman how she must have suffered. It must have been just like a wrestling bout between Giant Haystacks and the skinny guy out of the Mr Muscle ads. Anything for a raise I suppose, I just hope she's remebered in the next Honours list when it comes around to handing out the Queen's award for bravery or maybe remanded for psychiactric evaluation? It does however make a change for someone to be fucking the government as opposed to the other way around for these last few hundred years. Ick, it must have been like being ravaged by a pork pie. His wife is said to be distraught or possibly laughing so hard she's bust a gut? I'm no oil painting (Picasso or Dali perhaps but certainly no Renoir), but you have to wonder what the attraction was ? Was she partial to the taste of pork pies, or was it the egg & chips on his manly breath? There's hope for me yet if this is the case.

Tonight's post is another Ska highlight from 1993 a 2 for 1 cd from The Hotknives and The Riffs. Two bands that I had on vinyl, in fact I had most of the 3rd wave of Ska on vinyl, still I had to eat and pay rent so I had to visit the local rip off record dealer. Hotknives' Live and Skankin' and The Riffs' Who wants it? Enjoy


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